Eva Longoria is a spinner

eva_longoria-thumb.jpgWhat is she? Four foot nothing? Hooray to all the girls out there that are spinners. Oh, yeah. She also seems to be dating Jamie Foxx. Lucky!

Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria has sparked speculation she has split from her basketball star lover Tony Parker, after cuddling up to Jamie Foxx at a Golden Globes after-party. The actress, 30, struck up a friendship with Oscar-winner Foxx when he invited her to star in his latest music video. Longoria and Foxx attended Mary J. Blige’s surprise birthday party in Los Angeles last Wednesday, before speeding off together in the Ray star’s silver two-seat Lamborghini.

Now, I’ve seen pictures of Jamie Foxx as a kid, and this guy had the wettest jheri curl I’ve ever seen. I’m talking “Soul Glow from Coming to America” greasy. And somehow he gets to throw Eva Longoria around a Motel 6. It’s enough to make you poke your eyes out and learn how to play piano.