Eva Green is the new Bond girl

*eva_green_thumb1.jpgFrench actress Eva Green is the new Bond Girl. Green, 25, who previously acted in Kingdom of Heaven, will star as 007’s arm candy in the upcoming Casino Royale. She beat out her closest rival, Olivia Wilde, who recently appeared on several episodes of “The O.C.” The role was reportedly turned down by Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton. Sony chiefs greenlighted Green this week after flying her to Prague for a screen test with Craig.

Great, fantastic. I’ve always wanted to watch a James Bond movie starring people I’ve never head of before. This is like watching The Wizard of Oz starring Carrot Top and the deaf lady from the community theatre who smells like old tacos and screams at the telephone. At least Eva Green is hot. Kinda. But if I wanted to spend $10 in the hopes that a semi-attractive girl will maybe get almost naked, I would’ve never left high school.