Eva Longoria really needs her makeup

January 29th, 2007 // 189 Comments



  1. Me

    Of course….YAWN…that’s what ignorant little twats like you do when someone is trying to teach them something. BRAVO!!!

  2. danielle


  3. Me

    That was a typo smartass. I really think you need a hug. You are clearly going through some things.

  4. PapaHotNuts

    Danielle, just some friendly advice- just ignore them. These people are educated, intellectual, and very witty. Don’t try and go back and forth with them. They are very childish, and you seem to be more of an adult.

  5. sexybitch

    dumbYELL needs to hug some high-voltage cables. Hard.

  6. RichPort

    My brother 18 month old dog is technically an adult too.

  7. danielle


    Typo or ignorance????


    Yes, it’s ignorance.

    I would LOVE a hug.


    Not from you.

    I might catch something.


    That wouldn’t be fun.

  8. danielle


    FuglyBitch has reared her fugly head, once again.

  9. RichPort

    Geeez… everytime I insult damnYELL I lose a few apostrophes and a few “s”‘s…

  10. RichPort

    Q: How many damnYELL’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: BITCH… sleep yo’ ass in tha dark…

  11. DrBob2607


    You have missed the point, yet again, of what I was trying to tell you. I don’t have too many problems with your sentences. They just lack basic structure, logic and appear to be uttered by a semi-literate Ethiopian 7-11 clerk.
    By the way, the proper sentence in #100 is:


    commas can be your friend, Dani.

    Do the rest of us a favour and take English lessons, sweetie… Thanks, and Cheers.

    The Doc

  12. danielle

    OK, now THAT was funny.

    But atleast I can afford some lightbulbs.

    Unlike you.

    Keep rubbing those two sticks together dear.

  13. danielle



  14. Me

    104. Does she really seem to be more of an adult?

    Examples of her “adult” posts include:

    . Why don’t YOU do your mother a >favor< and….DROWN. Just stick your head in a nearby washing machine, got that?
    . Type slowly, you do have seven fingers.
    . Run along now twat
    . “Shut the Fuck Up Dick-Shit”

    She seems to do these things specifically to be annoying and immature. This is evidenced by her adverse reaction to your compliments.

    Pray for her.

  15. Me

    Yes Danielle, it was a typo, unlike your own IGNORANCE at not being aware that the British spelling of the word “favour” contains a “u”.

    Cheers cunt.

  16. sexybitch

    #114 dumbYELL really does think people have seven fingers – that’s because she’s had two up her nose and one in her twat for so long….

  17. RichPort

    #112 – Thanks for the props, homie. You know what else I’m sure is funny? Watching you sneak past your mirrors everyday… I must look like a Jewish wake in your home.

  18. danielle

    Not so funny.

    Try again dear.

  19. RichPort

    Amazing how one little “t” messes up a whole sentence… in short, go o hell damnYELL.

  20. jrzmommy

    danYELL, I have a new friend for you…her name is Ghoulia and she is a lot like you only she makes lame comebacks in French.

  21. danielle


  22. I wish danielle was in that movie “Roots”. Then I would watch it backwards so she would go back to Africa……..

  23. jrzmommy

    Niiiiiice Stallion!

  24. wedgeone

    #120 – to be fair, her comebacks aren’t all that lame. She was holding her own (maybe winning) until RichPort jumped in. It’s nice to have friends who’ve got your back!

  25. ellie

    Mmkay, Danielle, you might just wanna give up now.
    the dr, “me”, and jrz? Hilarious, witty, and probably going to beat your ass in any argument you ever choose to pick with them.

    You’ve got to be what? 15? 16 years old, tops? Just give it up.

    It seems the argument is fueled by your anger and total desperation to have the last say, and everyone else is just kind of laughing at your failed attempts.

    Anyway, Eva looks fine without makeup, famous people aren’t like…genetically altered to be perfect in everyway or anything.
    chill ouuutt.

  26. PapaHotNuts

    Danielle- you are letting them get the better of you. Be the bigger person and ignore them. I know you are a bigger person than them, but if you keep responding, you appear bitter. Just be the bigger person that you are and rise above this petty bickering.

  27. ellie

    Oh and Rich, too, you’re a funny guy.

