Eva Longoria hits the pool

June 27th, 2006 // 133 Comments









  1. Jordan

    What the hell is she doing?

  2. who is you

    i like eva..not gonna lie

  3. Tracie

    Yipes, that’s mighty cheesy all right!

  4. BigEyedFish

    Looks like she is bitching about something. That’s a surprise.

  5. Philip Ramirez

    continued 5th streak.

  6. henrysgirl

    Airbrush this Maxim!!!Quick! Number 1 hottest out of 100? My (cellulite-laden) ass!!

  7. yuckyfresh

    i hate eva and i pity tony parker. it makes me smile that her annoying skinny ass is cheesy. ha!

  8. hisforalways

    Are you kidding me? She barely has any. And some people no matter HOW skinny they get will always have a little bit.

    And every single one of you that talk about it have cottage smeared all over your ass, mostly because you sit on this site all day.

  9. userscreenname

    1 in 2 women (eva longoria vs toni braxton) have cellulite on their ass. that however has nothing to do with her spreading her legs for the world to see….like any classy lady would do.

  10. andrewthezeppo

    Eva rocks, she used to be really bad but over the past year she’s become a much better actress and much less of an attention whore…I don’t care about this

  11. I have to ask because someone has to do it; Is there anyone who measures up to The Superficial’s standards and that of its audience?

    I’ll admit that the leg position in that first photo probably messes with the image, but Eva Longoria is a hot little number. Jessica Biel is a normal-shaped woman. I like this website because it offers the pictures of the pretty people and sometimes they’re in a somewhat compromising position, but I really wish the comments could hit on more than one note and that the threads wouldn’t devolve into back and forths about unrelated crap. A little broadening of the repetoire would be a welcome change. Though, I’ll contiinue to come back for the pictures because needless to say, I’m superficial and I like to watch.

  12. Richard

    Pretty common, I’ve noted, among women who are thin without muscle tone. If she put some meat on her bones, she’d probably stretch her cellulite so thin that it’d be unnoticeable.

    Of course … why bother? A little cottage cheese never hurt nobody (my arse looks like a damn whipped pillow … and I’m a dude!), and I’d still nail the hell out of her.


  13. tallcoolone

    I have an ass that resembles the texture found on a golf ball, but yeah, I’m damn happy she’s got the cheese problem too! HA!

  14. Nikk The Templar

    Someone shoot her.


  15. jane's eyre

    If you’re going to have cellulite on your ass (and most women have at least a little), at least make it round! That’s one flat butt.

  16. MP$40

    Too bad her man is dumb as rocks. He must have a big cock.

  17. biatcho

    Can you say desperate center-of-attention-craving whore? I hope to someday be the person on the other end of that phone converstaion with her while she’s picking toe cheese off her feet.

  18. Equalparts

    #12-just consider this website a place to vent for all of us contstantly putting up with all the celebrity perfection that is forced down our throat through air brushing and make up and stylists and special lighting, etc.

    We deserve to rank on a little cottage cheese, even if it’s really only a dimple or two.

  19. biatcho

    No wait, I’d rather be the person who uses that sunchair next so I can lay my face right where her stinky-ass punky feet are rubbing all over. Mexicans…

  20. antispace

    every woman has at least a bit of cellulite.
    hell, even victoria beckham has some… somewhere.

  21. henrysgirl

    Has anyone noticed her feet look like flippers in the last picture? Is she part sea lion? Or dolphin?

  22. So fine… want to touch the heiny.

    I want to have sex with her body.

  23. UWOStud

    I cannot believe you guys call that cellulite! Eva is still one of the most gorgeous women out there. Who cares if shes annoying? Physically, shes still a hot little number.

  24. Whoa, Eva, step back onto the Stairmaster. You gotta hold your hottest women title.


  25. songofkali

    Pic 1 – Nice rack on the blonde

    Pic 2 – Eva says “So I was jerking his cock like this.”

    Pic 3 – Eva says “Then I turned around like this to give him better access.”

    Pic 4 – Eva says “I wish his cock was ‘this big’ because I like the cock.”

    Pic 5 – Eva says “So then he rode me with his hand on my back, like this.”

    Pic 6 – Eva says “I’m not gonna lie to you … my breasts really hurt afterwards.”

    Pic blah blah blah bored now, insert gangbang comments here for pics 7 through 9.

  26. GorillaGrod

    Hands — nasty!! Skinny, many veins. Gorilla hide now.

