Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart sue over nude tape

September 23rd, 2009 // 27 Comments

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have filed a $1 million lawsuit against Gawker Media and Mark Ebner for posting the infamous nude video of the couple with Kari Ann Peniche, according to Radar Online:

The suit alleges that Ebner brought the tape to Gawker, which posted it “on or about” August 17 of this year, violating the plaintiffs’ copyright.
The defendants were served with a takedown notice the same day the tape was posted but the lawsuit states, “In brazen disregard for Plaintiffs’ legal rights and personal privacy, Gawker not only refused to comply…but went on to maliciously distribute an uncensored copy of the Video.”
The suit, filed by top Los Angeles firm Lavely & Singer, says the plaintiff’s were damaged in excess of $1 million. It also says Dane and Gayheart registered the tape with the United States Copyright office and want a jury trial.
Ebner is accused of obtaining the video and giving it to Gawker. The tape, according to the suit, “as a direct consequence of Defendants’ despicable misconduct, is now available on countless other adult sites on the Internet.”

Were they talking about me at the end there? Because I don’t really consider this an “adult” site as much as a “breast emporium.” But that said, yeah, I still have a copy up. Sue me for being nostalgic. — No, wait.

Scope Out the Somehow Still Working Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Nude Tape

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  1. The 'A' Man

    First Bitches!!!

  2. BrandiLye

    Guess that makes me the B woman.

  3. BrandiLye

    What is going through one’s mind when making some crap like that? “JACKPOT………………..eventually.”

  4. rebeccegayheartandbooarelame

    that vid was hella boring anyway. damages? were they planning on selling it? no. and they only went and copyrighted proper AFTER it was posted as a legal maneuver. Jeez, two hot chicks on coke and they didn’t even fuck on cam? what a waste.

  5. I would like to sue those two idiots for wasting my time watching that shit.

  6. lamuella

    Warning to Gawker and Mark Ebner, if you piss off Rebecca Gayheart too much, she will kill your children with her car.

  7. Urbanspaceman

    Another celubutard non-sex tape. Whatever…

  8. richard

    I don’t know who they are or really want to see either of them naked.

  9. medi0169

    “Rebecca Gayheart Charged with Manslaughter”…

    “Gayheart was driving through Hollywood in her friend’s Jeep Cherokee when she struck 9-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr. as he crossed the street on his way home from school.”


  10. I wasted my time watching THAT?

  11. Crabby Old Guy

    All over that #9 – she better get going on enjoying her life, ’cause there’s a special casting couch in Hell with her name on it. I hear that Satan loves him some anal with grade Z Hollywood actresses. Oddly, he refers to his unit as “Noxema” ’cause it penetrates so deep.

    Mostly true story.

  12. Beav


  13. zuzuspetals

    I bet they are suing because the tape revealed them to be the most lethally boring people on the planet. I fell asleep multiple times while watching it.

  14. Annie Loves Anal

    I can’t believe these two C-listers are suing about a windfall. It’s the most press he’s gotten in the last two years (common knowledge Grey’s ain’t what it used to be). As pointed out by other commenters, the vid is actually kind of boring (would have preferred a little more action). As a former eighties coke snorter:

    2 lines = hot three-way sex.

    4 + lines = naked, incoherent pseudo intellectual babble.

    In hindsight, these two twats wasted about 2 grand an hour on a hooker they didn’t fuck + the blow they purchased to play dress up. Gawker should be suing them for being too stupid to even get a sex tape right.

  15. Annie Loves Anal

    P.S. Eric? Work on those abs. Nobody wants to see “McSteamy” with a beer belly. Blech.

  16. mafme

    Nice, they do own copyright over that work. This could be a great tactic to keep some of these shits in check.

  17. This is why you don’t have nude photographs or videos taken, unless you WANT something like this to happen. Does anyone really think that no one will ever see things like this? I think they knew what they were doing. Can you say post shark-jump publicity stunt for Eric? Yawn.

  18. john

    Lets not forget the part where the cars in front of her stopped but she was in a big hurry, so she sped around them and killed the boy.

  19. Alex

    When did Rebecca Gayheart lose her looks? She was always teh most gorgeous honey on the planet…now I’m sad.

  20. Darth

    ‘Nude tape’ is the right name.’Sex tape’ would be too much honor.

  21. Galtacticus

    Who’s willing to watch these two naked voluntary?!

  22. Gando

    Eww! No thanks!

  23. They are happy from their look.

  24. The two of them are druggies and he has a real small package. LOL. Imagine she’s bringing a baby into the world now. They even caught her smoking recently…

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