Eva Longoria wears bikini, almost catches fire

September 4th, 2007 // 200 Comments

  1. This chick is waaaay over rated. She is not hot and she is annnoying as all hell. I can’t believe that show is still on too.


  2. stenchblossom

    she gets her good looks from me!

    everyone says she bares a striking resemblence to me…how weird!aw..

    cept for the bulge…thats not me!eep

  3. kwdragon

    Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this chick is packin’? It really looks like she has some extra plumbing in that bikini.

  4. Binky

    Yeah. Well. Ok. She looks a bit less desperate now that she’s married.
    As long as she can cook – Tony should be ok.
    (Or at least shred cheese, refry beans, and/or flour a tortilla or whatever)

  5. 1MILF Hunter

    No rack, but you could strike a match on that ass.

  6. toiletduck

    She needs to shave her snatch…

  7. 15piecesofflare

    Looks like she’s overdue for Jolen in picture 10, but maybe it’s just a shadow.

  8. caveman

    i love that smokin hot little bod, totally made for sex.
    i would chew on that skinny little ass all day.

  9. sexymom

    She looks great. Really, really good!

  10. Rob

    I usually hate this woman but she made me cream in my drawers

  11. Sandwich

    What a lovely and well defined moustache she has.

  12. Loren

    Obviously you people forgot tht she is hideous. Here is a reminder:

  13. Binky

    Things that bug me :
    A -Costco, consistently, brings out their Christmas stuff August ‘Frist.’ As someone who seldom shops before… say…Dec 23rd or so, I find this a bit disconcerting.
    @2 -This new Dyson vacuum cleaner of mine just seems to have vacuumed up a cat. This ‘never loses suction’ idea is certainly going to be a challenge to those in ‘Adult’ entertainment industry. ‘Sucks like Hoover’ just won’t cut it any more.
    Trois -people who go off topic on so called ‘entertainment’ web sites. Like – get with the program ! All in all , we’re just another brick… etc.
    4B – Oh yeah, that, you know, ‘saying’ thingie that starts with a few numbers and ends in the word ‘Job’.

  14. alf oldland

    she looks like she has a nutsack. also, no tits and marginally-attractive face at best. she must give a great blowjob and give up through the ass to those television execs!

  15. Binky

    Oh yeah.
    And everyone who avoids 4B.
    (For those of you keeping score at home)

  16. Ganana

    I guess it’s because I’m not a guy that these bikini pics that have spilled over to the covers of US magazine and the like are SO tiresome. And yes, the girls look good, and yes, I used to and no longer do. And Yes, I’m probably envious. What the hell. I am.

    Jennifer Anniston has a pic in the mags this week that all but shows everything. I have an idea–These gals that SO want to show it all should just haul themselves up into some stirrups (like the ones at the OB/gyn docs) and get the scenery photogaphed up close. Just get it the hell over with.

  17. AmeriCanadian

    Her body is ok, but how long until she gets knocked up, I wonder? Also, that tramp stamp is fucking hideous! Damn!

  18. Binky

    Public at LARGE : Re # 164 Apparently the politically correct term is – “the elephant in the room”

    Binky : Well. OK. I’m willing to go with that. But I think 4B is ok as well.

  19. LuLugoPooPoo

    Binky you are a hypocrite you are on here and totally off topic. Y ou said not one thing about eva Longoria.

  20. Binky

    Who ?
    Oh . Right.. Pass me a taco.
    She’s cute.
    So There.

  21. (Not that I’ve seen the show Austria)

  22. keith

    does she really poop from that ass?

  23. Binky

    Well maybe Keith.
    How did you do in health class ?

    And in other news : 4B

  24. Well ok
    #162 – 4B

    BINGO !!!!

    ( I do tend to prattle on) lol

  25. sam

    chica’s a tran
    that bottom don’t look pretty

  26. i’ve never been a fan of her.

  27. Most white hoes asses are flat, she has a body! Stop hating!

  28. nope!

    Her tits are way too small for me! It’s not that I’m into silicon valley but a little bit more chest looks better and is more feminine.

  29. Frick!

    Please get Eva’s ass off my monitor already…post something new pleeeeaaase, for the love of god!!!


  31. @178
    I fucking agree, 24 hours is enough of that ass.

