‘Entourage’ Wants Some Weiner In It

“So, how mad would you be if photos of my dick are lying all over the house? One to 10.”

Because pursuing Charlie Sheen wasn’t evidence enough that the last season of Entourage is going to be all stunt-casting, creator Doug Ellin has already approached disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner for a cameo, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Though the request went out before Weiner resigned from office Tuesday, don’t count on seeing him on the eighth and final season this summer. Asked what response he has gotten from Weiner, Ellin just says, “Nothing.”

Ext. Urth Cafe. DRAMA If those idiots aren't smart enough to cast Baby Bro, then their movie didn't deserve him anyway. VINCE Thanks, Drama. So, E, what's our move? ERIC Hang on, Vince, I'm making a call with my Blackberry Bold, available at Best- What? Someone just texted me a pic. TURTLE I like shoes and the hip hop music, what is it? ERIC It's a dick? ANTHONY WEINER [Walks out smiling, wearing scarf, skinny jeans, leather jacket.] Gotcha, E! DRAMA Ha! Looks like someone just "got it in the eye." [Everyone laughs, high fives, Vince raises a Budweiser in the air despite moments ago he was sipping an espresso.]

Photos: INFdaily