Eva Longoria kind of works out

March 6th, 2007 // 76 Comments

  1. schack

    nice little website you got there, mr. keene. why do all the threads have zero comments, though?

  2. NipsyHustle


    my imaginary penis is award winning. it’s on a global tour right now.

  3. StoneRose

    CLONES!! AAAAaaaahhhhhn…!

    Nice wedgie. Please pick it.

  4. NipsyHustle


    if you pick it, i bet your fingers will smell like guacamole.

  5. Troller

    Eva making a guest appearance on the REAL Hosewives of Orange County?

    The collective retail value of the sneakers and sunglasses is more than my house payment.

  6. Ted...From LA

    #43~ How romantic…

  7. What the hell?!? Er…maybe she wants to take a swim, so she’s looking for a pool? Or maybe just going insane like all the other celebs lately. Anyway….who cares?!?
    Where’s Britney? She’s my new hero.

  8. schack

    right? kari, i’m totally with you there

  9. woodhorse

    #43 – I’m sure you could “pound her ass into oblivion” because you would have those great saddlebags to hold onto…..she needs to spend less time walking and actually run before all she can do is waddle.

  10. schack

    that’s what female asses are supposed to look like, you idiot. haven’t you ever seen a model of a female skeleton, or opened a biology textbook? or was your school so poor that y’all didn’t even git tekstbooks?

  11. teetee

    shiny. ass.

  12. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Whoever started the trend of chics wearing huge framed sunglasses needs to be disembowled cuz its the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen.

  13. NipsyHustle

    i use to think big glasses were obnoxious til i realized that they are more effective at protecting a larger aread around the eyes from sun damage. but wearing them implies you’re trying to fight off age because you’ve already lost your youthful edge. so really they all just look like grannies.

    personally, i’m waiting for someone to strike it rich with “sun helmets”. just like a motorcyle helmet but with total head UV protection. won’t that be creepy.

  14. woodhorse

    #61 – I said “saddlebags”, which is what is hanging off of her thigs. No, asses are NOT supposed to look like that, but if you love her so much, you’re going to flip for Kirstie Alley. That is a one-woman Pony Express. Oh and you’re right numb-nuts, no one knows anatomy but you.

  15. woodhorse

    *fuck* – “thighs”

  16. bunnyhugger

    hope you’re not talking to me… i got lost in that whole conversation. and i don’t troll, like some folks i could mention.
    i believe schack is referring to the term “dust bunny” as opposed to “dust ball”.


  17. amelie3007

    the one in the white tanktop looks like shalom harlow!

  18. nice to know that celebs are nosy just like real people!

  19. marklarsen

    Sorry, is this supposed to be entertaining? I liked the Superficial a while ago, but now your posts have become a bit lame and sometimes it takes long for you guys to update the website.

  20. k naz

    maybe if her underwear wasn’t so tight her ass wouldn’t be trying to escape the pinch of bloodloss. ohhh eva it’s time to learn what causes those yeast infections.

  21. Cardinal Ximenez

    Nice “factory air” considering she’s curvy. “Mmm, its a tasty.” as Jertzky Belovsky would say on the Young Ones.

  22. Cardinal Ximenez

    There is probably 59 foreign sperm deposits in that group of 5 priviledged MILF’s… all from donors like Ricco the pool boy, Manuel the gardener and Kobe the dribbler.

  23. SuperChic

    I’m going to be a meanie: Eva is a no talent, ugly looking wannabe hispanic (she’s really white with 10 year old tan.) If she didn’t have those tight pants on, there’d be nothing holding the cellulite together with her cottage cheese thighs.

  24. Canadiangurl

    yessssssssssssss! She’s wearing Canadian Lululemon work out pants!!!! Same pair i own!
    I think it’s awesome the company has done so well! She looks good in them too!

  25. imran karim

    i approve

  26. geez…and why would she even want all those people following her around?

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