Eva Herzigova flashes her panties

August 6th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Former supermodel Eva Herzigova attended the opening of a new Chopard’s store in Barcelona and ended up flashing her panties. Which probably would be a bigger deal if I knew who the hell she was or if she was even remotely attractive. When I see this face I don’t think, “Hey, I’d like to see her panties.” No, I think, “Hey, there’s the crazy cat lady who threw a cat at me last week.” And judging from this picture she’s about twelve feet tall and eats children.


  1. dd

    YA First

  2. Texas Tranny

    Finally, something to jack-off to. Pretty panties. Yummy

  3. hollyj

    She’s still pretty, to be 146 yrs old

  4. Man, she has really degraded over time.



  6. hollyj

    It looks like the end of a big phat tampon is hanging out of her cootchie in those white panties. ..Or is that a big wad of toilet tissue she keeps in there for emergencies?

  7. teeteetdot

    What’s going on in those panties? Somethin’ weird’s in there.

  8. wedgeone

    Amazon woman from Mars!

  9. Texas Tranny

    @6……may it’s a penis.

    I wish. tee hee

  10. Don Mega


  11. Texas Tranny

    @6……maybe it’s a penis.

    I wish. tee hee

  12. doomhammer

    Thats look like a huge clit she has poking out there. There are web sites that pay big money for freaks like her. Sometimes as much as $50 per session. $100 if shes cool with water sports.

  13. ssdd

    In light of the days comments .. shouldn’t you have said .. ‘a twelve foot bear’?……….lol .. … hell no ..no reason to .. just saying…

    anyways ..who is the Lobster Man with her?.

  14. Christ on a Crotch

    This is what we’ve been waiting hours for……

    Sorry, the FISH is sleeping with the fishes.

  15. Lovely

    #13 Stop being freakin racist….. it’s a 12 ft. jolly GREEN Bear… jeeez

  16. TS

    First = Dork

    That’s a great rack by the way…

  17. mrs.t

    Does anyone have a stick of gum? For some reason, I suddenly want gum.

  18. wanks

    wtf is the superfish writer a woman?? or a fag??? i would love to fuck the hell outta her!

  19. Why do her panties look like they are green with infection.

  20. Texas Tranny

    Is Juicy Fruit okay Mrs. T?

  21. Texas Tranny

    @18, some of us fags would fuck her and let her do us in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Yummy

  22. tiago

    OH MY GOD, someone really need a shower!

  23. woodhorse

    #18 You would actually risk putting your dick in between THOSE teeth? Did the movie “Alien” make you hot?

  24. Why does the superfish even bother w/ the oh-so-UNfunny comments? I swear, he must be a chick. chix aren’t as witty, funny or clever as guys, usually. She’s insulting her looks? This chick was a super model and not 50 years ago! I’d like to see what super fich loooks like. Anyway, she’s hotter and way more doable than the likes of that herpy soar paris, crazy outta control brit and lohan, and waste of space and time nicole.

  25. ssdd

    24~ Define “Super Model”, please.

    15 ~ I stand corrected …I should have stated ‘Green’…. wtf was I thinking………..


  26. SMEGMA

    I wouldn’t eat that yellow puss up!!!!!

  27. chompy

    take a look at these pics of her in gq and playboy and tell me you wouldnt want to do her!

  28. mrs.t

    Tranny: lol @ Juicy Fruit. Only because you wrote it, and you’re right behind Kenny Kenny as my favorite fruit.

  29. Texas Tranny

    Mrs. T, i just knew you’d get it, your so smart. :-)

  30. mrs.t

    I AM clever.

    Now I have to help my 3 yr old get something that’s stuck under her bed. Hope it’s not some “snack” that she hid there days ago….have a juicy evening!

  31. punchy

    uh, very bad teeth to gum ratio. I’d rather not bone her.

  32. Bite Me!

    @26 Nice link

  33. Kerry

    I love how the headline is that SHE flashed her panties.
    I expected the picture to be of someone holding their skirt up with a manic facial expression or her tongue hanging out in a drunken moment of stupidity.

    But I guess ‘pervert camera man manages to get one shot up her skirt when she’s leaning over’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  34. regular joe


  35. regular joe

    agree with punchy

    nothing uglier than huge gums. ain’t happenin.

  36. regular joe

    agree with punchy

    nothing uglier than huge gums. ain’t happenin.

  37. bush baby

    it’s a just born panda that’s in her panties. kittens couldn’t cut it. scratch the snach way to much.

  38. Daisy

    shadow or stain??? ewwwww

  39. Lovely

    Jesus Christ of Latter day saints… bears are def. taking over the superficial- we’re back at pandas

  40. haroof

    i see many homosexuals here…

  41. foog

    Sadly, I’m beginning to suspect that superfish has gotta be 12 years old, what with not knowing who who the hell Eva Herzigova is and all.

  42. Big Mama

    The skin under her arm in fourth pix with horny looking guy looks like a vagina.

  43. UR(ine) ALL SO MEAN!

    I think she looks great for her age! Besides, a little urinary incontinence is normal after menopause. It goes with the atrophy (shrinking) of the genitalia, and the general slide back toward prepubertal status. I think it’s all very natural and lovely. And the urine does wonders to cleanse the palette, after you’ve ingested a gutfull of yeast and gray pubic hair. I love older women!

  44. Pervert

    Great camera work! whoever took this picture should get a raise because I know I’m getting one right now.

  45. Ummm those panties look yellowish/green. And nothing says sexy like infection and/or piss.


    how brave of that mini news reporter, to go up to such an intimidating giant.

  47. Jho

    Looks like a little period stain to me, although this lady has got to be menopausal. Maybe it’s a “rough sex” stain? The Superficial has really gone downhill…. boring writing and useless posts. You’d think that since the quality of posts has declined at least he might be able to post more of them. Three or four boring posts per day is not gonna cut it SUPERFISH!!! Some of us have work to avoid!

  48. whatever

    How drunk do you think lobster man has to be to go down on her piss stained, infected pussy?

  49. Donkey

    I think I’ve heard this woman’s name before, but I’m not sure who she is.

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