Erin Moran fakes an orgasm, terror ensues

April 10th, 2008 // 89 Comments

Erin Moran is currently on the latest edition of VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp and, in the outtake reel above, she pretends to have an orgasm on a bus much to the dismay of everyone on board and, also, my freaking eyes. In the meantime, you might recognize Erin from her days as Richie Cunningham’s little sister Joanie on Happy Days and the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachie a.k.a. the show that got Scott Baio more ass than Wilt Chamberlain with a suitcase full of Spanish Fly and ironing boards.

Thanks to Rick who’s so awesome he’d make Dustin Diamond a sandwich – out of grenades.

Video: TMZ, VH1

  1. pointandlaugh

    NO ONE wants to see/hear THAT horse have an orgasm. EWWWWW

  2. McFlabwobble

    She’s very scary. Very scary indeed.

  3. wtf???

    That’s a DUDE, dude.

  4. Shocked

    OMG… WTF did I just watch?


  5. Melissa

    come on! spare us all! ewwwww

  6. Check out the bug-eyed negress next to her! Is that from the shemale’s fake orgasm, or did somebody just suggest that she should get a job?

  7. ding dong

    why must you torture me?

  8. IKE

    Weird. Gross. Daaaaamn.
    She just took “sexy” beat its ass and TOTALLY scared away from her!


  9. Omg ew

    That burned my eyes a little…

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Sit on it Joanie!!

  11. reader

    Faking an orgasm, farting, or suffering a stroke, it’s all the same for Erin Moran.

  12. Poon_Tang

    haha did you see the guy gagging in the background?

  13. Matt

    Erin Moran has made appearances and speeches on behalf of the (doomed) Hillary Clinton campaign. Now everybody – even the liberal pukes – tell the truth, are you at all surprised?

  14. Wow

    I felt uncomfortable watching that. I cannot even imagine how the other passengers felt. Dang.

  15. adeliza

    Swee Baby Jesus!

    That would turn lesbians straight and straight men gay.

  16. norton

    Wow. Um… WOW.

    Is she on something? I mean… WOW!

  17. JollyJumJuck

    Someone’s been away from the camera waaaaaay too long and is now really, really overcompensating. Are you sure her name isn’t Erin MORON?

  18. zuzupetals

    Clippity-clop. Hear those horsemen approaching?
    After watching this, I would welcome the apocalypse.

  19. Andy

    Ok, I’m ready for the next set of Janice Dickerson bikini pics. Make it a thong.

  20. Binky

    My sound wasn’t working.
    And all I could come up with is ” Hail Seizure !!”

  21. bitch

    hahaha that girl behind her is like this bitch is WACK

  22. Tapeworm

    What in the name of fuck was that thing? Holy fuck, I need to go throw myself down a flight of stairs or pluck my eyeballs out with a fucking cocktail fork after wathing that fucking brillo-headed, man-faced, cow-assed mutant shitbag.

    Other than that, I don’t have a strong opinion on the video.

  23. I have very fond memories of masterbating to a young Erin. She reminds me of my Mom.

    • I’m with you Jimbo, and I can’t find it again, but I saw a clear Photo of that scene taking place! Tat is the real Erin Moran! The dude is a black guy operating the camera that caught her” faking” the Orgasam! She’s a damn fine actress because she really looks like her crotch is exploding!

  24. havoc

    Don’t you know Scott Baio is glad he kicked that to the curb……



  25. SLASH

    Really??? Is it bad? I can’t watch til I get home and with my luck, it will be pulled off the net by then.

    Could some one act it out for me just in case?

  26. BunnyButt

    Ugly as a kid, uglier as an adult. Some ugly kids end up looking pretty good when they grow up. I don’t care how fit she gets, she’ll still be bloody ugly … with a crappy personality thrown in just for good measure.

  27. nipolian

    I’ll just bet that Jenny Pickilo taught her how to do that.

  28. bootlips


  29. Rowan

    Good God. That was so wrong on so many levels. I sincerely hope she’s on something.

