Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez dance together


Eva Longoria was spotted at a Hollywood dance studio with what appears to be AC Slater. At least that’s what whoever took these photos wants you to believe. I can’t actually confirm if it’s them though, since these photos are blurry and I don’t really know what either of them looks like. I can, however, confirm that if you put me within arm’s reach of a guitar, I will literally rock your face off. Like your face will actually come off. From all the rocking I’ll be doing.

eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-01-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-02-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-03-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-04-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-05-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-06-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-07-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-08-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-09-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-10-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-11-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-12-thumb.jpg

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