Enjoy Your Last Look at Red Chewbacca

Khloe Kardashian is apparently being forced by E! to dye her hair back to its original color because she doesn’t look enough like her sisters, according to Hollywood Life:

”I HATE being told what to do…. So not happy right now….,” Khloe tweeted on Jan. 15, later explaining the reasons for her frustration to her fans.
Khloe explained on her Twitter that E! wanted all the girls to keep their similar looks, something Khloe’s fiery new tresses made difficult. Khloe told a fan, “No not control… Just like us to look like sisters RT [email protected]: @KhloeKardashian wow really they can control your appearance?”

Right, the hair color was the determining factor here, not looking like a woolly mammoth whenever she stands next to Kourtney. Because before she dyed it, I just assumed they were all triplets. I don’t know how people even told them apart.

Photos: Getty, Splash News