Eva Green is the new Bond girl

February 16th, 2006 // 73 Comments

*eva_green_thumb1.jpgFrench actress Eva Green is the new Bond Girl. Green, 25, who previously acted in Kingdom of Heaven, will star as 007′s arm candy in the upcoming Casino Royale. She beat out her closest rival, Olivia Wilde, who recently appeared on several episodes of “The O.C.” The role was reportedly turned down by Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton. Sony chiefs greenlighted Green this week after flying her to Prague for a screen test with Craig.

Great, fantastic. I’ve always wanted to watch a James Bond movie starring people I’ve never head of before. This is like watching The Wizard of Oz starring Carrot Top and the deaf lady from the community theatre who smells like old tacos and screams at the telephone. At least Eva Green is hot. Kinda. But if I wanted to spend $10 in the hopes that a semi-attractive girl will maybe get almost naked, I would’ve never left high school.



  1. Jayne

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Eva Green.
    I’m actually excited to see this movie now, damn it.



  2. theczechwreck

    I loved the Dreamers, but then again, I’m a huge film snob.

    As for the way she looks, I just appreciate that she doesn’t look All American. Same reason I like Asia Argento. Plus, she really looks like a woman instead of a Barbie doll, or a small child, and I find that refreshing if only from a distance.

  3. HughJorganthethird

    Just be glad that dumb motherfucker directing the Mother Theresa movie isn’t making this flick or guess who the new bond girl would be. Actaully this flick looks so bad I’d be surprised if the Skankstress wasn’t in it somewhere.

  4. rgplease

    just to clear up the “bush” issue. “the dreamers” took place in 1963 paris. shaving/waxing/maintenance downstairs wasn’t exactly common. she was acting.

  5. Jayne

    theczechwreck , I thought I was the only one in the world who knew who Asia Argento was…let alone by her real name..instead of “the girl from XXX”

    You have good taste :o

  6. manunited

    Is Asia the daughter (or any relation) of Dario Argento? If so she has to be fucked up, in a good way. Suspiria = me crapping my pants.

  7. hafaball

    At least she’s fucking French! Halle Berry and Shannon Elizabeth were the worst Bond girls ever! This movie may suck, but at least they’re going back to their roots. If Angelina Jolie was in this movie I would lose all respect I have left for the Bond series.

  8. LaydeeBug

    I stopped watching Bond flix after Golden Eye.

    Shannon Elizabeth….she may be nice and cute but she should stick to Jay & Silent Bob movies.

    Mistress Jade, do you want the Top or Tails?

    mmmmmm…..Clive Owen

  9. BinkyMolyneaux

    She reminds me of Zoey Deschanel’s dirty, European sister. I don’t know if that’s bad, or good. :(

  10. Man0lo

    yes, asia argento is the daughter of dario argento. and yes, she’s fucked up but in bad way.

  11. JeanGrey

    #56: Asia Argento is Dario Argento’s younger daughter (her mother is Daria Nicolodi who also starred in some of Dario’s movies).

    I do agree with some other people up here, The Dreamers was merely a porn, the “plot” and the problems of Paris in 1963 were almost completely left aside till last scene.

  12. vanya_k

    I disagree #61 that the movie was a porn. Sex was definitely integral to the story but it wasn’t a f*ck film unless the sex was so overwhelming to you that you couldn’t take in the story.
    Like most Americans, I have a hard time viewing a heavily sexual movie as anything but porno, but the dreamers was an exception. It was, in my opinion, a twisted story – I mean, incest is twisted imho — but it was done in consummate european style, i.e. full of innuendo and subtle shading as well as the shock moments you don’t expect.
    That’s not to say it was a pleasant movie… just artfully done in the context of euro-cinema.

    In any case, Eva Green is amazingly hot but if they try to market her like she’s a latter day Bardot, they’ll be missing the boat.

  13. LaydeeBug

    So I saw the pics of Eva Green at home. There was this close up shot of her pootie-tang (you could see everything) and I don’t know how this is relevant to any movie. That qualifies as porn to me.

    Hey, I like coochie shots like any normal person, but if yer gonna show the cooch, lets see a face down there having a snack, y’know? A close up snack with details.

  14. Camusa

    #54…I realize the “bush” issue may be film content related, but…it was a fucking joke.
    Thank you Margaret Mead for your input.

    Now for Vidclips from “The Dreamers.”


  15. benjamin01

    yah LadeeBug #63 i surely agree: showing a vagina is definitely porn. all movies fall into “porn” or “non porn” and anything that shows vagninas or weiners is porn yessirree!! that’s a law of the universe! lol

  16. o-n

    She might have been attractive to me before seeing The Dreamers. Now I can’t see her as anything but a whiny, possessive, annoying skank.

  17. Cheyenne_1

    Sounds like you’re stuck in a mental rut #66.

    I would’ve liked to see Monica Bellucci in the bond girl role. I know Monica has tried to go for edgier/wierder roles but she would have been formidibale in teh role.
    Still Eva Green is stunning and migt have good chenistry with daniel craig.

  18. hermanita

    Well, I’ve only seen her in Kingdom of Heaven and she looked mighty awful. This guy behind me kept telling his wife: “I think she’s a man. I’m telling you, when she takes off her veil she’ll be a man.” In her other pictures she looks much better…but definitely not bond-hot. I agree, Monica Bellucci! Now that’s a beautiful woman.

  19. Hmmm, a fantasy photoshoot with her be fun…http://www.jaysphotography.biz/

  20. gogoboots

    Who cares? Bond movies are really sexist. She’s pretty hot though.

  21. vanya_k

    This kinda highlights the difference between american and european tastes__ neither is wrong or “inferior”. just different in some ways.
    Seems like the’re pitching the Bond movie’s new tack a little more toward euro tastes.

  22. Robby

    its always funny to hear morons give their opinions on something they have no clue about. the idiot writer even says he’s never heard of eva green but lets all listen to his opinion on her. damn some people are stupid. “i dont know anything about rocket science but i think that its pointless”. gimme a break dipshit eva green is hot as hell with great tits and nice pouty lips. get your head out of your ass whoever wrote this article.

  23. she’s a pice of a sexy ass

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