Eva Mendes can’t hide that baby

November 30th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Eva Mendes was spotted leaving a private gym in West Hollywood yesterday. It’s been rumored she’s pregnant, and I believe it. That’s definitely a baby bump she’s hiding behind her purse. Of course, I generally leave observations like that to a real doctor. I’m just a guy who likes to lay around the house all day drinking beer in a lab coat. I tell my girlfriend I’m learning way more than I would at any old medical school. Though I think when I broke my arm the other day and poured Ny-Quil on it she knew something was up. I knew I should’ve used Pepto-Bismol.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. wow, she sucks..


  2. Jaba the Slut

    I hate her, she’s a midget

  3. Donkey Ass

    Not hot!

  4. Jaba the Slut

    Hahaha, oops, I got her confused with Eva Longoria…wrong immigrant, sorry…

  5. Duh

    maybe she was going to the gym cause she’s actually got a beer guy, not a growing fetus…

  6. Shorty

    Since when is 5’6 considered to be a midget? Get your facts straight, asswipe.

  7. Duh

    I mean beer gut, not beer guy. beer guy would be good too, though.

  8. Phy

    Did I mention I hate the phrase “baby bump”? There’s a fetus in there, you don’t need to get any more infantile about it. I’m sure we can do better. Like, “Eva Mendes was spotted leaving a private gym today. She looked gravid, like she was definitely harboring one or more fetuses inside of her. Eva Mendes, swollen with child.”

  9. What is with the Fish wanting all these women pregnant? There was Britney, Paris, and now Eva? Fish man, did you knock up your coke whore girl friend and now every woman with a little bump in the belly looks pregnant??


  10. combustion8

    nor can she hide that tranny face of hers.. yuck.


  12. Lindsay

    her boobs look pretty small to be pregnant…. Usually that’s the first sign… GIANT BOOBIES

  13. theShizaan

    Dear theSuperficial.com:

    NOT digging the new pic navigation.

  14. Jenna

    maybe the baby is in her BUTT — that is a big old bump!


  16. combustion8

    I agree with #13, it blows.

  17. Christine

    Lindsay, not every women gets huge tatas. I’ve been pregnant three times, and each time I went from a small AA, to a larger AA. The only difference was that my bras finally fit properly.

    BTW, what size are her freaking feet?? Her shoes look HUGE!

  18. RoniMikey

    She is a bueatiful women. I don’t see any baby bump. But those are very pointed boobs.

  19. woodhorse

    well she can’t hide that ass. I’m surprised anyone ever noticed Kim Kardashian. Maybe that’s why Kim had to have some guy pee on her. So people would finally notice her ass after tearing their eyes off Evas’ ass. “Oh, hey, who got peed on? Oh look she has an ass sort of”

  20. T$

    Does anyone else notices the lack of bra? Who goes to the gym not wearing a bra? You can so see her nipples. Oh and BTW – aren’t your boobs suppose to get huge when you’re prego?

  21. Rowan

    She is so not pregnant.

  22. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    the new pic navigation sucks hard. go back to the old one

  23. The Bull

    Hilarious…if a chick isn’t 20 years old, blond, with a flat ass and slutty, they aren’t considered attractive by most of you. Eva Mendes is a WOMAN. And a sexy one at that.

  24. Rachel

    She’s not pregnant, it’s the angle of the picture.

  25. fickle bitch

    Thats not a baby bump, thats just being latina. Two most important words to dating a latina “shelf life”…from 16-23 hot–after that its an UPHILL fight!

  26. Well if she’s preggers that’s a good news, bad news situation. Good news is her tits will get big and some lucky asshole gets to suck on em. Bad news is her cooch will explode and never be the same.

    PS: Plus she’ll get wench hips like old used up hags do!

  27. fiona123568

    whenver i see her ,she is a beauty.her pictures on a celebrities site sugarcupid.com are also fantastic.

