Eva Longoria refused club entry

Eva Longoria reportedly threw a diva tantrum when she and her boyfriend, Tony Parker, were refused VIP entry to a Los Angeles nightclub. According to a witness, “She was demanding to be let in immediately. She was telling the doorman that she was a celebrity and wouldn’t wait. But she was told, ‘You’re no exception here. You have to wait in line behind the other 100 people.'”

Eva’s spokesperson insists she was only asking the doormen if the nightclub was too full for her and her friends to get in, saying, “She would never do that. She’s very easy going that way. The club was at capacity. She was there with three other people and didn’t know whether they could get in so she decided to forego it.”

I’m not in the club owning business, but refusing entry to Eva Longoria seems like the worst business move you can make other than replacing your alcohol with urine and hiring blind lepers to be bartenders. Maybe they felt that having incredibly gorgeous and famous women in their club might be bad for business. Or maybe it was a gay bar. Whatever the reason, the club owners should be taken out back and run over with a truck. I used to drink paint as a child, and even I know that if Eva Longoria wants to get into your club, you better start kicking people in the nuts and pushing them out the back door to make room.

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