Eva Longoria is clumsy

October 6th, 2006 // 38 Comments

Eva Longoria was injured on the set of Desperate Housewives yesterday and sent to the hospital after slipping and brusing her ribs.

“Eva slipped on one of the stairs coming out of her trailer,” the rep, Liza Anderson, told the Associated Press. “Nothing is broken, but her ribs are very bruised.”

The injury is minor and she won’t have to take any time off from work, although this isn’t the first time she’s been injured on set. Back in August of 2005 she had to go to the hospital after a pole fell on her head while filming. Which sounds like something I made up to be cute, but actually happened.


  1. griffmills

    I do not care, she is ugly

  2. Those hair extensions probably keep throwing her off-balance.


  3. hamacus

    She must have slipped on the jizm left over from the gang bang she had to try to get over Tony Parker.

    You try to walk straight after banging 30 guys. We appreciate your effort Eva. At least she is not a quitter like her French Ex-Boyfriend.

  4. Binky

    Her co-stars were later seen eating bananas – although the peels were missing….

  5. @4

    That was really funny. Thanks for the laugh, you made my morning.


  6. RichPort

    I’d like to bruise her ribs… from the inside.

  7. bigponie

    It’s never a good idea for a woman to have her mouth that wide open, a flying cock might decide to land in there.

  8. Sheva

    Nothing I hate more than a brash snickering rodent.
    The more you know of her, the more you dislike.

    I think she is just playing herself on that show Desperate Househo.

    Saw her on Leno. Absolutely nothing to say.

  9. Troller

    Probably fell over those ridiculous pink slippers she was wearing in yesterday’s SF

  10. jrzmommy

    she thought the border patrol was coming for her.

  11. slantingthroughdarkness

    Billy Bush claims he was on the phone with Longoria when it happened. So I say Bush should be booked for attempted murder.


  12. Wampoon.com

    All that matters is that she looks good in her underwear. Might want to put a bag over her face if she isn’t wearing makeup though.


  13. jrzmommy

    11-I say Bush should be nominated for Mayor!!

  14. I would hit that, then hit it again, then hit it some more.

    Then, I’d go get a sandwich. Nothing heavy – maybe just a Ham and Cheese, no mayo.

    Afterwards, back to the hitting of that. Hit it from the left, then the right. I’d just hit it all night.

    Take five just to check out the web, but then go right back to the hitting of that.


  15. RichPort

    Now I know where I saw her before! She was in an episode of thise educational video I saw online at Borderbangers.com.

    Damn Ferret, you’re like a fucking jackhammer.

  16. :D so poster # 14 has expresses he would like to hit it.

    Poster # 4 thanks for the laugh as well.

    Desperate housewives is boring. I will admit though, there are a few episodes I actually stomached and wondered what it would be like to live like they do. Gawking at all the fresh meat that strolls through the neighborhood.

    Or like this weekend’s episode:

    “As both their lovers linger in comas, Susan and Ian decide to escape for a weekend in the country.”

    Like wtf? Hahahaha tough life.


  17. bigponie

    its always nice to have a tic-tac before you open your mouth that way.

  18. FrootPie

    Victoria Beckham’s head could fit in there.

  19. nc72

    Yeah totally agree with #1 she’s fugly…

  20. This goes down as the least humorous post on thesuperficial ever


  21. She was putting new shingles on the roof of my garage and fell off. This just proves the media lies……………

  22. combustion8

    I dont care much for them mexicans.

  23. jrzmommy

    Has anyone made a Hee-Haw Hee-Haw donkey-noise comment yet? Am I the first?

  24. radio4play


  25. HOLY CRAP. Did you hear that? That was the sound of the earth stopping on its axis.

    Ooh yeah, Happy Girl on Girl Friday everybody!


  26. commissioner

    When a pole hits me on the head, I usually look up at bf and tell him “that’s not funny”.

  27. tallcoolone

    She can’t walk straight after her ex-boyfriend fucked her 50 different ways and left her wobbling like a weeble. Sorry, but something about her just gets under my skin…ecchhhh.

  28. @25.. Cooter Punch darling! Why don’t you ever feature a “Guy on Guy Friday”?

    Aleq & I can send you pics.

  29. #25- CooterPunch, great girl on girl friday!

    #28 GAY Pierre – Get the fuck off this site and stay off, you queer!!!

  30. Star Maker Machinery

    Her face makes me want to puke.

  31. STOP IT!!! I have just as much right to be here as you do!
    Aleq, Italian Stallion, Angry Ferret… won’t you come to my defense?

  32. HollyJ

    “A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And no one can talk to a horse of course
    That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mistress Eve.

    Go right to the source and ask the horse
    He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse.
    He’s always on a steady course.
    Talk to Mistress Eve.

    People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day
    But Mistress Eve will never speak unless he has something to say.

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And this one’ll talk ’til his voice is hoarse.
    You never heard of a talking horse?

    Well listen to this. I am Mistress Eve!” ::whiney::

  33. cayana

    Of course she slipped and fell. She was wearing GIANT FLOWERS as shoes.

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Isn’t that Miss Pearly from Friday After Next? Where’s Criag and Dae Dae? I hope they figure out how to pay their rent…

  35. PrincessMuMu

    Stupid twat, do something about your hair. It looks fucking awful.

  36. LaydeeBug

    Griffmills, you’re my new hero! She looks like a mouse-fly, whatever that may be.

  37. ha ha….and she’s so short she has a low center of gravity

  38. AhHHHHHH,,,,,,,
    Its a big and uggly smile.Really horrible.
    Might she got a heavy SAY CHESSS.

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