Eva Longoria has the worst sex tape ever

Here’s the alleged Eva Longoria sex tape everybody’s been talking about. Although calling it a sex tape would not only be a lie, it’d be a really big lie. The tape was made for Will Ferrel’s comedy site Funny Or Die and features Eva Longoria with comedian Eric Christian Olsen. In the video Longoria says: “Are you really sure we should be doing this? If it gets out it could be really embarrassing.” Her partner then replies: “Don’t worry baby I’m going to put it somewhere safe – like the glovebox of my car.” Funny? Meh. Cruel? Definitely. I mean, getting everybody’s hopes up about an Eva Longoria sex tape and having it turn out to be this? It’s like promising your kid a Wii for Christmas, and then when Christmas rolls around you kick him really hard in the nuts instead.