Eva Longoria kind of works out

March 6th, 2007 // 76 Comments

  1. N'Arianne


  2. karelou

    shit, i would have been frist but i had to register

  3. -Stormy.

    Now that’s more like it. After Dunst and Stone, I was beginning to feel rather ill.

  4. N'Arianne

    There are some weird celeb work outs now…Kate Beckinsale jumping around in a bush or something…and now this. I wonder if gossiping and spying on others burns a lot of calories. If so everyone on the superficial must be really fit.
    Esp. those who bother to be “First!” bet they’re all especially fine.
    I just like complementing myself. I’m hot. You’re not. Get over it. :P

  5. javafinch

    Uh, 50-year-old woman? How do you figure? None of them look 50 – I see one that looks older – probably around Eva’s age?

  6. Gargamel

    Maybe they’re her bodyguards, dark glasses and all….

  7. shanonorato

    that’s one nasty wedgie going on there

  8. jrzmommy

    She thought she saw a “Free Moustache Waxing” sign.

  9. NipsyHustle


    that wedgie is due to having a black man jackhammering her holes every night with his monster cock.

  10. murmurzz

    Hot damn – I don’t think even a crowbar could pry those pants out of her ass. Eek!

  11. Hecubus

    They’re the new Manson women, they’re just scoping out the scene for when they break in later and go on a bloodthirsty rampage.

  12. 86

    Cute butt, but it looks like her buttcheeks are angry at one another and have stopped speaking.

  13. RichPort

    So thaaaaat’s what happened to my gardening crew…

  14. leezastudio

    she must have a lot of cottage cheese formenting in her clap trap, it needs to breathe! let it breathe!!!

  15. Stink

    Heh. Eva’s pants are so tight around her ass they shine.

  16. xeurohottiex

    she is so flat she looks like a boy

  17. itspat

    the wedgie picture is priceless – she’s staring at the “No Dogs Allowed” sign and thinking she can’t go in the park.

  18. JungleRed

    Smurfette keeps standing on ledges to make herself look as tall as the others. That gaggle of hens keeps looking in every direction except where they’re going, it’s a wonder they don’t run right off a cliff.

  19. SugarHigh

    I think, if I’m not mistaken, those are lulu-lemon pants (or something close) they get that shine if you get them too tight… they DO, do wonders for your ass.

  20. jesseeca

    now even more of a reason to find her annoying. her normal workout is probably putting her finger down her throat.

    who “works out” and then poses for pictures at a scenic outlook?

    and find some pants that fit.

  21. jesseeca

    i also hope someone mugs them. who goes on powerwalks with their 20 carat diamond rings?

    i love how they probably broke a sweat drop and had to go buy all that Fiji water. what a bunch of losers.

  22. Are these her sorority sisters from college or something? What the garfunkel? (hot new catch phrase in Hollywood)

  23. brujeriadiosa

    FUCK! I’m drawing a total blank!

    When I close my eyes I STILL see Kristen Dunst’s FUCKIN WHITE ASS floating around like so much flotsam!

    Thanks superficial….she’s right in there now next to Cisco’s Kooky Circus Package & Brits al la Rodney King Snatch!

    Maybe somthing will come to me…(other than coffee-flavored bile)

  24. Niecy

    Celebrities are so tired of us being so involved in their lives that now they are going to start spying on us.

  25. lookma_nohans

    @21 — I’m with you. There’s about $1200 of sunglasses in that first picture. Anyone ever heard of sunglasses made for SPORTS?

  26. She’s leading the Desperate Housewives March.

  27. HollyJ

    Is it possible in the realm of known physics for that seam in her pants to be pulled any higher and tighter in her twat???

  28. schack

    you’re so dumb jesseeeca, or whatever you name is.

    that’s the healthiest ass that’s been featured on this site for a long time, if not ever.

    fish, it’s “healthier,” not “more healthy.”

  29. schack

    i only get pissed because, if you cry wolf on eating disorders, it only becomes more difficult to get the message across to real cases.

    you wanna know who’s got the ED? it’s the far-left girl in pic 5. whenever you see knobby knees and flaccid arms with a large WHR, it’s probably an ED.

  30. schack

    though, i guess you’ll say you were “kidding.” so, to pre-empt that, i’ll say that it wasn’t even close to funny.

  31. crestlin

    me thinks i’ve spotted some cellulite in the “wedgie” pic.

  32. Topaz Vamp

    A grandma? Nobody looks more than 35 in that photo.

  33. spamfighter

    #9 – having some inadequacy issues?

  34. mr right

    The girl on the far left looks awkward because the older woman next to her has talked her into her first lesbian relationship. She’s feeling very confused and vulnerable. I just want to hold her and reassure her that everything will be ok, that everybody goes through an difficult sexual awakening phase while growing up. And then finger her for a little bit while pretending that nothing unusual is going on, just a little bit, in the range of it-was-no-big-deal-so-I-didn’t-say-anything. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t tell.

  35. lisad71

    Seeing Eva Longoria’s chest reminds me that I have to go iron some clothes.

  36. schack

    awww. you’re just sad cuz your chest is a ticking timebomb, and when hers are still perky and attached, your elephantitits are gonna be dragging on the ground.

    better buy out soon, lisad. 1971 makes you OLD.

  37. llllllllll

    The sight of Evan brings many thoughts to my mind…Why do Mexican women have 5 kids in one small foldable material stroller and how does one not fall out undetected and get left behind? When playing peek-a-boo, do Mexicans just stand in front of the stroller and then pull out a stool when they want to reappear? I’ve always wondered that. And why is it that two Mexican best friends can enter a bar in unison yet end up rolling out the bar door at the end of the night in a tight ball of dust pummeling each other death? Did alchohol make them forget that they knew each other and came in together? I need answers

  38. schack

    is eva even mexican? i could have sworn she was american.

    you’re a weirdo, dude. but you wouldn’t be on this site if you were at the top of the food chain, so stop trying to act like you are. it gives non-mexicans a bad name.

  39. llllllllll

    #39 I take it you must be one of those too that roll out in a dust ball?

  40. schack

    no. i’m not even mexican. which is why i don’t want you in my boat.

    but i can see how the “ball of dust” thing was supposed to be funny. next time you try to appeal to our imaginative capacities, maybe a metaphor that actually means something would help. i’ve never seen balls of dust rolling anywhere. they kind of just waft to and fro in the breeze.

  41. schack

    and it’s not a ball anyway. it’s a bunny.

  42. Haroof

    I would absolutely pound that ass into oblivion.

  43. llllllllll

    bunny, ball, tortilla, which ever you prefer to call it. Hey here’s one for you, what do you call two Mexican basketball players? Juan on Juan.

  44. schack

    wow, that’s ALMOST as funny as carlos mencia, which is saying A LOT, jerkoff.

  45. Ted...From LA

    It must be torture running with this midget. Have you ever seen her run on that lame show? She takes about 8 steps to every one a typical person would take.

  46. Thomas the Wrapper

    What a relief, after the scary Skeletor Stone pics. Eva looks fantastic.

  47. llllllllll

    Bunny you called me a jerkoff HAHAHAHA !!!!!!! Orale wei

  48. jesseeca

    schack, i wasn’t kiddding and i could give a rat’s ass about crying wolf involving eating disorders. this isn’t a noteworthy news source, therefore, i can say whatever the fuck i want. thanks!

  49. schack

    yes, you can say whatever you want, honey. whatever the FUCK you want.

  50. I want to bite her ass so hard

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