Erin Andrews nude video leads to hacker bonanza

July 20th, 2009 // 102 Comments

A nude video of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews leaked online last week that was illegally taped through a peephole in her hotel room. The video is currently being shopped around today, but Erin and ESPN’s lawyers are doing their best to find the perpetrator. In the meantime, the video’s mere presence has created a hackers’ paradise, according to CBS News:

Naturally, the video went viral online and ESPN lawyers have been scrambling to shut down websites that post links to the material.
That means it’s getting increasingly hard to find on the web, but that hasn’t stopped the growing demand for it.
And it’s that drive that hackers are plugging into, according to, a website that sells security software, but also provides security news.
One version of the hack, fools surfers into clicking on what appears to be a CNN version of the video, according to Sophos. When users hit the play button they are presented with a pop up window warning them that their popup blocker has blocked the video player window and they must launch another player. Doing so doesn’t play the video, but it does install a Trojan horse with which hackers can later attack the computer, says the site.
Both Apple and Windows computers are vulnerable, according to Sophos. It is not yet clear what effect the virus will have on computers or how widely it will spread.

I’m pretty sure we’re the only country in the world that could be led into a technological apocalypse by nothing more than the promise of porn. Which is why I’ll never leave. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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  1. matt

    saw the vid. wow amazing body

  2. rupert_murdoch

    this video worth a bid or what?

  3. Al Bundy

    First Bitches… I want this video

  4. bighead86


  5. Crank grabber

    so post a clean link to the video, bitches.

  6. bighead86

    wow, imma douche

  7. Anon FTW

    The link above is the full, 40+ second video. It’s on YouTube, which means it will be pulled within a few hours.

  8. Sucks @ work

    this sucks. @ work and unable to even search for it much less download it.

  9. TheHeckler

    Day-um what a body! I dunno, but I think it looks staged!

  10. Anon FTW

    Video above, hosted on YT. It will be pulled soon, especially since I posted it here. Get it while it’s hot!

  11. This is very upsetting news! Im going to guess the video probably not worth all this hoopla! Butt, debauchery will prevail, it always does…

  12. Anon FTW

    If people are scared to click on my link, just do a YT search for “Erin Andrews part 6″.

  13. Mac

    This link is clean and has 3-4min worth of vid.

  14. DP Trainer

    check out piratebay video and you’ll see it

    grainy but she’s got a nice body.

  15. Mel

    What a minute… This girl was allegedly video tapped by some perv-o, peeping tom and all people care about is where they can find the video??? Sigh, this world sucks balls.

  16. wtf

    Seriously who flat irons their hair totally naked and cover up just enough. I’m guessing publicity stunt here for some odd reason.

    Regardless of why… very nice.

  17. wtf

    shit, I mean “curls”…. I was distracted.

  18. LawnGnome

    How good can video be through a peephole?

  19. Patriot

    USA! USA! USA! :-p

    At least when we go down, we go down horny, just like Nero.

  20. She certainly love her ass, and rightfully so…

  21. garrett

    watching someone brush their hair in the mirror ISN’T hot, no matter who the hell it is. What sad folks who watch this and remark things like: “really grainy, but a hot body!” Go outside for once losers! There are plenty of real women with hot bodies for you to look at. I bet you look outside to your neighbor pulling the weeds from her garden and run a batch.

  22. inspectahdank

    poor girl, i think she’s beautiful. and really? who on EARTH would allow someone to video tape through a peephole for a publicity stunt?? if it really was a publicity stunt, the video taper would not be recording through a freaking peephole

  23. garrett

    ps i am a homosexual

  24. dude_on

    #15 – I agree. I almost had the URL cut for the paste, when I realized what I was doing. It is crossing a line to invade her privacy. I’m no martyr but you have to draw the line somewhere. She doesn’t want anyone to view it, and although that is counter-culture, you have to error on the side of what is respectable … right up until the drinks kick in. And besides the Internet is littered with skanks that made purposeful videos for all to enjoy.

  25. Wow!

    @12….I clicked it. He’s right.

  26. “illegally taped through a peephole” is legal speak for glory hole.

  27. Deacon Jones

    Sorry Garrett. What are you, on a fucking yacht in Miami getting head right now??

    This fucking sucks I’m at work and can’t view. And stills of this video floating around on the web?

  28. PlushBarbieTits

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who does their hair NAKED?!

  29. Gando

    Her face resembles just a tiny bit Alexandra Ambrosio.

  30. Duuude

    @16…. Why would she do this as a publicity stunt? She doesn’t need any publicity and she would get a shit load of money if she did a legit nude photo shoot. Your logic (or lack of) is questionable.

    You were right about her being hot as fuck though.

  31. Chipot

    @garrett What are you an idiot? When is a woman brushing her hair naked not hot?

    It’s definitley her, you can by her figure, her small cute butt and her extremely long legs, I bet you can match that shot with the shot of her clothed. It matches 100%! The footage isn’t the best quality but it’s still fappable. When she’s wiggling her butt at one point lots of people didn’t know what she was doing, my guess is that she’s doing little scrunches to keep her butt in shape.

  32. Porky

    Nice body! It’s funny… we’ll watch a movie with this in the script & it’s just boys will be boys, but if it really happens in real life, then , it’s “we’re going down the tubes”!

