Eva Longoria explains why she definitely looks pregnant

July 15th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Eva Longoria is addressing recent pregnancy rumors that kicked into overdrive after her recent bikini pics while vacationing in Italy were released. Turns out she’s allegedly packing on the pounds for the next season of Desperate Housewives which would explain these pics from the set and later that day getting dinner with Tony Parker. OK! Magazine reports:

“For the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives [Eva's character] Gabrielle has “gained” weight and cut her hair,” says the actress’ rep Liza Anderson. “She is now a worn-out mother with two kids. Eva has enjoyed a more relaxed environment and will even be wearing butt pads and stomach pads.”

Ha ha! Good excuse. I hope they name the kid “El Guapo” – after me. Okay, maybe that’s not really my name, but since everybody’s making shit up, I’d figured I’d get in on the action. Now, if you’ll excuse me, El Guapo needs to play beach volleyball with his shirt off then fly a fighter jet in a dangerous mission to save Iceman. Or maybe he’ll just take a nap under his desk. El Guapo is undecided.


  1. Boney Mudsharker

    Hey, who gives a rats ass about this blue gum banging “Boney Mudsharker” 15″ in the ass taking no talent bitch. She’s no better than the Kardaskans. Stick to your own kind and stop taking nugga cock up your backside. You should be ashamed of your self lover of black Schlongoria.

  2. veggi

    veggi wants to go with El Guapo..

  3. diana


  4. mamadough

    it could be all the fucking bean dip.

  5. jillian

    that really is whats going on in desperate housewives

  6. Yeah, great excuse you ugly yard gnome. And anyone who watches that retarded show needs their head examined.

  7. dan

    she needed to pack on the pounds to participate in the Home Run Derby last night. and she still only hit 3 home runs.

  8. Nat

    Tony Parker must be thrilled.

  9. Randal

    You’re still looking great Eva. A woman certainly needs to look healthy and you’re certainly fitting the bill, although that’s not to say I like big butts and I like them round but a good shapely form never hurt anyone.


  10. I knew this frigid bitch was all about the pads… too fucking uppity for a tampon every now and then…

  11. havoc

    Lame ass excuse.

    So Ratface is having a baby, just admit it.


  12. Taco Breath

    She looks like a little Mexican pig. Sorry Tony, she’s out of warranty, you bought the cow even though the milk was free. Sucker!

  13. Ferdinand Narcos

    Nasty ass bitch gettin’ bigger so there’ll be more nasty ass bitch to disgust the world with…

  14. twzzlrgirl

    In the thumbnail pics, look at #5 — no way that little basketball she’s carrying around in the belly area is 10 lbs. for DH (unless she just happens to gain all her weight in her lower abdomen, aka, baby-making space).

    So, I conclude she has a little gnome in the oven.

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    “Hey, Velma! Where’s your orange sweater?!”

  16. @1:
    Oh, how I long for the days on Superficial when there was REAL trolls, like KraziHottiKelli, P0nk, Ferret… you heard me, Apotheosis? Big Bird?
    No fun here anymore.

  17. twzzlrgirl

    Actually, she’s hoping if she turns this into a big deal with a “secret” pregnancy for months the way Angelina Jolie did that she will get 15 million for the pictures of the kid. HA!

    She might be able to sell photos to travelocity, but there won’t be any other takers.

  18. Jen

    Tony was a virgin until he met her so I guess he was really emotionally attached to her. She actually blirted out in an interview that Tony had no experience with women until he got with her. Then she did damage control and tried to worm her way out of it.

  19. havoc

    She kinda looks like Rachael Ray.

    And just as annoying.



  20. Sheva

    So Tony outside of his basketball skills is a full fledged nerd idiot.
    Who knew.

    She did and she will be taking this idiot to the cleaners. You’ll see.

  21. Forget the weight. Look at the haircut. She looks very homely.

    I live in San Antonio and have to hear about her all too much. She’s has to (try) to make everything about her.

    When the Spurs won last year – she ran around backstage and hung on Parker as if she had been out there with him all season. No other wife acted like that.


  22. 16-

    i uzed to read commentz just for crazihotkelli. i mizz her

  23. Trover

    Most OVERRATED chick on TV. Not hawt at all, annoying, and boring as a dog’s rash-ridden ass.

  24. sebastian

    Tony makes mistake to marry much older womans. why he do this? he will lose half of his fortune in future. He could be in southern France fucking supermodels. shame him.

  25. eva longoria is a monchici.

  26. FCS

    What about a face pad, she should really wear one of those too

  27. kimW

    I actually watched the last episode, season finale, in may…….the last few minutes of the show takes place in the future, i think about 8 or 10 years, and her character DOES have two daughters…and you can kinda see the shorter hair in the scenes too……wow, some of you are really dumbasses….wonder if you write shit like that all the time then when the truth does come out, you backtrack to your comments and try to delete them….

  28. britney's weave

    sure didn’t look like she had a stomach pad on in those orange bikini pics… that was all real.

  29. STevec

    average looking dwarf

  30. At least she looks better now.

  31. PettyPape

    Buck up, little campers- Krazyhotkelli still comes around but only for Lilo posts. Back when she’d comment on every post, I never guessed that people liked her. She constantly got shit from everyone. In fact, I couldn’t stand her & have no clue what you miss about her.

  32. fanforlife

    What brand sunglasses are those?

  33. fanforlife

    What brand sunglasses are those?

  34. #31

    the very reason i mizz krazihotkelli is becuz nothing fired everyone up more than responding to her insane ramblings. regardless of the subject, she would quickly become the target (fully warranted i might add).

    and letz not forget the joy of tranzlating every mezzage zhe left by completely boycotting the letter s….

  35. Get over yourselves losers. She looks great.

  36. adoe

    I do love the blue and green dress

  37. admmyf

    she is yummy.. is she feeling lonely? i just found her pers onal pro’file on a celeb’rity&wealthy dat-ing club ‘S e a r c h i n gM i l l i o n a i r e. c o m”. maybe she just did it for fun?

  38. Don’t you get it?
    ………………..you hear it too?

  39. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn’t it kind of offensive that she has to “get into character” to play a worn-out mom by getting fat and chopping her hair off? And I call bullshit on that one anyway. She’s worn out from raising her HUSBAND, so she got fat and cut her hair….

  40. nessa

    Actually, if you watched the season finale of desperate housewives, at the very end they show what happened like 5 years later — her character gaby is overweight with two kids, susan is with a new guy, etc. Considering that her character will be an overweight mother, i dont think this is just an ‘excuse’.

  41. Fugyoself

    Does she go on to explain why an average looking chick like her who is no better than a 6 1/2 or a 7 is held up as some paragon of beauty?

  42. Duh

    She’s totally pregnant and…who cares???? Why do they try to hide it? Like Ashley Simpson? Then they say oh yes I am pregnant! Wow! Like we didn’t care the first time around, and we really don’t care when it’s confirmed, but it’s truly annoying to have them lie about something that will come out – literally – in months

  43. PrincessXeniaXxx

    stop being so racist and rude! how would you like to be judged like that? shes probably pregnant- good for her! who cares where she comes from? i bet you wouldnt like people to do that to you

  44. angel

    I don’t care what y’all saying. That is one beautiful and talented woman, if u were or even someone half the woman she is, blessed are u

  45. angel

    Jealous freaks!

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