  28. deebo

    arf, if you’re gonna stick to that picture thingy, atleast make it use ajax so the whole page doesn’t reload

  29. Dnice

    First of all…..the media is completely bump happy. You can’t even drink a beer and not be accused of being preggers. 2nd…she doesn’t in any way remotely look pregnant and 3rd I read in an Us Weekly magazine on the quotes page that she doesn’t think that she even wants kids saying that if she was supposed to have maternal instinct that it would have kicked in by now.

  30. Princess

    i would be pregnant every other week according to tabs. i eat a sandwich and i look 5 weeks pregnant.
    maybe she isn’t with “baby”, but with “thanksgiving dinner”?

  31. On the other hand: HER PUSSIE SHE CAN!!

  32. you drink a lot. good thing YOU’RE not pregnant.

  33. eva mendes

    Hi America, I, Eva Mendes, would like to validate & be the first to say I am not pregnant. I am on the road to becoming morbidly obeast. There fore I hit the gym to work my fat ass out. Case closed.

    Oh & uh I, Eva Mendes, am really liking the ah new picture navigation.

    Chow down

  34. AmeriCanadian

    Isn’t she a fucking Catholic? She’s probably having quadruplets.

  35. Betina

    Eva Mendes is one smoking hot Latina.

    MILF in the making, folks….. she’s defnitely got a bun in the oven.

  36. put the ugly people in the back

    NO WAY this lady has always had a wide chub stomach she’s just extra bloated and went to the gym to try to flatten that shit since she’s probably eard the preg rumers OUCH. Good luck chick fatty fat season is upon us and the temptations are everywhere, christmas isn’t about love or presents it about watcihng your family and friends get fatter so if you are one of the lucky few with a kick ass metabolism and 18 BMI score (hi there) it is the happiest time of the year.

    Anyway watch in a few months she still won’t be preganat of course you die hard naysayers will say she took care of it but I’m quite confident that she’s just a little chunky in the belly or has constipation problems.

  37. Jane

    Bollocks! She is going to the gym cos she has too like everyone- Quit being all scandalous and get a job!

  38. polly

    She shouldn’t be pregnant. My friend told me that she is having massage therapy and he met her at pubspa.com last week.

  39. floatfish

    Someone here mentioned girl looking like Eva Mendes joined the service a few weeks ago, it is an absolutely service for rich women to looking sexy men for extramarital relationship..

  40. goose

    fucking hate the new navigation. is this to up the numbers on your page hits? lame.

  41. Blackgirl


  42. sam80

    Her teeth are so enormous she always looks like she’s struggling just to keep her mouth closed. She needs to quit her futile attempts to try to look like Sophia Loren.

  43. woodhorse


  44. I Hope No One Ever Thinks I'm Pregnant When I'm Not

    Love how hot she thinks she is yet the movie showing her completely naked full frontal tanked at the box office. And now people think she’s pregnant, which I seriously doubt.

    It must be such a serious blow to her arrogance.

  45. Kelly

    I dont get why stars ‘hide’ when they are pregnant, its almost as if they are embarrased about it. Its a natural thing that happens Geez, you’d think they were the only pregnant women in the world with the way they act.

  46. a doe

    strange, pointy boobs

  47. “Love how hot she thinks she is yet the movie showing her completely naked full frontal tanked at the box office.” 44 what movie was that?

    Also, I agree this new photo navigation is crap. I don’t want to see every single pic just a few and it’s a transparent effort to inflate the traffic.

    PS: Eva Mendes if your not preggers it’s time to step up to this!

  48. I don’t know…I don’t think those are maternity boobs…..

  49. omg

    How mean. Not one nice comment here. Im sure you here are all perfect, with totally flat stomachs. The longer you sit there complaining about stars’ baby bumps, the more you’ll see your own grow. Next thing you know, if you look down you’ll think you’re pregnant from just sitting on your asses.

    Pass the chips and keep the complaints coming, i need a baby.

  50. Ted from LA

    You stupid fuck. You forgot to post your .com site.

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