  32. Sorry, but that was nice to walk into work and see.

  33. Lovely

    Thats not a dick- she’s just carrying her wallet filled with roastbeef & ham turned inside out in her bottoms

  34. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    roastbeef and ham

  35. Mike

    #91 Jimbo……..no I didn’t piss off Veggo. Just sent her a picture, and damn I must be ugly that she didn’t even reply back after I sent it. She just stopped e-mailing me, don’t know why.

  36. MMMSimmons

    Have you noticed how I keep trying to start shit with Jrzmommy for no reason? I do this because I have no place to direct all the rage I have inside of me at my misshapen head and my microscopic dick. I’m a freak…a real loser. I’ve never kissed a girl, let alone have sex with one….well, not counting the goat on Uncle Lou’s farm….and even the goat was a boy goat. And have I told you all how really dimwitted I am. I am, I’m completely stupid. I can barely read, can’t do basic math and I actually ENJOY Jerry Springer. But not that Maury Povich…that shit is just way too far out of my league. I can’t understand a word they’re saying on that show. And speaking of shows, I try to jerk off to The View ladies. I do! I turn them on and I get all tingly down there and just start to go for it. Do you know I cry when I jerk off? I do. But I only get so far and then I have to give up…..the tweezers I need to use to hold onto my pin dick start to chafe me and I can only look through that magnifying glass for so long….

    But anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m just a lonely, miserable fucked up freak and that’s why I start shit with Jrzmommy. It’s not her fault….it’s mine for being a complete and utter misfit.

  37. Frick!

    No, but I’ve noticed that jrzmommy is impersonating mmmsimmons.

  38. Ike


    WTF?? Collagen injections THERE? :)
    mmmmm, kissable.

  39. Kitty Connoisseur

    #163, #145, #22, you have never been laid, you’re female, or you surf too much internet porn. That’s one big juicy burger she’s got down there. And for the those of you who insist on thinking that a bulging pussy is somehow masculine, I reiterate: you have never been laid, you’re female, or you surf too much internet porn.

    Not to be self-aggrandizing, but I’ve bedded about 30 chicks in my 35 years, girlfriends & one nighters included. Of all those wimmin, the horniest, wettest, and best fucks were the ones who seemed to have a lot of “stuff” down there. Whether it was large inner labia, a larger than average clit, or just a big-mounded pussy, those girls were the ones who were “ready to go” at the drop of a hat and orgasmed more quickly and intensely. In direct contrast to the shaved, thin inner-lipped “cameltoe” that seems to be the preferred pussy of internet porn surfers. In my experience those wimmen seemed to be more frigid, and took longer to get their motors purring than the chicks with much guuk. On another note, two or threee of my past loves were hispanic like this actress, and they had sweet juicy pussies too!

  40. Frick!

    #188…TMI dude, TMI.

  41. Kitty Connoisseur

    #189, Someone (preferably a hetero male) needs to stand up for these wimmin and their “stuff”. There are now plastic surgeons who butcher women down there to make them more in conformity with the bizzare, pedophilic “cameltoe” craze. Sometimes a little more information than neccesary, is, unfortunately neccessary. As a rule of thumb, men included, it’s best to keep knives and scalpels away from the genitals. Just ask Jenna Jameson!

  42. BaldAsBritney

    Why is she famous? is her stupid show even still on the air? Anyone still care?

    I’m guessing not.

  43. flavio

    hm. hot bod, but she looks like a monkey. overall = not hot.


    Her big butt shrunk a bit and now she is flat chested too. She did this just for the cameras. Now that everyone saw her flat chest and shrunken butt; she got munch on a lot of food again and cover her big butt like she did in the past while in a bikini.

  45. Karl

    Curves are hot. She doesn’t have any, I don’t see why people like this girl.

  46. lola

    185 that was hilarious haha

  47. Large Inner Labia Hispanic

    #188 I am hispanic and have a large inner labia. I’ve been told that a large inner labia can be a result of a lot of masterbation and that I do. I love sex and easily get multiple orgasms. You are so right on!

  48. Jon

    Alicante is a beautiful city. All people in Spain and other countries comes here on holidays. Good beaches, good food, good people and now… Eva Longoria

  49. yvonne

    go look at the golden 1 piece on a boat picture. eva does not look good in a bikini or anything that has little fabric. she seems to look good here cuz it’s focused on certain areas. look at her as a whole picture and she looks stumped. not gorgeous at all.

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