Eva Mendes’ crazy powers activate at Comic Con

Eva Mendes stopped by the New York Comic Con on Saturday to promote her upcoming movie The Spirit directed by comics legend Frank Miller. If all that information is new to you, congratulations, you probably don’t quietly cry alone in your room surrounded by Star Wars action figures. Uh, like my roommate. Not me. Wait, who moved Lando? But moving on, Eva apparently went batshit in front of a bunch of dorks and reader Ryan was there with the exclusive scoop:

My friends and I were at New York Comic Con Saturday, and one of the big attractions was the afternoon appearance by Eva Mendes and Frank Miller to promote their upcoming movie “The Spirit,” in which she stars and which he directs. People were lined up for hours for their 5:30 signing, many clutching comic books or other memorabilia they hoped to get autographed. But almost immediately upon arriving at the signing table, Mendes evidently freaked out and abruptly left. Frank Miller also chose to leave the table and hide in the curtained-off waiting area immediately behind the table, signing only posters for The Spirit, which were then carried out to the less-than-pleased fans waiting in line…. The scene dissolved into relative chaos, with people receiving signed posters from Miller and nothing from Mendes, who as far as anyone could tell simply left the convention altogether.

Somewhere a publicist’s head just exploded – then immediately grew back, I swear they’re like cockroaches. Anyway, curious as to what exactly The Spirit is about, I stumbled upon the teaser on MTV.com. Apparently this Spirit fellow has a city that’s both his mother AND his lover? Huh, so basically it’s Sin City for southerners. Yee-doggie!

Thanks to Ryan for the scoop. You’re more awesome than Batman, Superman and Wolverine driving a tank full of strippers – or Magic: The Gathering cards. Whichever frightens you less.

NOTE: Photo of Eva Mendes in character over at our sister site IWatchStuff.com. She’s fonty!

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