Eva Longoria joins the picket line

November 7th, 2007 // 65 Comments

Eva Longoria showed her support for the Writers Guild of America protestors on the set of Desperate Housewives yesterday. Julia Louis Dreyfus happened to be there as well. The two shared a little hug, and, whoa, hold on a second, I thought this was a picket line. Not my deepest, darkest fantasy come to life in excruciating detail. Eva Longoria? Julia Louis Dreyfus? A union strike? If a white van stocked full of Domino’s pizza shows up, I’m going to be officially freaked out. Wait, what is- NO WAY! That is unbelievable. David Copperfield, did you do this? No, it couldn’t be. Not enough rape. Criss Angel, maybe? Nope, not enough doucheyness. Superman? Lee Majors? That little kid with the glasses from Jerry Maguire? Someone toss me a hint.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. SEND THE MEXICANS BACK! Send those illegal, fat, smelly, padre- OHHH wait what? It’s not a Mexican deelio protest? Well in that case, yyaaaaayyy! Go Eva! Go WGA!

  2. Any day I prevent a vagina from going FIRST is a day I can hit my Mexican maid and feel happy. Oh wait that’s every day. Never mind!

  3. 3 for 3! Penis! Now I can go.

  4. The Beer Baron

    She must have seen Leno giving out donuts yesterday. She quickly devised a nefarious pizza plan to get her “orange on a toothpick” body some fast publicity. I can’t wait to see what’s next tomorrow…Robert Downey and Tom Sizemore driving in from San Bernadino with a pickup truck full of coke and tranny hookers.

  5. That royal blue silk blouse is to die for. She looks fabulous

  6. Evaisadumbslut

    Eva Longoria is a dumb slut. I can’t think of any “celebrity” I who I want to harm more than her.

  7. WTF?

    The only thing she can “Picket” is the underwear out of her husband’s ass since that’s the highest she can reach.

    I bet blow-jobs are a sinch!

  8. Harry

    She’s just making up for some stupid comment she made on talk radio about how she was glad a strike was coming because she needed some downtime. This was right up there with her pre-Katrina “no little rain storm is gonna stop me from having fun” remark for narcissistic cluelessness. Her press people probably broke the speed limit getting her out there with some food so the cameras could catch her being a “good guy”.

  9. She’s such a little geek. I think I just hate her because I hated her character when she was on Y&R.

    Does that make me a racist?

  10. Eva


    Let me guess, you’re a girl….and you’re…jealous???

  11. ollietofaceplant

    Fuck the wga, fuck the overstuffed assholes who do nothing but write barely passable dreck, and call themselves creative. fuck their paychecks, and fuck what theyre doing to the people who support the production process. The other half of the story you call yours, is the ACTUAL creative end..the end that you fuck squarely in the ass, and spit upon. Without us, Its just bad radio assholes.

  12. T

    Damn, Eva needs to straighten up that grill.

  13. Question

    Why are these asshats on strike in the first place. They say it’s cause they want more money from Internet sales. Why can’t they just get a fucking paycheck like everyone else.
    Anyone who strikes is an asshole.
    Anyone who’s in a union is an asshole for that matter.
    Fuck em all.

  14. Check out the black guy in the background. Total photo-op token black guy they pulled into the shot to make it “seem” like there’s not just whites in the WGA. And do I spy him giving the “Seig heil” hand signal in the other pic?!? Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and her “Chosen” friends aren’t going to like that one bit!

  15. life is a shithole

    Shouldn’t that midget be bringing them Taco Bell?

  16. Jane

    If I had her money, I’d fix my bottom teeth (see pic 7).

  17. Duffy; the diseased slut-whore slayer

    LOOK AT HER TEETH IN PIC #7. GROSS. Doesn’t she have mone for things like that.

  18. natasha

    She was NOT supporting the writers. She was crossing the picket line to tape her show, then stopped and fake teared up for cameras.

  19. duh

    Sweet Jesus, what the hell is wrong with her bottom teeth?!?!? She’s an evil little troll diva wench and I hope she gets hit by a bus. Twice.

  20. steve

    GEEZ, LMAO!! You fish commenters are on your game today. I’m cracking up. All i originally intended to do was come down here to comment on her fucked up mexican lower teeth.

    She’s about 4 ft tall, and WAY overrated. I know a thousand latinas sexier than her. They are so fun to bang.

  21. dude

    Beer Baron, LMAO. You’re killing me. Good comments.

  22. Pizza the Hut...

    It twas me who did all this wonder, super fish guy. Enjoy.
    Love, Pizza the Hut

  23. ph7

    I know a couple of auto workers who look at this and just get depressed. They are fighting to get basic health insurance, and a living wage, and no one ever, ever pays attention.

    But some frappucino swilling, lilly white, yuppie comedy writers form a picket line between lunch at Mortons and dinner at Spago, before they drive home in there Mercedes, get non stop press.

    Power to the People – the Beautiful People, that is!

