Eva Longoria gets revenge

December 29th, 2005 // 17 Comments

parker-longoria-sue.jpgEva Longoria is planning to file charges against the Texas traffic cop who cited her and boyfriend Tony Parker on Christmas Eve, claiming the police officer acted badly when he pulled her and Parker over for impeding traffic in her home state. The cop is currently under investigation for misconduct and apparently left Longoria outraged when he accused her of making derogatory racial comments about him.

I don’t know what really went down that day, but I prefer to believe the cop’s story, since it involves Eva Longoria being a racist and Tony Parker almost running over a pedestrian. And the only thing I’d believe more than that is if Eva and Tony put on masks, got out of the car, and started stabbing old people in the belly. So if the cop wants to change his story to that, I’m right on board.


  1. fatgirl

    Well, ain’t that the pot callin’ the kettle black. What race is she? Is it? Could it be? MEXICAN!!!! I’m sure she’s eaten her share of tamales with pintos and cheese. Maybe if the good people at Taco Loco refuse her service, she’ll remember where she came from.

  2. justaredneck

    If I were driving around Texas without a Texas drivers license almost running over people, both me and my passenger would get thrown in jail and this B-list wannabe has the nerve to file charges !

  3. derekd

    I shall reiterate my previous statement when Superficial first broke the story. A message to Eva Longoria: DIE CUNT DIE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not playing Devil’s Advocate here but how is that different from white people calling each other honkey’s, or blacks, or others? Still think it’s wrong though.

  5. HollyJ

    What a pair of loser whine-bags.

  6. Doobieous

    I find it funny she’d say “Well, i couldn’t have said that since I’m Mexican!” please, I’ve heard people from practically every single race say the same things about their own people. She isn’t any better than anyone else.

  7. Sheva

    Bring it on you bony wet weasel bitch.
    Hail to the police for dealing with this egomaniac.
    Take her down.

  8. Captain Awesome

    I’d pay damn good money to see a bunch of cops go Rodney King on her then finish it off NY plunger-style.

  9. fatgirl

    NY plunger style–werd!!!!!lmao

  10. turtlecock

    That bitch needs to go back selling churros at the flea market. Her 15 minutes is almost up.

  11. martini1275

    She should just shut the fuck up and grow some tits!

  12. WaitWhat?

    What’s wrong with calling the cop Mexican? He was…Mexican. Is that derogatory? If so, you guys are all the racist ones, not Eva.

  13. MortyFishbein

    This bitch is getting perilously deep into David Caruso territory. And Lord know that Desperate Housewives is nowhere as good as NYPD Blue and that show wasn’t even that great.

    It’s like Hillstreet Blues for people who hated the 80s.

  14. hermanita

    Haha.I laugh every time I read this. Well Eva is absoluetly gorgeous and I’ve never gotten over how ugly and stupid her housband is. I think he’s having a bad influence on her. He’s the one who should die!!

  15. CASHIN

    This overrated whore is like 4′ 11′ titless, ugly plastic looking cheeks and nose. She is so average looking–she needs to go away NOW! She is also so dumb and constantly pissing people off–kinda like another titless hag Paris Hilton!

  16. LaydeeBug

    I’m Dominican and I say spic all the time. It the slur fit’s wear it. She is full of mierda and ugly, and short, and bony and UGLY, and stupid and, and, and,….whew I’m tired. Too much make-up does not a babe make. Read a book bitch!

  17. I don’t think that Eva, being Mexican herself, would be racist towards a Mexican cop. It’s insane!!! And LaydeeBug and Derekd, I think that you both need to go to anger management. Either that, or you are both very jealous and nasty people.

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