Eva Longoria is not ugly

August 16th, 2005 // 5 Comments

I’d mention that she has a mole on her right butt-cheek, but I’m too busy removing my pants to bother with any of this “typing” nonsense.


  1. Sara=hater

    I’m not saying she stuffs her bra, but her boobies sure *look* a lot ‘smaller’ then they do when she’s ‘clothed’.

  2. dirt chicken

    Ummm… that’s not a mole…it’s poo.

  3. ImaCracka

    Looks like she has a package… uh down there……

    ITS A MAN BABY!!!!!!

  4. Like you care what it is

    She isn’t that bad. She is kinda pale but that is better than all the fake tanning other celebs do and she isn’t that bad. Everyone just says bad things to follow the herd mentality. And yeah, no HOE tatoos all over her.

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