Eva Mendes’ crazy powers activate at Comic Con

April 21st, 2008 // 42 Comments

Eva Mendes stopped by the New York Comic Con on Saturday to promote her upcoming movie The Spirit directed by comics legend Frank Miller. If all that information is new to you, congratulations, you probably don’t quietly cry alone in your room surrounded by Star Wars action figures. Uh, like my roommate. Not me. Wait, who moved Lando? But moving on, Eva apparently went batshit in front of a bunch of dorks and reader Ryan was there with the exclusive scoop:

My friends and I were at New York Comic Con Saturday, and one of the big attractions was the afternoon appearance by Eva Mendes and Frank Miller to promote their upcoming movie “The Spirit,” in which she stars and which he directs. People were lined up for hours for their 5:30 signing, many clutching comic books or other memorabilia they hoped to get autographed. But almost immediately upon arriving at the signing table, Mendes evidently freaked out and abruptly left. Frank Miller also chose to leave the table and hide in the curtained-off waiting area immediately behind the table, signing only posters for The Spirit, which were then carried out to the less-than-pleased fans waiting in line…. The scene dissolved into relative chaos, with people receiving signed posters from Miller and nothing from Mendes, who as far as anyone could tell simply left the convention altogether.

Somewhere a publicist’s head just exploded – then immediately grew back, I swear they’re like cockroaches. Anyway, curious as to what exactly The Spirit is about, I stumbled upon the teaser on MTV.com. Apparently this Spirit fellow has a city that’s both his mother AND his lover? Huh, so basically it’s Sin City for southerners. Yee-doggie!

Thanks to Ryan for the scoop. You’re more awesome than Batman, Superman and Wolverine driving a tank full of strippers – or Magic: The Gathering cards. Whichever frightens you less.

NOTE: Photo of Eva Mendes in character over at our sister site IWatchStuff.com. She’s fonty!

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  1. hello there jose!

    First! Poop! First!

  2. Geoff

    Why is she sooo stooopid? Hoh?

  3. mimi

    NO one cares…

    Fish STILL SUKS and


  4. RENEE

    I don’t know what it is about this girl, but I just can’t stand her face; blech. Just the mere sight of her makes my skin crawl. Her voice is annoying too. Anyways, she must be back to smoking crack or something since she got all tweeked out at a little comic book promo. Stick to weed girl, weed!

  5. sheesh

    she looks like she’s jacked on meth. i think that thud i just heard was her falling off the wagon again.

  6. monkeyfightclub

    she has the power to make a tent appear in my pants

  7. Maybe someone walked in with a can of Coke…..

  8. combustion8

    thats one hot tranny.

  9. Comic Book Guy

    Worst Comic Con ever

  10. soft

    3 mimi why are you always here?

  11. It was a big public event so she tucked back extra-firmly (knowing everybody would go for low-angle cell phone camera shots) and when she sat down one of her testicles popped into her body cavity. Hence the panic attack. (“relative chaos” is my new favorite, it must be like “minor catastrophe” or “intelligent hard-working black man”).

  12. etr

    so, uh, why did she leave? that’s about a third of a story.

  13. veggi

    Hey, I freak out too, whenever I sit down and the splooge suddenly starts running out of my anus. In those situations there’s not exactly a plan B.

  14. deacon jones

    Don’t you know Jimbo doesn’t know those big words? At least you could have put in some typos and misspelled his name.

  15. ToTellTheTruth


  16. soft

    boy you trolls are really gross.

  17. mildly concerned

    @ 12 – that little flowery shebangle she wore probably made half the com-connies gush on her dress at eye contact. you would run and hide too with all that shit flying around.

    i can kinda sympathize. i was the only girl in a magic the gathering pre-release party at midnight (yez, you read that right) and almost passed out from the overwhelming odor of unrequited testosterone.

  18. noneyabeezwax

    fine, i’ll fuck her. but, only after she’s finished cleaning the house.


  19. ph7

    She looks just like my house cleaner.

  20. Did anyone see her in Maxim she addmitted in there that she bites her nails and get this HER TOE NAILS TOO!!!! GROSS!!!
    Plus she smokes, what a nut if she has to do all of that just to be able to handle the day!

  21. UCrawford

    Hardly surprising…if she hadn’t been to one of those conventions before sometimes the fans can be a little overwhelming. And Frank Miller’s got a reputation for being more than a little unhinged…as his utterly, racist movie “300″ demonstrated. I used to love his work, but the guy went off the deep end after 9/11 and now he’s bought into the whole “holy war against Islam” scam that the neoconservatives are selling.