  27. Jeremy1Esq

    What is hot about a tiny flat chested woman with the body of a 10 yr old girl. The cellulite on her skinny ass just confirms she is overrated. Are we so obsessed with her because she has a dark complexion without a tanning booth? Shes not even talented or nice. Not impressed.

  28. I know this site is intended to rank on famous people so that your average Joe can feel better about their life… but come on… Eva is in better shape than most women and fat like she has is normal, healthy and there is nothing wrong with it. We have become a society of stuck up perfectionists pretending that anyone who shows the slightest imperfection should be banned from view. WTF people? Get over yourselves.

  29. gammanormids

    she kinda looks hotter in “Desperate…”. No make-up and she looks like my neighbour. Who is not pretty; in fact, she’s ugly.

  30. krisdylee

    They look like a fun bunch of whores to hang out with.

  31. HandsOfGod

    Forget the arse, look at those man-hands! Parker must enjoy getting handies from grandma Eva.

  32. henrysgirl

    @29. Please see # 19 comments. This is exactly what this site is for. And I’m sure if she was a nice person, we wouldn’t rag on her. There have been previous stories on this site about her bitchiness, for example, when she and her basketball playing boyfriend were pulled over by the police in Texas. She made derogatory remarks about the policeman just being a “Mexican bicycle cop”. Just because they are famous doesn’t make them above the law, contrary to what is in their own minds. At it doesn’t make them above our disparaging comments. If you don’t like the site, go to Perez Hilton’s where he picks and chooses whose ass he’ll kiss and whose he won’t.

  33. kloo

    she must be telling one hell of a story.

  34. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    12. No.

    29. Eva is in poor condition. She looks soft, and has quite a bit of dimpling on the ass and thighs for a young professional actress, who arguably makes her living on her looks, not her skills. And, primadona Barbie isn’t attractive.

    She doesn’t work out enough, probably doesn’t eat well, and is relying on a decent metabolism to get by. She’s lazy. I am waiting for Eva’s ‘big as a house’ photos in 10 years, after a couple of kids, a divorce, no work, …

  35. JagedNS

    who is she? ;)

  36. Musa_ acuminata


    We’ll do our best in the future to make sure this site conforms more closely to your personal preferences. Either that or you could just bugger off you gromless bint.

  37. LilRach

    I don’t care what anyone says – she is a sexy biarch! She can sunbath by my pool anyday!

    You gotta love that third pic! :) GO EVA! WE LUV YA!

  38. RichPort

    I see this chick and I think, so what? I don’t really care too much about the ripple on the rump, in fact how can I blame her? She’s about 4 1/2 feet tall in stilettos getting fucked and refucked multitudinous times weekly, by a man whose dick is probably half her height and girth. With twice the personality. I’m suprised she can even walk, let alone exercise, so I’ll cut the overrated bitch some slack.

  39. To the naysayers – I’ll point out that the Eva is cute and very doable camp appears to be winning, thus far. Though, what I really would like to know about the pictures is if she’s trying to get that bevy of bikini-clad women warmed-up for an orgy, by demonstrating the hokey-pokey.

  40. Nikk The Templar

    She’s more overexposed than Paris Hilton’s vagina.

  41. Where was this taken?

  42. alaskanchicsickle

    She’s all over the damn place, kinda how my ADHD nephew acts when he forgets his ritalin.

  43. alaskanchicsickle

    But she looks quite fetching, hyper or not.

  44. Iambananas

    Not gonna lie..

    I’d still fuck her.

    In the position in pic #3

  45. PaisleyMoon

    I think she’s trying out for Ann Margrets role in Bye Bye Birdie for the community theatre. Because, you know, how long can the world watch Desperate Hasbeen HouseHos? Her crotch shot is dee-skustin’. Peeeew.

    lol @ #41

  46. bigponie

    pic #4 indicates that she has just finished a conversation with bananas

  47. Iambananas

    #46. stfu coob.

  48. bigponie

    what an absolute attention whore, she’s totally playing the camera, showing off her ass, spreading her legs and acting like a total slut…


  49. CruisingForCock

    I’d like to have some lesbian loving with her. And then we can share clothes.

    These comments are too funny. Look people, this is where we come to say “I’d hit that fat bitch” It’s what the SF people do and what we do too. I love how people take it seriously.

    When I think of Eva, I touch myself.

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