Eva Herzigova in a bikini

While most of you are probably thinking “Why am I looking at pictures of a mop with breasts?”, these are actually shots of supermodel Eva Herzigova vacationing in St. Barts, and apparently, there’s been a big to-do about her figure, according to Celebuzz:

“I have lost weight without really noticing,” the model says, “I haven’t dieted and I am healthy. I am perfectly happy with my weight and this is my natural structure.”
“I have never tried to lose weight–it hasn’t been intentional.”
Herzigova put some of the onus on motherhood with son Turin, who is one. “I am a busy working mother, I have a hectic life rushing around looking after my toddler combined with a busy career.”

I take umbrage with this report. Mostly because there can’t be a “to-do” without me even weighing in first; She’s too skinny. BOOM! TO-DO! Get Anderson Cooper on the line. But, hey, wait. – – Don’t tell him it’s about girls.

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