Eva Longoria is inappropriate

elongoria_shirt.jpgEva Longoria has apologized to Jennifer Aniston for wearing a t-shirt that said “I’ll have your baby, Brad.” She was photographed shortly after Jennifer and Brad announced their separation, but says she now realizes it was inappropriate.

“I do regret wearing it and I have written to Jennifer Aniston to express my sympathies over her marriage.”

Instead of writing Jennifer a letter, Eva should have just put on another shirt that said “Brad Pitt did me in the butt.” It’s not as sensitive as a letter of sympathy, but I think the message is pretty much the same. Of course, this is assuming that she told Jennifer Aniston she had anal sex with Brad Pitt in her letter. If not, I guess that whole shirt thing would be totally out of line. Then again, Eva Longoria is incredibly gorgeous so she could pretty much get away with killing a homeless man if she wanted to.