  24. Ript1&0

    @11 – Right the fuck ON, man.

    I don’t watch tv, so I’m not affected by the strike or its outcome. But I do know one thing = These “writers” can be swiped aside, they are expendable. People will watch or buy anything if given enough prompting. What creativity is really involved in the drivel they are feeding us?!

    My only hope is that this strike will last indefinitely until people don’t care about watching anymore and get up and do something else.

  25. Ript1&0

    …….But I’m also full of shit. Look at me, I’m just as bad – I ogle celebrities to relax.

    Yeah, don’t listen to me kids.

  26. bosendorfer

    how nice of her to stoop to help the lowly writers. what an insult.

    i can’t help it. i don’t want to compliment her, but she looks amazing in that outfit.

  27. HappyYummy

    wow, i never notice how BAD her bottom teeth are.

  28. hehe, i saw her profile and nude photos on nudistconnect.com. It is incredible.

  29. Whores Devores

    What do you expect from Union commies?

  30. i love domino’s pizza!!

  31. Droop

    Oh come ON her bottom teeth are NOT that bad! I’m indifferent to Eva and I couldn’t care less about her either way but wtf, you guys make her teeth sound way worse than they are. I assure you, you would not think they were that bad if you knew someone who had teeth like that, you’re only saying it because..well, it’s Eva.

  32. Sellfone

    Eva is nothing.

    Julia on the other hand has EVERYTHING going for her. I mean she’s pushing 50 and has had a couple of kids and LOOK AT THOSE PERKY BREASTS! Still round and the nippy is looking up and damn she’s hot. And rich. And smart. And hot.

  33. Ned

    “Not enough rape.”

    Hah! Fucking classic, man.

  34. Narcissist

    That’s some serious real people teeth in pic 7. As bad as Will Ferrel.

  35. sillypanda!

    i dont know man, eva longoria has one of the prettiest faces around

    butttt…now you mentioned it…

    she could use some invisalign. i mean, she can afford right? she makes..like..$250 grand an episode. that shhooulld cover it. crossed fingers!

  36. ollietofaceplant

    Thank you 13 and 24, you got the idea, dont feel bad about telling the truth, the fact of the matter is, you wouldnt give a flying fuck what was written, if the visuals werent at least a little compelling, the idea is that you are WATCHING the ideas put fourth by these writers.. you arent sittin around a campfire, waiting for someone to spin a yarn about the time they went a’ catfishin… you are on board to see what exactly happens visually. That is what keeps viewers interested..not
    the mundane ramblings of dorks who play D&D, and hope their wives validate their inability to actually be creative. Stand up..tell them to fuck off..Especially those of them who offer you pie…yeah, thats right Steve..fuck off.

  37. eat my pie

    Yep Steve-o go take a flying leap..you suck

  38. What the fuck are you whiny losers bitching on about- the writers are vitally important. If it’s so easy then get the fuck off the fish and go make some easy money writing for shows. Sure they make a lot of money- so what? Why the hell SHOULDN’T they be paid for new media? You go create something and not be paid for it. Don’t be jealous little bitchy whiners because they make so much more than you do. Jesus fucking christ suck my cock and fuck a duck.

  39. eat my pie

    Easy enough douche, especially if I get three or more takes to get it right. Fuck you cactusman. i want to punch you in the FACE. Better yet fuck hole, tell me why visual directors make no residauls on the environment they create for these dicks who ask for the impossible, and provide zero reference? better yet, you give me One image that portrays anything but grade school scribbles…FUUUUUCK YOU dickface shitlick buttmunch. You have no clue about which you comment.

  40. eat my pie


  41. johnnyfuckyoucactusman

    Fuck you cactusman

  42. about to lose it all

    Yeah thanks assholes. Ive been an artist for major studios for 11 years now. And all I have to show for it, is the possibility of losing my job, my home, and explaining to my children why Christmas isnt quite what they had in mind. I hope you all get fired.

  43. BaconMessiah

    Writers smitters. Just got o the nearest comunnity college and grab some kids and lets go. It’s not like television can get any worse.

    David Copperfield, not enough rape was classic BTW

  44. mr happy pants

    (YAWN) boring…………….just another photo whore. She isn’t all that to begin with…….(YAWN)……………maybe fish will actually try harder next time…………..(YAWN)

  45. George

    that is an insult getting them Dominoes Pizza, HORRIBLE !

  46. your psychiatrist

    can you say photo-op? she has crossed the picket-line, so she is just trying to make it look like she is supportive.

  47. youwhat?youwhat?youwhat?

    @43. Stop whining, update your resume, make some calls. The only people who ‘suffer’ from redundancy are the ones who slump on their desks and moan that the world just shafted them.

    You’re still employed now, right? Well, do your work, look around and start finding something else before you get kicked out. It ain’t rocket science.

  48. Soy

    the pizza box looks great on her 1st time she looks natural

  49. Olivia

    #10 —–>Eva IS a dumb slut
    I could respect her IF she delivered pizza for a living.

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