  28. danielle




    This isn’t a dating site dear. Go crawl on back to Myspace.


    I’m not bitter. I just had a hot cup of Green Tea. I feel great.

  29. sexybitch

    #126 You won’t when you realize you’ve been insulted in every single one of his posts.

  30. sexybitch

    #129 Sorry, that’s #128 referencing #126. Fucking footnotes…

  31. danielle

    Yes, you are sorry.

    Thanks for finally coming to terms with that.

  32. missdavis

    The doc, do you have something against Ethiopians? You sound like a nasty racist. Sexybitch (which i’m just certain you are with a name like that) if she has 7 fingers out, 2 up her nose and 1 in her twat that equates to 10 fingers, do you have 10 fingers? Not fond of thumbs? Danielle your doing well holding off against this bunch of vultures, much funnier.

  33. omelette ze roar

    Don’t you just love how she’s voted as one of the most beautiful women ever?

    lol Stupid Hollywood and their glorified lies.

  34. Punkgal

    Why the hell does it matter if she is wearing makeup or not???

    Do you wake up looking great?, i bet not, she is human, you know like the rest of us. Why the hell she was voted most beautiful woman or whatever escapes me, even with the make up she isn’t that great.

  35. Me

    #132 let’s be honest, Danielle is very rarely funny and always stupid. Rich and Jrz; ALWAYS HILARIOUS!! :-)

  36. here

    Appears to be the face of a cum-guzzler. Cum-guzzlers don’t require make-up, although it’s a bonus.

  37. critic

    #135 i guess “let’s be honest” is your prelude to gobbling all the cum and vaginal fluids that you can from rich and jrz. rich is pretentious, wordy, and self-referential, and usually about as funny as a new yorker cartoon. jrz can be funny but her underlying ice-cold hostility shows through time and again, ruining the fun. danielle is like leon spinks – she stands there taking 50 punches to land one of her own. but she has some good, short, sharp zingers every once in awhile.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Holy Mother of God this chola is a monster.

  39. Depraved22

    You stupid idiots. Very few women look great without makeup. If a woman is naturally ugly, no amount of makeup is going to make her pretty.

  40. metaphor

    YIKES!!! What the hell happened there, did her face get squashed?
    Plastic surgery gone wrong, wtf?

  41. BarbadoSlim

    Scott Baio wrote a book, in it he tells the story of meeting Beverly D’Angelo whom he later fucked. Anyway, when he first approached her he asked her about her overbite. And she told him, “honey I have a cocksucker’s mouth.”

    Point of the story:

    Longoria has the mouth of a cocksucker.

  42. wedgeone

    #124 – Nice one, Wally/Trollport/whoever the fuck you are. Thanks for trolling me, beeyotch!
    Didn’t like the way you got pummelled on Friday for your self-esteem issues?

    You don’t KNOW ME!

  43. wedgeone

    #8 – my wife looks great without makeup. That’s why I married her!!

    #16 – Jesee – what’s a “finace”?

    #31 & 48 – HA-HA-HA!! Nice – you’re on a roll today, jrz!

    #89 – She can’t destroy the computer she’s using. The library would never let her back in again!

    #95 – That would be “WHO are you, Dr. Phil or ….”, not “What are you ….”
    Also, the SpongeBob SquarePants Marathon is not on TV “every night” as you claim.
    Don’t argue with the Dr. – he does know what’s best for you.

    #107 – survey says … typo.

    #116 – you mean “three in the slit, and four in the shit” yes?

    #137 – the only zingers that damYell has come out of a box from Dolly Madison. You mus’ be outcho got damm mind!

  44. alisha

    To #111 dr.bob.
    Who feels the need to rub in some racist comments while dissing Daniel -

  45. BarbadoSlim

    @144…. I hope you realize that everything you just said to him applies your sorry ass.

  46. pjfan281

    beautiful with and without makeup! awesome

  47. kathleen170

    I never thought I’d look better than Eva Longoria. Glad I can say so now though.

  48. sexybitch

    #146 pj, please tell me you don’t live in my area and passed the vision test at the DMV…

  49. danielle


    Thanks…..I think.

  50. Me

    # 137 What-the-fuck-ever….who are you?

    # 143 you know you’re right

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