Erika Eleniak still alive and soooooo hot

March 19th, 2008 // 120 Comments

Does anyone remember Erika Eleniak? The smoking hot babe from Baywatch, Under Seige and, more importantly, Playboy. Basically she’s a national treasure. The paps caught some shots of her filming a movie that I can’t find a reference to anywhere. This might be an Ashton Kutcher prank, but who cares? He dug up Erika Eleniak and tossed her in a swimsuit. It’s the archaeological find of the century. I mean, she’s pushing 40 and looks banging. I’d throw 22-year-old Lindsay Lohan under a bus to get at Erika. Of course, there’s lots of things I’d throw Lindsay under a bus for – like a Klondike bar. Or a shiny penny.

Photos: Flynet

  1. sam

    you forgot ‘Chasers’ where she shows her boobies

  2. mf

    looks more like elisha cuthbert, rofl.

  3. dro

    wasn’t she on celebrity fit club?

  4. havoc

    Yeah, I’m not sure that’s her…..

    Didn’t she go nuts and get fat?


  5. Splonk

    Only the last 2 pictures are Erika

  6. anonymous

    That doesn’t look like her…and if it is, where are her boobs? She used to be very large chested…

  7. RENEE

    I think those are pictures of 2 different women actually…maybe Erika’s stunt double or something? The first few pics show a woman w/ smaller breasts and a blonde bob hairdo w/ really bleached out hair. The last couple of pics at the end look more like Erika; bigger boobs, more of a strawberry blonde, and her hair is longer than the girls in the first few pics. The forehead is also more wrinkley. I think the first 6 pics are either a stunt double, Elisha Cuthbert, or some random actress.

  8. R

    Yeah, all the other pics are of LInda Evangelista.

  9. Ken

    I think all the other ones are Elisha Cuthbert (or however you spell her name)…

  10. fergernauster

    The body-double has really nice gams. As long as the Nile, they are.

  11. i.should.know.i.slept.with.her

    Pics 1-6…woman has short hair…definitely NOT EE…last 4 pics…longer hair…definitely IS EE.

  12. wang

    Only last four as Erika…

  13. wang

    Only last four are Erika…

  14. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    actually i think pic 8 is David Bowie

  15. veggi

    14- ahahaha Sambo!!

    and aren’t Paris and Elisha dating now??

  16. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Elisha got dumped for Benji when Paris found out she didn’t have a penis. Of course by that logic, Benji won’t last long either.

  17. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    ever notice how bland food tastes when you run out of alcohol?

  18. RCA

    Those are two different chicks tools!

  19. L.Linus

    I saw her on celebrity Fit Club and she was alot heavier than this. She must have lost a least another 30 + pounds. She doe look great, and really for her age.

  20. grobpilot

    What happened to her boobs? I just broke out the old Playboy issue with her on the cover (it just happened to be in my office) and there is simply no comparison. These are sad, sad times. But, additional silicone can always serve to brighten my day.

    I really need to find something else to do.

  21. IKE

    Ahhhhh, picture #5 is interesting.

    Hint: Joe CAMEL……uh…no, not cigarettes.

  22. veggi

    17- YES! Wait, alcohol IS my food ;)

  23. harry

    How do I know they’re two different girls? The one on the beach is way hot. The one in the last few is way not.

  24. Sr. Poopayponts

    it’s not her dickwad

  25. Ted Mosby

    That’s not Erika. I know for a fact because she’s in my bed right now.

  26. Agree with other posters, THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. the girl in the bathing suit is vVERY VERY young. Erika is like 39 years old.

    Here’s the real Erika, you can tell it’s a different person. She was smoking back in the day and she had her large boobs supersized with implants.

  27. mafme

    Are those real boobs?! I’d forgotten that not all breasts need to be implanted.

  28. Drew

    That’s not her!

  29. daguz

    Whoever it is… me thinks she is kinda ugly…

  30. mafme

    oh yeah. those are definitely different people. I didn’t even know who I was looking at, honestly. But the girl in the suit is not the same person on some of these links.

  31. ding dong

    Nice cankles. Those are some shapeless legs.

  32. xxx

    camel toe in pic #5

  33. 10pound

    thats some hawt cootchie cootchie

  34. Yourdumb

    To say you’d rather sleep with her than lindsay lohan is the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say.

    You sir, are an idiot.

  35. Who is this 12 year old alter boy? I bet she is shooting a training video for Catholic Priest..

  36. Trover

    Maybe it is a Baywatch show, with flashbacks of when EE was hot and thin. Cuz she ain’t now. Plus, she is crazy. That ain’t her, thanks for the fakes Fish.

  37. Spazz

    Smoking whomever it is.

  38. candyass

    EXACTLY #31. They may be long but those are unevolved legs. I hate that gumby look some people have. I’m glad someone else can tell, many people do not appreciate how RARE truly beautiful well shaped legs are. About 5% of Hollywood women have actually nice legs.

  39. poonmoon

    #34. Um NO. Lindsay is TRASH superfish is right on the money (shiny penny).

    She has the NASTIEST poonmoon of them all.

  40. LBot

    She has some nice (o )( o) in Under Siege….hate to see her fat pics.

  41. Melinda

    Those are 2 completely different girls, duh!

  42. She looks like a dyke and like Elisha Cuthbert

    I don’t know who this chick is, but I’m sorry Superfish, she looks way too much like a dyke for my taste, and she’s also way too curveless for my taste.
    At first I thought it was Elisha Cuthbert. Both dyke looking and looking very similar. They’d make a good dyke couple though.

  43. hate you for no reason

    Yeah, those are some sexy cankles, Fish.

  44. Veroonica

    1. The skinny boy with the cankles isn’t Erika. The last few picks are. Like the one where you can see the camera shooting her. She looks WAY hotter than used-up-cootch Landsay. She was never really “fat”. Just too heavy to get parts. Looks like that changed. She was on Celebrity fit club, and she was awsome. She has been my lesbo fantasy for years now. Since the early ninetys. Haven’t ever heard of her going crazy. Married a really ugly dude, though. He had no money and was older. Kind of disappointed in her taste in men.

  45. Ted from LA

    Those last pictures look like that Russian dude Rocky faught in Rocky LMII.

  46. negin

    thats not her. its Elisha.

    The last 2 pics are her

  47. maxanon

    Isn’t that affleck in the last pic?

  48. Lurch

    Yeah, Lindsay Lohan may be “used-up” but she has a classic movie star, Elizabeth Taylor kind of face. This chick is just what she is — common Playboy cheesecake. But this site isn’t meant to be the arbiter of taste.

  49. Veroonica

    Elizabeth Taylor kind of face? Are you high? Oh. If you mean Elizabeth Taylor NOW, then I would agree. If you mean 1950′s Liz, then I have good news for you pal. You can quit your job, because you definitely qualify for compensation as a legally blind mental retard!

  50. @48

    I cannot believe you are comparing that busted, blotched, ginger hatchet faced bitch to Liz Taylor. On top of that, Liz could handle her liquor. Not run around like a crazed lunatic.

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