Eva Herzigova flashes her panties

August 6th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Former supermodel Eva Herzigova attended the opening of a new Chopard’s store in Barcelona and ended up flashing her panties. Which probably would be a bigger deal if I knew who the hell she was or if she was even remotely attractive. When I see this face I don’t think, “Hey, I’d like to see her panties.” No, I think, “Hey, there’s the crazy cat lady who threw a cat at me last week.” And judging from this picture she’s about twelve feet tall and eats children.


  1. Bite Me!

    Eva is only 34 years old. She is a little young to be going through menopause.

  2. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    little kid is sporting quite the tent in pic #6. that’s probably his cockring she’s holding.

  3. Bite Me!

    @52 that works for me!!!!!

  4. Pamela

    AT least she’s wearing panties.

  5. star69

    She’s 34??
    More like 43.

  6. ali

    someone needs to tell her that flashing your panties is not original or anything.i guess thats my favorite word today but no,seriously. you can tell she knows it too, she even tried to steal tony parker’s wives name. she’ll be after him next.

  7. Bite Me!

    @56 Dumbshit, she was born in 1973

  8. Mario

    judging by the little bit of yellow i see in picture one, and the dark spot in picture seven, i’d say she also peed her panties.

  9. metahari

    How many people are going to wear that dress? Let’s see, we’ve seen it on Cassie, Amerie, Ale Ambrosio, Kimora… It gets worse every time. And what the hell is up with her underarm in the fourth pic? Gross.

  10. jrzmommy

    she just had a baby. Now all the people who were saying how good Chocolate Thunder Spice looked……look at whatshername up there……

  11. jrzmommy

    However, as an aside…..the smile,the color of the dress, and the sheer height all put together…she looks like she should be stomping over a village in Japan.

  12. Eddie

    Commentator. You’re gay! Hahahaha.

  13. meow

    To our host and most of the rest of you… What are you, like…12? She is 34 and although she’s probably gotten some of those wrinkles from being in the sun too much, she still looks pretty damn good. I bet you guys think that Star Wars was a black and white movie and Metallica was that band that did “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Let me just go get a few more pacifiers for you.

  14. More like Eva Herzigova flashes her nasty ass gums

  15. Jamie

    I’m pretty sure that her underwear are stained from some nasty leakage like shit.


  16. grrr

    meow you are not making any sense, and if you hate people who are superficial then why the fuck are you on this website in the first place?
    I’m sure there are plenty of sites with granny porn if that’s what you’re into.
    30 is old/past it in Hollywood in case you didn’t know.

  17. kelly

    is it just me or does her bag look like a spare shoe? lol

  18. Alex

    24. Tohottohandle – August 6, 2007 4:45 PM

    ” I swear, he must be a chick. chix aren’t as witty, funny or clever as guys, usually. She’s insulting her looks? ”

    …So I guess that means you’re a chick then. Interesting..
    Fuck off asshole and try coming up with a half-decent insult next time.

  19. star69

    @58, shitformouth mongoloid, I know her age isnt 43, but she looks that age. But your face is so deep inside your hole that you couldn’t figure out the humor.
    Kill yourself.

  20. Yep


  21. Chic

    She had been pregnant up until two/three months ago. The man with her is the father of her child.

  22. Tessa

    Who cares about her panties? I just think se has an ugly face

  23. Kamiki

    She’s married to Tim McGraw? She’ll be having Faith Hill telling her off next for disrespectfully touching her husbands balls.

  24. Texas Tranny

    @73……. i care a LOT about pretty panties, I care deeply about panties. mmmmmmm pretty panties.

  25. frenchie

    What has happened to her?! She sadly looks like the crazy mom from the movie Carrie.

  26. Allknowingone

    I think she is older than 34. Look at her upper left arm and notice the smallpox vaccine scar. That vaccine wasn’t given after 1972 because smallpox was pretty much eradicated by then. Anyone who has the scar on their upper left arm, that looks like it came from a car cigarette lighter, was born before 1972.

  27. star69

    #77, that’s a good observation. True about the vaccine. She must have been born around 1967. She’s was a supermodel along with Cindy Crawford, Claudia Shiffer, Naomi, Linda Evangelista etc and they’re all in their 40′s or late 30′s right now.

  28. nikky raney

    at least she’s wearing them

  29. Assbestos


    Fact: A model’s armpits are the only unmodified area of her body, and thus age first.

  30. Wiki says she was born March 10, 1973.

  31. Cora

    W.H.O declared smallpox dead only in may 1980.
    And she is gorgeous… can smell envy from a few miles…but what can you do if eastern europians are so hot…nothing… just envy…typical for westerners who think they are goddesses…blahhhh

  32. Well I have to give her credit for keeping her knees closed and wearing undergarments. Some people don’t do either! *All eyes on Britney and Paris*.

    Being thin can look nice but when you come down to it she has some cellulite and loose skin on her legs because she doesn’t work out and has no muscle tone. Classic “skinny fat”. Oh well I guess that is what airbrushing is for!

  33. when are you considered a pervert. Was the photographer laying on the ground or just kneeling to get this shot.

  34. thesource

    #80 She’s got a vagina in her armpit in pic 4 – she should stop shaving that.

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