Eva Herzigova in a bikini

March 12th, 2009 // 90 Comments

While most of you are probably thinking “Why am I looking at pictures of a mop with breasts?”, these are actually shots of supermodel Eva Herzigova vacationing in St. Barts, and apparently, there’s been a big to-do about her figure, according to Celebuzz:

“I have lost weight without really noticing,” the model says, “I haven’t dieted and I am healthy. I am perfectly happy with my weight and this is my natural structure.”
“I have never tried to lose weight–it hasn’t been intentional.”
Herzigova put some of the onus on motherhood with son Turin, who is one. “I am a busy working mother, I have a hectic life rushing around looking after my toddler combined with a busy career.”

I take umbrage with this report. Mostly because there can’t be a “to-do” without me even weighing in first; She’s too skinny. BOOM! TO-DO! Get Anderson Cooper on the line. But, hey, wait. – - Don’t tell him it’s about girls.

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  1. ironcorn


  2. nicholerichie'stwin

    where is she? i can’t see her.

  3. Bertrum G. Cumberdale

    annorexic ugly loser im a guy and im way more better looking

  4. ironcorn

    and first!! at last

  5. Jeezy

    Skin covered skeleton.

  6. Bort


  7. ugh

    holocaust survivor?
    someone give this girl some bread.

  8. Erica

    WTF! That’s not her “natural structure”. Her legs are so far about you could fit another leg in the middle.

  9. yawn

    Ok, so this is the story about weight…I assume the story about race will be next? I look forward to the many original, nonrepetitive, unpredictable, entertaining comments.

  10. Kor

    She needs a sammich!!

  11. She’s too caucasion..

    I mean skinny!!!!

  12. Valerie

    Hmmm, she could stand to put on 10 lbs of muscle, and she’d probably look really good. She actually looks really hungry!

  13. ishi-san

    iieeewww! Is that what we are supposed to look like?? No thanks

  14. luka

    #8, her being slightly bowlegged doesn’t mean that this is not her natural structure… of course you don’t see many bowlegged fatties, but you can’t see what’s underneath all that fat anyway…

  15. my name is Suzie and I have no self-esteem

    It’s so irresponsible to publish these pictures. A couple of minutes ago, I was very healthy and happy. Then I looked at her pictures. Now I have anorexia nervosa. I hold all of you responsible.

  16. havoc

    And just think, the camera adds ten pounds.

  17. Frank

    I’ve seen healthier broads in Auschwitz

  18. she looks fantastic

  19. ::to all the boys and girls out there::

    too fat, too skinny … FUCK YOU ALL let the fucking woman of the world weigh however much the fuck they want to … criticize our intelligence, our choices but stop with the ignorant comments about our weight

  20. Dr. Phil

    Lots of neurotic chicks become anorexic after the birth of a kid. They get completely freaked out by all the body changes during pregnancy – so do normal women, but the body-image neurotics can barely control the insanity. Then, as soon as they crap the kid out, they set to work on dieting and completely overdo it, like this Victoria’s Skeleton model. Plus, the kid gets to deal with an impossibly high maintenance mom who resents what the kid did to her body. Yes, these are truly model women.

  21. Lowlands


  22. BonnieBell

    I know I’m going to go to the Great Pasta Machine in Hell for saying this…..
    but Paris Hilton looks better in a bikini than this chick.

  23. BonnieBell

    I know I’m going to go to the Great Pasta Machine in Hell for saying this…..
    but Paris Hilton looks better in a bikini than this chick.

  24. MassGrrl

    Uh, she looks fine. ???

  25. BonnieBell

    Sorry for the double post

  26. you all

    “FUCK YOU ALL let the fucking woman of the world weigh however much the fuck they want to”

    Stop pretending you’re not free to do whatever you want, including weighing whatever you want. What you’re whining about is that you want to be free of the consequences of your choices. Sorry, no deal.

  27. Deacon Jones


  28. Alan

    Wow,so sexy!I just want to kiss her,lol…seems she is dating at the famous millionaire club “c e l e b mingle . com, they are already rich enough, but still looking for rich, why??

  29. Sauron


  30. juniper

    hey give her credit. at least she doesnt have a black hood ornament hanging over her like the other VS model whore.

  31. Rick

    If I had to choose between too fat and too skinny, well, that’s easy – there’s nothing more disgusting than rolls of fat and rippling cellulite. Unfortunately most of the time these days it’s an all-fat menu out there.

  32. I see the mop but where are the breasts you speak of?

  33. Where do some of you people live that you think that 99% of all American women are fat? Guess that makes me 1%..

    HaHa!!! I’m joking..

  34. best story today

    “When 13-year-old Alycia Nipp didn’t come home from a trip to Wal-Mart, her family had no idea where she was. But a tracking device was transmitting the location of her accused killer, Darrin Sanford. The convicted sex offender was wearing a GPS monitor when he tried to rape the teen before beating and stabbing her, according to police.”

    Second-funniest part: “tried to rape” her
    Funniest part: her name was “Nipp”

  35. Adolf H.

    The black outfit was my idea. I call it “ovenwear”.

  36. Harry

    Wow, haven’t heard from this woman in years. Can you be on vacation if you don’t actually work?

  37. asdf321

    Man! what a porker. she really needs to loose some weight. She would be nice if she was at least 10 lbs thinner.

  38. Kia

    I don’t know who started the whole “running after my toddler keeps me thin” idea, but it’s pretty humorous. If that were the case, there would be a lot more MILFs in the world. Most moms are somewhat overweight and I don’t think it has anything to do with their parenting style…

  39. GrandpaMccain


  40. Lowlands

    Too skinny for me,according to my taste.She might look pretty good in clothes!

  41. Sauron

    Is she starving? I understand designers like skinny models because they fit in all clothes!

  42. NipTuck

    Very skinny. But if she is healthy…let her be that way

  43. Hulu

    forget about her…. check out the hulu mini player: http://tinyurl.com/hulu-mini-viewer

  44. Darth

    I hope for her she’s healthy.But she doesn’t look healthy!

  45. Nero

    More meat please!

  46. R2-D2

    Boop blip! Humans have a skeleton! blop!

  47. #36... WHAT THE FUCK?!!?

    you are a fucking lunatic! you’re gonna make fun of this story! that 13-year-old girl was beaten and stabbed to death. she is dead now. burn in hell, fuckwad.

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