  30. John

    I… I don’t think I… I may never have an erection again.

  31. restingonlaurels

    damn… is she drunk or what? she sounds like she smokes 3 packs a day, too.

  32. wow

    That..that…that…that was disturbing.

    But I couldn’t stop laughing OL for some reason.

  33. The Fonz

    Yo Shortcake, it ain’t “AAAAGGGHHH” it’s AAAAAAAAYYYYY!

  34. 3rd planet

    I remember her form Happy Days & she was kinda cute then! But this video………..sheesh!! Was she drunk!!!??? She sounded drunk! Was that a PUBLIC bus??? Why was she on public transport. anyway? I mean, after all, Happy Days is still on, doesn’t she get royalties or something? Yeah, # 3-4, THAT’S A SHE! R u so ignorant u can’t tell!!! I didn’t like the video, tho……That sorta shit shouldn’t be shown here, after all there r KIDS who get on here…..u can tell by the stupid comments they make!!

  35. meanmofo

    I tried to rub one out to that just prove that there isn’t anything that can phase me, but before I could grab my cock it inverted and now it won’t come out no matter how much I promise to leave it be…damn you, you ex child star, damn you all to hell!!!

  36. Al

    Come back little Al! I didn’t mean it! I won’t subject you to that horror ever again!!!

  37. Tom

    She is a disgusting fat whore. I’m not saying that I’m not, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.


  38. Lulu

    Dear Lord! I’m going to have nightmares about that for ever.. Yak!

  39. caljenna66

    LOL @ the guy behind her…”Oh, no, I can’t be involved in this…”

    That was Joe Francis, wasn’t it?

  40. woodhorse

    They have a Boot Camp for Bipolars and NO ONE TOLD ME? Fuck. Now I”m going to miss the Homeless Races.

  41. Balky

    Is that Ellen Cleghorne sitting next to Joanie?

    At last, a paying gig!

  42. Emmyem

    MY MY MY. What is she, a wigger? What happened to that cute (kinda) little kid that I used to watch when I was little on “Happy Days?” Now that I realize how GAY that show was, I have to lie and say I never saw it, to real people….but here……..
    WHY is she doing that?
    Are you sure her last name is spelled correctly? It’s not MORON?
    The thought of the ugliest man I can imagine, even uglier that JORDAN BRATMAN, going down on Erin Moran makes me sick. SERIOUSLY, that video upset me. Yet I could not turn away! Stop it Fish! She’s SO GROSS!
    “Sunday Monday Happy Days, Tuesday Wednesday Crappy Days”..Oh well, at least the term “Jump the Shark” came from that show……that’s SOMETHING I think……………….

  43. Fonzie

    I’m sorry to see Joanie became a Crack Whore.

    I wonder what I can get for $5??

  44. Susie

    Scott Baio still looks good but she looks OLD and ugly.
    Although on Happy Days she was never really pretty anyway.
    Scott must have been high when he was with her or maybe he had a good supply of paper bags

  45. Jessica

    now every time I fake an orgasm, she’ll pop into my head. GREAT.

  46. BoboTed

    Matt- Fuck you, you sheep-fucking redneck conservative piece of shit. You need to go to Iraq on one of those planes American grounded for safety inspections.

  47. total_pimp

    @ boboted


  48. Janine

    Oh I really regret watching that shit! What makes it especially bad is her camel toe mom jeans. Yeah, what the hell was Baio thinking? I guess she wasn’t too bad when she was young!

  49. Who the Hell Cares?

    Don’t you think describing Erin Moran as a “celebrity,” is overstating it just a bit? When did she last work? A couple of years before Noah set forth upon the sea in the Ark? When the Egyptians were putting the finishing touches on the Great Pyramid?

    Dressing up a an Elf, and greeting people at the local Wal-Mart at Christmas time, does not constitute an acting gig. Somehow, I don’t think her latest acting “tour du force” will help her get another sitcom any time soon.


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