Eva Longoria really needs her makeup

January 29th, 2007 // 189 Comments



  1. KimIsSarcastic

    Jrzmommy If I loved you anymore it would be awkward

  2. FecalPellets

    So Eva left the house w/o warpaint, at least she isn’t a fat fuck.

  3. justme

    She has the ugly spic look.

  4. 100. No, I do NOT have the IQ of a bug, … I’m just hung like one.

    RPLTC, with much enthusiasm!

  5. wedgeone

    god i love you long time richp! you da man!

  6. licklick

    She looks OK to me. I’d do her anytime

    But I also do Mexican lawn gnomes.

  7. fame is funny

    Ugly Betty?

  8. Olivia

    This is just weird, do any of you who are taking the piss out of danielle know her personally?

  9. Me

    ok olivia, we get it you are confused about the danielle hatred. really you should not let it keep you up at night.

  10. killeristic

    i dont think its that bad. as in the way she looks w/o make-up. we just need time to get used to it man. though i must admit that she looks worn out and pale.

  11. RichPort

    “rich is pretentious, wordy, and self-referential”

    I think I might get that engraved on my headstone… I like that, though I don’t get the pretentious part. As punishment for your transgression critic idiot, you must now fuck Lanwhoria until your pink ball-less microdick falls off.

  12. Juliabella

    some people are pissed here!!

  13. biatcho

    “rich is pretentious, wordy, and self-referential”??? No way! Rich is very well-spicken.

  14. biatcho

    *well-spoken. Where’s the damn spic-checker when you really need it?!

  15. biatcho

    *spell-checker. Sorry, mang!

  16. biatcho


  17. XeoRad

    She looks like my neighbor’s housekeeper –

  18. RichPort

    #163-166… fake Biatcho:


  19. biatcho

    wasn’t meant to entertain you, greaseball

  20. Juliabella

    he he he!!!

    Seems like Danielle can defend herself here!! Low life idiots are getting a shot in the nuts!!

  21. Me

    ???? Like who ????

    Are you retarded?

  22. wedgeone

    #155 – obvious trolling going on there. I am the eggman; he is the Walrus. Goo-goo-gachoo!

  23. snot_rocket

    i beg to differ.
    bunch of assholes who always pick fights for no reason.
    who the fuck cares!
    wasn’t monkey-face Longoria the topic of this thread, or am I wrong?

  24. 25. Yep, shocking that some fucker that allegedly invented the Internet would have his shitty blog shut down. I’m sure he’s planning to hack the CIA in retailiation, …


  25. Me


  26. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, for FUCKS SAKE! I’ve been gone for like, a month and now I return, and this lame-ass troll shit is STILL going on? Jesus H CHRIST, GET A LIFE! Does RichPort and jrzmommy’s troll not see how sad and pathetic this shit makes him/her/it look? Please troll, GET A LIFE! You really ARE one of the most pitiful things I’ve ever seen…just give it a fucking rest already, ok? You’ve established that you don’t like Rich or Jrz, and NOBODY CARES. Nobody EVER cared, except to be annoyed that you were basically making this site intolerable and sucking all the fun out of it. I bet you’re real proud about that, because those who cannot create, destroy. Just get over it, move on, and stop screwing shit up for everyone else because you don’t know how to grow the fuck up. I mean, DAMN!

  27. wedgeone

    #176 – welcome home, tsarinaamanda. You’ve missed some damn good Damyell fights while you were gone. As you have observed, the trolls are resisting efforts to be uprooted and are hiding under the gaydar with godd stealth.

    BTW, your “twatwaffle” comment from a while back has carried on with tremendous success.
    Just so you know, I borrowed it from you. Thx. If you’re going to be around for a while, you can have it back.

  28. wedgeone

    typo – “good”, not “godd”.

  29. CPR

    There are people all over the world being raped, murdered and molested. People are dying from AIDS and Cancer. Is a discussion about Eva Longoria’s make-upless face worth a discussion?

  30. #179: Go to Oprah!

  31. TOASTERontheloose

    Now can we please call the dumptruck to haul away this ghastly thing?! She’s so fucking annoying. Hate her.

  32. yeah, well, pretty much every star needs makeup 24/7……ever see pamela anderson without makup?

  33. estefania

    U all are mad she beautifulllllll… She doesnt need make up…Fuck the haterzzzzz

  34. estefania

    U all are mad she beautifulllllll… She doesnt need make up…Fuck the haterzzzzz

  35. Megan

    You guys are idiots?

    She looks about 10 years younger, and so cute. Like a sweet girl, and she’s gorgeous.

    If you find a bunch of illusory gunk on someone’s face attractive…then you’re too simple-minded to perceive faces (and probably anything) properly.

    “Yeah man, I agree, she should definitely smear a bunch of black shit on her eyes and turn her skin orange. Make her lips an unnatural color. Get some glitter, humans are supposed to glitter, right? There, now she’s hot. Even though she’s the same person, she now has a bunch of crap all over her face, and i’m an idiot so i’m gonna think this changes her somehow.”

    You fail at life.

  36. alexkarma

    I agree with #185. Makeup provides us with a mere illusion. There are very few women in the world who wake up in the morning and look “perfect”. All of you people who come here to insult her are probably not anything special yourselves & maybe even a little jealous. I mean, come on, are you making millions of dollars a year on your hit TV show, contracted as a model with a major company, making it on the cover of acclaimed magazines, and about to marry a successful athlete whom you are in love with? Yea. Didn’t think so. Btw, I think she is still gorgeous with or without the gunk on her face. She has gorgeous eyes, a great smile, and a nice face structure… there IS such a thing as a bad picture.

  37. Lu

    This is hilarious. On a side-note guys, in case you didn’t know; Maids and dry-cleaner attendants do the job you don’t do. So keep your mouth shut when talking like that.

    P.S.: SHe looks pretty. Jelousy is the only thing that comes to my mind :P

  38. That Eva looks different without makeup, yes she does, but the same can be said of any woman. Question to ask is can you afford to look like her? Most people cannot (I’m assuming) afford what she spends, neither can I. So after searching online, found this website that offers most of the makeup Eva wears but at ordinary pricing. The site, coonobabe.com is great,great lipsticks, glosses, and cleansers I recommend it to all women reading this. There are cheap brand from China, but I don’t trust any of that. Check it out. Marabel

  39. Mua.

    For all the harsh critics, you must have very little self- esteem!

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