  33. Darth

    @29 A very tiny bit! She resembles more Britney Spears.The version who did finish her college.

  34. garrett

    Wow, I’m a homo because I have a shred of class and respect? Sorry about that, stud.

    Is “Dude_on” gay too, since he didn’t view it since he thought it violated her privacy?

    And yes, I am on a yacht getting head from a hot chick. But you can’t see it, since it is private, like poor Erin brushing her hair.

    What douchenozzles….

  35. Tim

    #28 – hot chicks.

    My GF does everything naked – applies makeup, dries hair. Hot chicks with hot bodies like looking at themselves as much as guys do…

  36. jesus

    she likes to rub her own ass. just like me.

  37. Sherlock Holmes

    Because filming it through the peephole makes it even more of a story. This was straight up publicity stunt….or maybe even an inside job.

    Look at the facts. You can get a little hand held device that will reverse the peephole issue when looking through it from the outside.
    You could rig it on a camera where you could video through the peephole without a problem.
    You could walk through any hotel and place the camera up to the peephole and record away any time you felt like it.

    BUT….out of the tens of thousands of hotels you could be at you just happened to be in the same one Erin Andrews was staying in…
    AND….you just happened to be wandering the floor that she was on…
    AND….you just happened upon her door to try out your little video rig…
    AND….she just happened to be naked at the time…
    AND….she just happened to be standing in perfect view of the peephole in front of the door….
    AND….all the planets aligned perfectly and this random guy just so happened to come across the holy grail and was able to video tape it.

    There are only two ways this could have happened and two only.
    1. Erin set this up on purpose for a publicity stunt. She is already an attention whore and this could be right up her alley
    2. Inside job from the hotel itself. They knew she was there and knew which room. The interesting question would be HOW would they know that she just happened to be naked at the time?

    Camera in the room? Wouldn’t want to leak that footage because then its obviously an inside job. The little peephole device can be picked up at your local spy shop along with some nice little cameras that you could rig real quick in Erin’s room since you know she is going to be staying there. See her showering and getting out of the bath….grab the camera and run down the hall and video away. Probably even able to have a second inside man act as a lookout on the security cameras to let you know if anyone was coming your way.

    Not to hard to figure out.

  38. Fine Teeth Comb

    Meh. She’s no Rachel Ray

  39. Al Bundy

    it was probably one of the crew

  40. Anonymous

    Meh, not that great a video, prob cuz I’ve never heard of her before. lol Only took me 3 minutes to find and download it after reading this headline!!!

  41. Nero

    @33 Tell me which celebitchy did finish college or even finished high school?

  42. Ego

    Wow today is the best Monday ever!

  43. Ashley Cocks

    It appears that a lot of the internet-surfing public who tuned out on Friday afternoon is just now getting acquainted with the story about Erin Andrews’ peephole video…
    More here:Erin Andrews peephole-video link

  44. Galtacticus

    Many celebitches are quite hood.Scum of the society.

  45. The Original Shawn

    #37 is pretty much right on. Sure, you could set up a camera and just let it roll until she happened to get in front of it unclothed, but such an approach lends itself to your getting caught while waiting on the shot. The chances that she’d just happen to be dancing around buck-assed nekkid in direct view of the camera for roughly 5 minutes are not great.

    Furthermore, the quality is such that had she not issued the cease-and-desist, most folks would’ve written it off as a hoax and it would have been relegated to the bowels of the internet in a week or so. Instead, she admitted it’s her, and now it’s the biggest story on the WWW.

    Why do it, and why like this? To get people talking about her (like they are here, for instance). The more popular she is, the more money she can reel in from the Bunny Mag. Now instead of “hot sideline reporter,” she’s “hot sideline reporter surrounded by a voyeur scandal.” She could also just be testing the water to see exactly how popular she is, thus determining her asking price. Doing it this way leaves her an out.

    As far as an “inside job” goes, if I were to try to rig up a camera in a hotel room for voyeuristic purposes, I’d put the damn thing outside of the shower and not run it through a peephole hoping she does her hair without a towel on.

  46. Deacon Jones


    “But you can’t see it, since it is private, like poor Erin brushing her hair.”

    Like poor Erin brushing her hair?? HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Please tell me you were an RA in college. Please.

  47. Fbomb

    Get caught naked on film. Check.
    Can’t find perpetrator or prevent circulation of film. Check.
    Make up B.S. story about how this film is SO popular that hackers will use it to ruin your life in the vain hope that people will stop searching for, downloading and fapping to it. Check.

    My advice. Just watch the damn video. I can’t believe that her lawyers honestly expect the public to believe this. I’m sorry that ur nekkid on the intertubes, but don’t try lame scare tactics. The video will be watched.

  48. abby


  49. Karri

    who is she? I’ve never heard of her.

  50. Dr. Truth

    One of two things is going on here…

    1) That’s not really Erin Andrews in the video
    2) The video was “leaked” on purpose

    Either way, this is all for publicity. If she really didn’t want people to see her naked, she would’ve just claimed that the video wasn’t of her. Instead, she chose to claim that it WAS her and make a big, public statement with her so-called lawyers, which does nothing but make even MORE people look for the video.

    Good move, moron.

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