Eva Longoria makes stuff look hot

February 7th, 2008 // 110 Comments

Here’s Eva Longoria unveiling the 2008 athletic collection for Bebe Sports. It looks like to impress her, and eventually touch her naughty parts, I’ll have to mountain bike down to the beach. Then ride a motorcycle while surfing. Man, again? Can’t I fall for a woman that’s into, I dunno, questionably-free strip club chicken wings? Or pretending to be asleep when the opposite sex is talking. You know, stuff I’m passionate about.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. yo yo

    holy her belly button is small

  2. POP


  3. holyshitgirl

    holy shit

  4. Laura

    I think the bottom half of her was taken from a different picture (in photo number 3)…

  5. Snoodle

    I commend their photoshop artist.

  6. wankel

    i am cumming

  7. AH

    u all are haters. she is hot and soooo not a whore. of course her pics are photoshopped, it’s an ad. just cuz you b!tches would NEVER look that hot even with ALL the photoshop in the world….

  8. marco

    Eva is so sexy, and i dont care wether those pics are photoshopped i got a friend who took a pic with her and she looks fuckin’ awesome in real life with ordinary make-up. love the bicycle pic

  9. Daniel

    To be totally honest, yeah, she’s hot, but that Orbea is hotter.

    I’m a bicycle racer; chicks that pose with sweet bikes but don’t ride do nothing for me.

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