Eva Green is the new Bond girl

February 16th, 2006 // 73 Comments

*eva_green_thumb1.jpgFrench actress Eva Green is the new Bond Girl. Green, 25, who previously acted in Kingdom of Heaven, will star as 007′s arm candy in the upcoming Casino Royale. She beat out her closest rival, Olivia Wilde, who recently appeared on several episodes of “The O.C.” The role was reportedly turned down by Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton. Sony chiefs greenlighted Green this week after flying her to Prague for a screen test with Craig.

Great, fantastic. I’ve always wanted to watch a James Bond movie starring people I’ve never head of before. This is like watching The Wizard of Oz starring Carrot Top and the deaf lady from the community theatre who smells like old tacos and screams at the telephone. At least Eva Green is hot. Kinda. But if I wanted to spend $10 in the hopes that a semi-attractive girl will maybe get almost naked, I would’ve never left high school.



  1. Juliette

    never ‘head’ of before…lol

    Does anyone have any other pics of her?

    Angelina should have done it…sigh*

  2. Z

    DUDE, Eva Green is the hottest chick on the planet! Haven’t you seen “the dreamers”? It should have been called, “The Creamers”!

  3. parisdepaul

    Oooh man, MEN are really going to like her… to get a sneak preview of Eva Green’s “acting”, you must checkout “DREAMERS” That movie is nuts, but I love it. Think of it as a love triangle between her, her BROTHER and an American guy set in Paris.

  4. johnnylaw

    oh yeah, eva is hot. i loved her in ‘the dreamers’ nothing like keepin it in the family. you know, like her and her brother were in love with each other in that movie? you know.

  5. BrianMolko

    Mmmm she’s hot, much better than fish lipped angelina.

  6. ElFurbe

    Nonsense. Bond girls never used to be uber-high-profile actresses. I prefer it when my Bond girls are new faces. I can’t think of worse performances as Bond girls than Denise Richards and Halle Berry.

  7. wee bull

    Lame jokes about a gay song, yet another fucking Paris Hilton non-story, and insulting an actress purely becuase you’ve never heard of her?

    Shame on you Superficial, you’re so much better than this.

  8. LaydeeBug

    Well, I saw her on the IMDB, and well….aside from the clown red lipstick that she borrowed from Tommy Lee, and the wide smile she borrowed from Anne Hathaway, I really can only say she has pretty blue eyes. Eh.

    The Superfish pic is like the best pic I’ve seen. But if she’s French, well, that means she probably is a good actress cuz the US is sorely lacking these days. (Don’t shoot me guys)

  9. LaydeeBug

    I just read the other posts. DREAMERS, huh? Gotta check that out. Pictures are really not very descriptive anyway.

  10. parisdepaul

    I knew those eyes were familiar, and then it came to me … the DREAMERS. She is an awesome actress, you guys will like her!

  11. debs

    Oh great. Another teen-turned-20something-actress. Can’t Hollywood just keep using the same ones over and over? Oh wait, what am I saying? Hollywood men trade them like Pokemon cards.

  12. PapaHotNuts

    In the pic above, she resembles an attractive vampire. Watch your neck James, watch your neck.

  13. Michael1

    Let’s be honest. It’s not her acting we like.

    She a so-so actress but a beautiful woman.

    screen caps of the dreamers:

  14. Michael1

    Oh BTW — Some of the caps at the link above are NSFW !!

  15. MystressJade

    I’d hit that….

  16. LaydeeBug

    DAMN, I can’t see the pic’s. Shoot (stamps foot)

  17. Baroness

    Eva Green is a very pretty girl, and she’s half-Swedish so I’m proud!

    I’m glad they went for someone relatively uknown, too.

    Scarlett Johanssen, however gorgeous, would have been a joke.

  18. ESQ

    She reminds me of Avril Lavigne and that is not a bad thing. Superficial I do agree with what you said, “I’ve always wanted to watch a James Bond movie starring people I’ve never head of before.” Movies like that I just turn away from.

  19. #13 – that movie was just on HBO the other night. I turned it on right in the middle of that bathroom scene. This girl is butt ugly! Her boobs w/ big huge nipples sag down to her feet & she totally needs to trim her beard down there – she’s nasty! And, the movie was really stupid too.

  20. LaydeeBug

    Eww, Rachel, you just gave me a non-woody, if that’s possible, considering I don’t have a Lincoln Log….wait, lemme check….Nope!

    Anyway, you just grossed me out. EVERYBODY should trim their hedges.

  21. rick mcginnis

    Why do some of the posters here too often give the impression of never actually having seen a real, live, non-porn-related naked female in their lives, even if they use female names when they post? Sorry – icky 1996 chatroom vibe going on here, folks.

  22. Juliette

    Those are some gross huge nipples…she definitely also needs to invest in a wax!

  23. #21 – you can say what you want but I bet she’s hiding a 3rd guy in that bush of hers. Plus, the movie was no different than a porn.

