Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez dance together

May 22nd, 2007 // 72 Comments

Eva Longoria was spotted at a Hollywood dance studio with what appears to be AC Slater. At least that’s what whoever took these photos wants you to believe. I can’t actually confirm if it’s them though, since these photos are blurry and I don’t really know what either of them looks like. I can, however, confirm that if you put me within arm’s reach of a guitar, I will literally rock your face off. Like your face will actually come off. From all the rocking I’ll be doing.

eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-01-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-02-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-03-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-04-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-05-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-06-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-07-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-08-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-09-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-10-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-11-thumb.jpg eva-longoria-hollywood-dance-12-thumb.jpg


  1. imran


  2. djthecat

    oh, so close to first!

  3. JoshLavarn

    Hopefully the new immigration bill will deport these two lawn gnomes.

  4. TB

    That’s definitely them… also there is his dance partner from Dancing with the Stars.

  5. pam

    she spends more time with him than her fiance and u wanna tell me they r just friends please tony better wise up and leave her ass at the alter

  6. Jimbo ?

    @5 And you think Tony is sitting at home being a good boy? He is out banging everything on two legs

  7. Kate

    Have a little faith in Eva…she has never give n us a reason to think she is a two-timing tramp. Perhaps she is just learning how to ballroom dance for her wedding. Mario’s partner for DWTS is there and she is a professional dancer. Gosh people can be so darned negative sometimes.

  8. She’s so tiny. She’s like a little person.

  9. fred

    eva learning dance for alma awards

  10. Dirty Sanchez

    Somebody please kill these two wetbacks.

  11. Sometimes I think about how much I hate Tony Parker and I try to extract the hate and rub it on my genitals … God, I wish this were a picture of her getting 2-holed by Slater …

  12. Steph

    She’s so pretty here.

  13. Way to go screech… or wait was screech the other guy? Nevermind..

    Has everyone voted for YODA yet?

    go to http://www.voteyoda.com
    “Do or do not there is no try”

  14. getyourhandoutofmycat

    I imagined them doing the hokey pokey…now i’m dissapointed…

  15. cunnybrook

    @11 Bern, the giant breast picture on your site today is possibly the best ever. Asia. Unbelievable. Keep up the good work.

  16. RichPort

    And after their passionate and artistic private dance performance, Mario and Eva sighed, grabbed their scrub brush and mop, and trudged back to the restroom where the toilet had overflowed.

  17. bungoone

    7, if she’s learning to dance for her wedding & she’s doing the moves in the last two photos, god help everyone at that reception. what a ridiculous display that will be!

    and shouldn’t her partner be Tony if this is for her wedding? unless it’s a one woman show. that wouldn’t be surprising at all.

  18. Chauncey Gardner

    Wasn’t he in trouble for date rape, years ago? I wonder if we could get him to dance rape Eva, given the proper lack of supervision?

  19. cabbalasskas

    #15 (in ref to #11)~ Agreed on Bern’s boobs. Best yet.

  20. YouRang

    @11 Seriously Bern, the boob shot is very impressive today. I wouldn’t call those bad boys attractive per se, but very impressive.

  21. Kate

    #17, she may want to surprise Tony. And I think its okay to have a little fun while learning, thats what those last 2 moves/pics may be. I don’t actually know why she is dancing with Mario, but honestly, I wouldn’t worry about her sleeping with him…he just doesn’t seem her type…and she doesn’t seem his type. Honestly, and I mean this in all kindness, he is too good of a dancer to be straight.

  22. Daaaancing queeeeen… lalalala dancing queeeeeeen!


  23. shes a hot little person. i think she cleaned my apartment last week.

  24. Where is everybody?!!?! This is like Superficial Twilight Zone.

  25. Jimbo ?

    Bern – nice DMBS

  26. Jimbo ?

    @25 I think everyone is bored stiff. I know I am

  27. Thanks, Jimbo. I worked hard on it. It just goes to show that, with perseverance and determination, one can find a picture of an Asian girl with gargantuan breasts, wearing a tiny sweater.

  28. Jimbo ?

    Bern – I knew if anyone could find a picture of a Asian girl with gargantuan breasts, wearing a tiny sweater, you would be the guy that could do it. I will be looking forward to tomorrows DMBS

  29. lambman

    What’s more lame this story or the “joke” about “rocking your face off”. I’m going with the “joke”

  30. mrs.t

    Bern-it looks like that poor woman has an actual human (possibly Hunan) ass under her shirt. C’est incroyable!

  31. fred


  32. put the breasteses of Bern’s girl on Eva and watch her tip over! haha…still like that petite lil tramp

  33. Yes, Mrs. T, she is truly a miracle of modern Asianity … or plastic surgery … or photoshopping …

  34. It appears to me that Asia’s nipples are probably approximately the size of ping pong balls. Am I impressed or repulsed? A little of both, I say!

  35. Jimbo ?

    It is pretty sad that we are getting more enjoyment out of Bren’s DMBS picture than the web page we are hanging out in.

    Superfish – are you reading this? Your site is starting to SUCK

    Bern – keep the DMBS coming. Maybe you can start posting the DMVS and for the women DMDS

  36. veggi

    This is absofuckinglutely rediculous. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  37. Jimbo ?

    Hey Mrs T! I had a great dream about you last night. You were good!!!! Any thoughts of ditching Mr. T for an hour or two. It could be fun

  38. Wow, never thought about disturbingly massive vag shots … although, that might be a tad dicey for those reading at work … not that medicine ball size breasts are much better … as for disturbingly massive d*cks, ever hear of the Insane Cock Brothas? Google that and prepare to be disturbed.

  39. Jimbo ?

    Bern I don’t want to see DMDS. I just thought you might want to attrack the ladies to your site too. I don’t Google anything with the word “cock” in it

  40. Jimbo ?

    Veggi – how is the hangover today?

  41. Jimbo – I mean, the Brothas are usually trying to stick their insane manhood into a reasonably attractive young lady who in no way can fit the dude inside her. There’s so comedic value.

    Sometimes I google search “cock” … what of it?

  42. lickmybutt

    HEY HEY HEY!! Today is my Birthday! YAY me.

    FRIST… if you see this… Thanks for the birthday love and the smiley face on the hohan post!! :D

  43. mm

    Dirty Sanchez

    Go ?&^*#@ yourself

  44. DingDong

    I have first hand knowledge of two important things. First she has a massive set of “meat curtains” and secondly, she has a stench down there that can only be rivaled by a trash bag filled with vomit, drano, diarreha, my grandma’s clay style turds, fish guts, skunk glands, and a used tampon from Shitney Shears mixed and heated to 207 degrees. She knows it and I know it for goodness sakes I ate it!

  45. mrs.t

    Hi Jimbo!

    I would never, I say NEVER! Never ever ditch Mr. T. Can you even begin to comprehend the fool pitying that would ensue? It would probably change the rotation of the earth and we would be on SO much trouble.

  46. Jennifer

    They are SO banging eachother.

    When was the last time you saw her with her fiancee out in public?? Compare that to how many times you have seen her with THIS ass clown….

    no comparison.

  47. Jimbo ?

    Bern – I am just joking about not Googling anything with the word “Cock” in it. And if you want to google the word cock until your balls are blue – enjoy. Actualy, I will check out the site you suggested, but I can’t do it here at work. The Internet Nazi’s are watching where I go

  48. mrs.t

    DingDong: reading your post took me on a vivid sensorial roller coaster. Are you talking about Eva Longoria? If so, we are going to need times, dates, places and circumstances. She’s so tiny-it’s hard to imagine even medium-sized meat curtains on her!

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