Eva Longoria makes stuff look hot

February 7th, 2008 // 110 Comments

Here’s Eva Longoria unveiling the 2008 athletic collection for Bebe Sports. It looks like to impress her, and eventually touch her naughty parts, I’ll have to mountain bike down to the beach. Then ride a motorcycle while surfing. Man, again? Can’t I fall for a woman that’s into, I dunno, questionably-free strip club chicken wings? Or pretending to be asleep when the opposite sex is talking. You know, stuff I’m passionate about.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. michelle

    she has to have babies soooontimes…

  2. ezz

    her boobies must have been enlarged tenfold

  3. Cate

    I fucking LOVE Bebe sport.

  4. michelle

    she has to have babies soooontimes…

  5. JANE

    WOW she looks amaaaaaaaaazing ! I normally don’t care for her that much but if I didn’t know her I would think she’s 20 years old. She looks smokin hot !

  6. Richard McBeef

    I smell a queef

  7. cooper

    She’s no. 1. I love her. she’s hot. BTW, did you guys see her profile on ‘Rich kiss. com’? There’re more hot pics of her. She’s very popular there.

  8. OMG!!!

    n i wuz lyke ‘ur a total bytch’ n she wuz lyke ‘u da bytch u slutty hoebag’ n i wuz lyke ‘fuc u, ur bf is a muthafucca n he dun lyke u so shut da fuc up bytch’ n she wox away cuz she aint got nuttin 2 say 2 me! she a hoe wit no comebax!

  9. cooper

    She’s no. 1. I love her. she’s hot. BTW, did you guys see her profile on ‘Rich kiss. com’? There’re more hot pics of her. She’s very popular there.

  10. Saviana

    Nice photoshop work, Bebe sport.

  11. gits

    They did a great job spackling her moustache.

  12. dayuuumm. photoshop ftw.

  13. BinkY : Since when does this ‘Fish’ guy update this late ?
    No time to contact the scab writers.
    Hummm… She’s a pygmy and 9/11 was an inside job.
    Cliff Notes : The truth will always get you a few laughs Bink.

  14. Lindsay

    Great body, but her face looks ROUGH. I’m sure her bod (though amazing) is photoshopped pretty heavily though.

  15. maddMike

    How many hours (maybe days) of airbrushing and photoshop did it take to make this beast look like this??? Have you seen this land gnome without makeup on?? Holy christ she looks nasty! Big props to the makeup people at BEBE. You managed to turn this yard ape into a babe. lol….this is why I never trust pictures. Too many tricks can be used to make the ugliest people look good. scary!!!

  16. Great point Lindsay.
    It really depresses me what they can do with photoshop today.
    Talk about Trickery.
    (Uuuummm any comments on 9/11 ? Inside job?)

  17. lotta vagina

    how come when I google “ROFLMAONKOTB” I get If I was A Millionaire dot com which appears to biting off this site. ?

  18. Try not to worry about it.
    Move on with your life.

  19. D. Richards

    I’d take the Lamborghini over Eva Longoria any day. Sure sex would be fun with Eva for about ten minutes but once you gain access to the pussy, you’d have to spend every single existing minute of your life with her, talking about feelings.

    Honestly, I’d rather die in a fiery car crash than regressing in to some elderly child with nothing left in life but a digestive tract and some woman that hates his senile guts. Am I wrong? No, I don’t think so!

  20. D.
    Inside job ?

  21. kati

    good God those are the most photoshopped pictures i’ve ever seen

  22. D – I thought you’d be here….

    Good point Kati. What about the 9/11 thing ?

  23. Binky : Well it looks like ‘D Richards (coward)’ has completely caved.
    But Kati #23 – do you sun bathe topless or anything like that ?
    Cliff Notes : You’re basically an asshole Binky.
    Binky : No comment.

  24. I don’t think they shooped her body too much, she’s pretty fit. Probably wearing chicken cutlets too, those are a lot easier to deal with than Photoshopping her breasts to look larger.

    Have definitely photoshop’d the shit out of her face. Someone’s been using their clone stamp and blur too, I see.

  25. So Chelsey – any comments on 9/11 ?
    shopped * I guess..

  26. ( I’m here to drill —-awkward)

  27. Well ok. #28.
    In retrospect. Not really sure what -
    ” ( I’m here to drill —-awkward) ” actually meant.
    {I think I may have finally been channeling herbiefrog}
    It’s probably some sort of Scientology message that I’ll have to check with Tom.
    Or else a Kilkenny 4. Whatever.
    Who are you to judge me ?
    9/11 was an inside job.

  28. Oh my, THANKS PHOTOSHOP!!!
    Don’t you think?

  29. Yeah Right, Gertie.
    Any comments on 9/11 ? Or are you another shill ?

  30. RENEE...

    Wow, photoshop, I mean Eva, looks good. Too bad I’ve never seen her look this good in real life. Well, her body that is. Her face doesn’t look that good here; kind of old and manly. This must have forgotten to photoshop the face.

  31. # 32 Gr8 incite # 32.
    Got any incite on 9/11 ?
    Or are you a shill as well ?

  32. Rachel


  33. # 34
    Inside job ?

  34. Cliff Notes :They’ve all bailed. You’re a dink Bink.
    Public at LARGE : Thank God..
    Binky : Anyone have any popcorn ? No trans fat…

  35. Nique

    Never seen THAT much PHOTOSHOP on a signle piture….
    Hope u dont believe its real!

  36. Nique

    Never seen THAT much PHOTOSHOP on a signle piture….
    Hope u dont believe its real!

  37. woodhorse

    Those are “excercise” clothing if your “excercise” is to shop at the Mall. Some of it would be usable if you cut the sleeves off but who needs glitter on their sweat gear?

    And her. She’s a rat faced midget and it would be way more interesting to see D.Richards in a fiery Lamborghini. It would even be more interesting to see D. Richards wearing those ridiculous clothes than her.

  38. woodhorse

    I hope they do another remake of Wizard of Oz because she is totally the Lollipop Kid.

  39. pucky

    Why is her leg glowing?

    And has anyone else ever noticed she looks like that animated mouse named Fievel?

  40. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Somebody has some serious photoshop talent. Perhaps they used Gimp instead. She doesn’t look that good body wise without a lot of touch up. This is serious art gallery material here.

  41. WhoCares

    What the hell, she has the same fucking look on her face in every picture. The der look at me i’m trying to make a sexy face look….

  42. yukadoozer

    Fine. Still don’t like her-baby oil and all.

  43. HughJorgan

    How the fuck are her 15 minutes not up yet?

  44. DB

    I want to lick her mustache.

  45. …………………………………………………Eva Langoria…………………………………………………….


    Get it??? Do you see what I just did??? I put her name “over” the word “rated”, thus implying she is overrated! HA! The wit!!! The indelible humor!!! The originality! MY SIDES!!!! MY SIDES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

    Seriously, I got nothing…

  46. JimmyBachaFungool

    I’m in the mood for Mexican.

  47. Racer X


  48. woodhorse

    @47 Nothing? That’s probably the best post under this photo. Bad choice of topic, Fish. Now wake up and give us something.

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