Emma Watson unleashes some crotch wizardry

April 23rd, 2008 // 293 Comments

These are a few days old and I tried to avoid them, but after a barrage of e-mails, I realized you guys are cuckoo for some Emma “Hi, I just turned 18 this weekend when these pics were taken” Watson vagina action. For those of you who don’t know who Emma is, she plays Hermoine in the family-friendly Harry Potter films. For you male Potter fans out there, I’m sure this is your first look at a vagina. If you’re frightened, don’t feel bad about running back to your broomsticks. There’s just something about those long hard objects that just feels right to you, isn’t there? It’s okay, nobody’s judging you. Which is more than I can say to anybody that actually clicks to the uncensored pics.

NOTE: First three pics are NSFW because of the vagina magic.

Photos: Splash News

  1. John

    “9. Guy – April 23, 2008 6:32 PM

    Shes obviously trying to keep her legs together to stop these kind of photographs, so I think its disgusting that the paparazzi try so desperately to try and take photos of a womans private parts.”

    Oh yeah, she’s trying really hard to conceal herself.

    That’s why she has her skirt up around her waist and is wearing see-through knickers. Please. She knows the cameras are on her. Don’t be so naive; it’s no coincidence this was her 18th birthday, She’s trying to make a career transition from child actress to adult and get some free publicity.

  2. harry potter

    Whoever took that pic should be going to Azkaban!
    But that is kind of creepy! looks like i found the basilisk in the chamber of secrets

  3. M

    Mmmmm…..Id love to part those furry lips with my tongue!

  4. po

    That is the cutest vagina ever! I’d just love to stik my you no what in it

  5. Aubre

    I am a Lezbian and have seen lots of this kind of stuff
    I am only 16 and want to lick emma watson till she has an orgam!!!
    OMG this is hot

  6. Aubre

    I am a Lezbian and have seen lots of this kind of stuff
    I am only 16 and want to lick emma watson till she has an orgam!!!
    OMG this is hot

  7. dot

    @253: What furry lips?!?

    @254: What vagina?!? And in your case, no, I don’t know what. Perhaps your magic wand? While you’re wearing your wizard hat?

    All that’s there is a bit of bush, admittedly cute, behind see-thru panties.

    @255: And what the hell is an orgam?
    @256: And what the hell is an orgam?

  8. tender

    fuk i’d do her. ive been so into her but too bad she’z already taken :( dammit =.=

  9. dino

    Pedobear begins to clean out his van

  10. bob

    take the stars away, i wanna see the whole thing!

  11. tome green

    she is a sex symbol thats why the potter movies make as much as they do. sex sell’s! when is the last time you saw anything on the tv,movie preview,internet about a movie having ugly people as the cast and being a block buster and makeing millions of dollars??? if that wasn’t true then why do the plain people that are on tv and in movies ware tons of makeup men allso and have to have designer fashions and go on tv show’s to promote there new what ever because it’s all about the money and the paparazzi get paid more for crotch shots,brest shots and ass shots the plan pics because sex sell’s. you don’t like it don’t look lol. ya so what is that on her inner thigh looks like left over sperm hmmmm.

  12. ac

    i never watch the movies just stair at her the whole time.

  13. Jesse

    I bet it looks cute shaved!! all you people who think vaginas shouldn’t be shaved need to get a clue!! Hairy vaginas stink and collect lint shaven ones smell like honey and stay clean

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    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy….

  15. Haha this is so funny such little part of her body makes such huge reaction on public especially for guys. I was personally surprised when i saw that she is not shaved.

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  16. FASAL


  17. alex
    Commented on this photo:

    is that dried semen on her inner thigh?
    happy birthday.

  18. Trefor
    Commented on this photo:

    Such a cool customer, but sizzling hot as well.

  19. Hap

    Curtains don’t match the drapes.

  20. Sex Maniac

    Is she wearing panties?I’m reading this on a kindle so its black and white. if not,look at that pussy!I’d fuck her anytime.
    P.S. Im only twelve!

  21. Ugh
    Commented on this photo:

    What is wrong with people? .-. Why would you take picture of that? It’s just rude and utterly disgusting that someone would do that.

  22. sunyisanyi
    Commented on this photo:


  23. Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    This is a little late by like 3 years or so but damn i didn’t find out untill now????

  24. gIRL

    Does anyone else notice the weird angles these photod were taken from? Its not like she did it on purpose and posed! Some freaky perv was trying to take shots up her dress!!! Leave the poor girl alone!

  25. Horny Maniac

    Daaaaaamn I fapped ALOT !!!

  26. HMS
    Commented on this photo:

    Why? Because of ratings. And it’s fun to post scandal pictures online of those who are richer than you. They got more money than you, so you gotta make them suffer in any way possible. It is what defines human.

    • Joe

      I think it’s just cause people pay for celeb pics, it’s not to make them suffer…she should of fuckin covered up, or atleast shaved…

  27. juke
    Commented on this photo:

    holy whisker buisket :0! i found hagrids cheese he was missing. it also smelled like ron’s pubes

  28. juke
    Commented on this photo:

    Has anyone noticed that when she smiles it looks like shes going to cry? probable because harry left his wand in her “forest” and forgot to take it out

  29. juke
    Commented on this photo:

    Im surprised any one wants to FUCK her. If someone licked her it would be like licking a dog

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  31. Horny Harry
    Commented on this photo:

    please tell me those are see-through panties.

  32. Ryo
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m laughin at the guys who bitch about pube hairs. If you wan’t a girl to be as smooth as a baby’s butt, you better be prepared to take a razor to your own crotch-floss. Otherwise you can turn around and walk right back out, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

  33. Andres

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  34. jack

    are you guys serious, she’s not wearing underwear, she knew exactly what she was doing and i love her for it.

  35. amused

    Last comment – not wearing underwear?? Of course she’s wearing see-thru panties and you can see her pubic hairs through them.

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