  22. ride me

    horseface, why is she famous again?

  23. Sheva

    She better stay on some diet drugs or her ever expanding ass will explode again.

  24. Champ

    D S L’s.

  25. havoc

    nic fit……


  26. LL

    Eva Mendes can’t handle some geeks at a comic con? And she calls herself a woman? I bet Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman wouldn’t blink an eye.


    I was in these conventions for over 20 years, worked for one of the biggest promoters on the East Coast in the late 80s-90s, and the problem with bringing in these real celebs – as opposed to the old has-been actors – is that they have no idea what they’re doing or how to relate to that sort of crowd. She’s just a busty actress who got lucky, was told to report to the Javits center to promote her stupid film, then promptly acted like the twit she probably is in real life. Same thing when love hewitt was at San Diego last summer – totally out of place amongst that crowd – they just don’t know how to relate or fit in. I know the stereo-type of the nerd-geek, but actually these fans are fairly nice people who just want to read comic books, watch Star Trek, and dream about a better world populated with sexy aliens. And while I’d never say Frank Miller is over-rated, he is one ugly sonofabitch though.

  28. lambman

    “but actually these fans are fairly nice people who just want to read comic books, watch Star Trek, and dream about a better world populated with sexy aliens.”

    LOL l




  29. PunkA

    It’s looking like her time in rehab didn’t get the job done. Crazy eye going on.

    Apparently, the nerds needed to attack and take over, but were too busy jerking it into their comic books at the sight of Eva.

  30. UCrawford

    Uncle Ned,

    I certainly wouldn’t call Frank Miller over-rated because he has written some excellent stuff. Since 9/11 though I’d definitely call him a complete whack-job and an out-and-out racist. I particularly love how he lumps both Arab and Persian culture together because he seems to think they’re the same and how he claimed that they’re incapable of technological advancement (despite the fact that they helped create mathematics). I loved his work on “Dark Knight Returns” but since I saw that offensive piece of crap “300″ I swore I’d never buy another thing the man wrote.

    And I agree with you that most comic fans aren’t deluded or psychotic. But I think a lot of them do live in their own little world sometimes…that’s not really a bad thing, but it can be jarring to the uninitiated, as you pointed out in your examples.

  31. El Gonzo

    Negrita de mierda, pero con un buen culo !!!

  32. amee

    to: ucrawford-thanks for that link i looked at it. shame the discussion is closed-silk for calde is right i dont understand why the other poster’s are against him/her.

  33. amee

    er-cancel that-i just read the whole thread. my mistake.

  34. Raegan

    You know, in fear of being the boring one on here, I love her dress. The cutest thing I have seen on here yet. And that includes the weathered handbag, I mean Janice Dickinson.

  35. Unprofessional in a big way. Of course I’m sure Eva decided that Comic Con was no big deal so it was alright to bail out on people like that…

  36. Anal Fistula

    what a fine filly

  37. jamiro

    jesus… she’s got huge hands!!! (#4 pic)

  38. Jack

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  39. MMB

    wtf does fonty mean? am I stoopit?

  40. pat

    … or maybe she and Frank saw a process server in the crowd (someone who hands you summons or subpoenas) and hid.

  41. Phil

    The Spirit was an 8 page comic book distributed in the newspaper which ran from 1940 to 1952.
    It’s considered the be the Citizen Kane of comics. Sharply written, sometimes Twilight Zonish short stories mixed with film noir detective and slapstick humor. The Spirit himself is just a detective and sometimes he doesn’t even appear in his own comic. Just the thought of getting caught by the Spirit makes the bad guy stumble.

  42. Lau


    I was at this event, in the autograph line next to hers (for a different celebrity signing). When she came out, tons of press dove in like vultures/cattle, pushing through my line and nearly knocking me over. When security (and several) fans requested that they back up, they just told us that they were press and were allowed to do so. I was actually there as press myself, and was shocked at their behavior.

    There was only a small table separating her from that chaotic stampede, so I don’t blame her for leaving. Security needed MAJOR improvement, and the press needed a bat to the head.

    I’m actually not even a fan of hers (that’s why I was in a different line), so I’m not just blindly defending her. I was scared for my own safety, and would have left if I were her.

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