Erin Andrews nude video leads to hacker bonanza

A nude video of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews leaked online last week that was illegally taped through a peephole in her hotel room. The video is currently being shopped around today, but Erin and ESPN’s lawyers are doing their best to find the perpetrator. In the meantime, the video’s mere presence has created a hackers’ paradise, according to CBS News:

Naturally, the video went viral online and ESPN lawyers have been scrambling to shut down websites that post links to the material.
That means it’s getting increasingly hard to find on the web, but that hasn’t stopped the growing demand for it.
And it’s that drive that hackers are plugging into, according to, a website that sells security software, but also provides security news.
One version of the hack, fools surfers into clicking on what appears to be a CNN version of the video, according to Sophos. When users hit the play button they are presented with a pop up window warning them that their popup blocker has blocked the video player window and they must launch another player. Doing so doesn’t play the video, but it does install a Trojan horse with which hackers can later attack the computer, says the site.
Both Apple and Windows computers are vulnerable, according to Sophos. It is not yet clear what effect the virus will have on computers or how widely it will spread.

I’m pretty sure we’re the only country in the world that could be led into a technological apocalypse by nothing more than the promise of porn. Which is why I’ll never leave. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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