Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez dance together

May 22nd, 2007 // 72 Comments

Eva Longoria was spotted at a Hollywood dance studio with what appears to be AC Slater. At least that’s what whoever took these photos wants you to believe. I can’t actually confirm if it’s them though, since these photos are blurry and I don’t really know what either of them looks like. I can, however, confirm that if you put me within arm’s reach of a guitar, I will literally rock your face off. Like your face will actually come off. From all the rocking I’ll be doing.

eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-01-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-02-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-03-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-04-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-05-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-06-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-07-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-08-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-09-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-10-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-11-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-12-thumb.jpg


  1. Ding Dong

    Date: November 11, 2005
    Place: My condo
    Time: Late night hours
    Circumstances: Intoxicated but not enough to forget that site and smell. I am still scarred from this nite that I thought was going to be great but actually quite the opposite. I’d rather do Roseanne after eating four dozen Fire chicken wings. My nose is still pissed at me and my eyes are too. I think that sight made my eyes get even more blurry. YUCK!!!

  2. Jimbo ?

    @51 Yeah right. I think you were doing Roseanne and not Eva

  3. Dirty Sanchez


    Go WHAT myself?

  4. schack

    hey Bern, where do you find those titty photos?

  5. Jimbo – my work probably has Internet Nazis, too … I guess I should erase the DMBS folder from my desktop … although, that would be a pretty sweet circumstance under which to get fired … I’m keeping it.

  6. @54 Schack – Why? Do you want a pair for that incredibly flat chest of yours?

  7. Squeeky Clean

    STILL brooding? my my my…

  8. veggi

    @56- You’re a fucking twatwaffle. Now, go play with your dads awkward, sideways erection.

  9. Dad’s erection? Jesus. What is going on in here?

    #54 – just search for something like “massive tits.” It’s not rocket science.

  10. bilbob

    I’m guessing a certain desperate gal is planning may be visiting DWTS next season.

  11. fuck that! I’m pissed as hell! LAILA ALI, DID NOT WIN! Ok, if she wasn’t going to win at least give it to joey! I think that he did better than Apolo, and that’s the truth! I would Defintely do MARIO, he is the bomb! to tell you the truth, he should have won that dancing W/T stars against Emmitt Smith!!!! meanwhile…..BLAKE, RULES!!!! EITHER WAY….THEY BOTH ARE SOME PAID INDIVIDUALS!

  12. frenchie

    The opposite sex doesn’t just “hang out” and dance together like that just to be “friends”.

  13. weirdo

    Mar-lo is soooo gay! Notice how men don’t mind if he’s their girlfriend’s friend.You never see him really with a woman. Plus ,he’s just a little too buddy-buddy with Seacrest for my taste.GAY!

  14. spursfan

    Well having run into Tony Parker in San Antonio while there for the spurs games, he isn’t exactly a saint. Apparently he has lots of groupies and those groupies love to uhmmm help him relieve stress. And yes this was while he was dating Eva.

  15. ThatIsGay

    Mario Lopez? hes fucking hot. In a back alley, no condom sorta way hot. Like K Fed

  16. nice..shez the boy
    and hez the girl

    either way,,,they
    r both lozerz

    what a pair……

  17. MissPMS

    Mario Lopez is yummy! I’d hit it! Then I’d hit it again!

  18. HotDogger

    2 untalented pukes + dancing = well, boring doesn’t even cut it.

  19. Notice

    Check out her ring finger in pic 7, if she’s cheating, she’s got ballz that should impress Mario, even if he is gay.

  20. Becka

    Clearly this is totally innocent since Eva’s dating/engaged(?) to that hot French basketball player, and that is totally Mario’s live-in girlfriend/Dancing with the Stars partner, Karina Smirnoff looking on.

  21. SDNoTurZ2119

    Um, yeah… that is clearly Mario Lopez, & that’s not blurry. You’d have to be blind not to know that’s Mario. Shit, you can tell from the back it’s him. And, no, I’m not a ML fanatic, I just watched him on Saved By The Bell… I know, I know, I have way too much time on my hands what with being a mother and working full time. :D

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