  24. tits_on_snack

    Never seen her in anything, never seen “Dreamers”, the only other picture i’ve ever seen of her is this one, and I’m hoping this is just a really bad picture and that she has since learned how to brush her teeth and pluck her eyebrows:

  25. LaydeeBug

    Tits, you made me laugh.

    You know those French, they love their Gitanes. Cereally, if you’re gonna smoke, invest in some Crest White Strips. And red lipstick just accentuates the yellow toothies.

  26. Tracie

    Yes, her nips are big, but I give her credit for being 100% natural. Her bush isn’t half the size of Emily Mortimer’s in “Lovely & Amazing”…now that was shocking.
    She’s not outrageously beautiful, but not dog-ugly either.


  27. TaiTai

    Yeah you’re right the French are usually known for their impeccable grooming. She doesn’t even know how to use a hairbrush.

  28. This link has absolutely nothing to do with Eva Green (or Paris, Britney, or Lindsay) but it’s too funny I had to share


  29. Bob Denver

    I guess they used the Mia Kirshner lookalike because the real Mia Kirshner turned them down.

  30. I hope this Eva Green girl is a lot hotter in real life than in any of the photos I’ve seen of her . . . as it stands now, she does absolutely nothing for me.

  31. jugsgirl

    I want the More Cowbell chick to be the next Bond Girl !

  32. LaydeeBug

    Tracie, first pic very nice, but second pic, JEZUS CHRIST. Ewww. The hair color is nice, just not on her.

  33. Michael1

    i agree 100% #21… it’s hilarious. someof these people (boys posting as chicks, etc) prefer online porn, and their plastic blow up dolls (no hair and piointy little pre-pube nipples) to real women.
    Give ‘em a year or five or ten — they’ll get a clue.

    Eva Green hasn’t been marketed yet — put her in the “right” scenarios, and on the “right” magazine covers with a push up bra and she’ll be… “smokin”. ROTFLMAO

  34. Aliceis_obsessed

    She is beautiful lovely breast …. disturbingly large nipples though

  35. Why not just call it “James Bond: The B Sides”

  36. innit

    How refreshing to see a regular, non-surgically altered female body. Seriously.

  37. Juliette

    The Bond franchise as we know it is officially through

  38. PKClover

    I think it’s better when they cast a relative unknown into the franchise. Being a Bond girl catapults you in your career, not the other way around. Angelina and Halle were already big stars. And come one, the film with Dennis Richards just didn’t work for me. Unknowns leave an element of intrigue and fascination. Good casting I say!

  39. benjamin01

    Good casting choice! pretty face, great, non-plasticine body… hard to tell if the lights are on, but lets face it — this is a James Bind chick, not Steve Hawking’s soul mate.
    Unless she has a voice like Herve Villechaize, she’ll be great.

  40. stm007

    Because everyone on Earth knew who Sean Connery was, everyone know who Barbara Bach was, everyone knew who Maud Adams was when they made MWTGG.

    …gimme a break. Unknowns are what these films need.

    If not, you get Die Another Day with Halle Berry’s ballooning ego overthrowing the production. Even Pierce was too famous when he did it.

    Very good news, indeed.

  41. Jacq

    Does no one else think that she looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar in that photo?

  42. Camusa

    She is gorgeous!
    Check out the movie, “The Dreamers.”
    Worth it if just to see her naked most of the movie (trim that bush though…I don’t think Moses could have talked to that one…Hello…God…it’s me Moses…no…not Margaret…MOSES. Trim that thing back so you can hear me wouldja…Peter Cottontail you ain’t)

  43. LoneWolf

    Sorry, kids. This film will be a flop and James Craig is going to go the way of George Lazenby – a one-shot Bond. It sounds like the producers were trying to get a big-name actress to make up for the the fact that Craig’s an unknown, and had to settle. The franchise is indeed finished.

    That said, my Tivo will be looking for the next showing of “Dreamers”.

  44. you can’t have the bond actress more famous than bond himself. Think it’ll be okay.

  45. outfoxed

    Daniel Craig is short, fair and mediocre….0 out of 3 for the tall dark and handsome Bond sort. So, whoever they cast, there’s no hope in saving the flick. We just have to wait until the Bond folks come to their senses, cast Clive Owen, and the world settles back with a collective sigh of contentment.

  46. Man0lo

    she’s hot. maybe you have never seen this movie “the dreamers”.well, it’s italian. nobody’s perfect.

  47. LaydeeBug

    #48 Outfoxed, sigggggh, Clive Owen, synonymous with Abracadabra ie magic word.

    Sometimes this site gets me all kinds of warm and snuggly inside. Excuse me while I hit myself…..

  48. manunited

    Oh thank you #42. I was trying to think of exactly what useless waste of skin she looked like & you nailed it.. Buffy!
    gracias, because it was bugging me.

  49. MystressJade

    I agree, Clive is super hot…..Laydee, I’ll help you hit yourself…*wink*

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