Emma Watson unleashes some crotch wizardry

April 23rd, 2008 // 293 Comments

These are a few days old and I tried to avoid them, but after a barrage of e-mails, I realized you guys are cuckoo for some Emma “Hi, I just turned 18 this weekend when these pics were taken” Watson vagina action. For those of you who don’t know who Emma is, she plays Hermoine in the family-friendly Harry Potter films. For you male Potter fans out there, I’m sure this is your first look at a vagina. If you’re frightened, don’t feel bad about running back to your broomsticks. There’s just something about those long hard objects that just feels right to you, isn’t there? It’s okay, nobody’s judging you. Which is more than I can say to anybody that actually clicks to the uncensored pics.

NOTE: First three pics are NSFW because of the vagina magic.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Cherry

    #144 thank you for restoring my faith in the male sex. Reading some of the comments on this thread was really starting to depress me!

  2. lovesit

    i would totally love to munch that box

  3. Bob Sagget


  4. Barbara

    You guys are freaking sickos for posting something like this, how would you like it if someone did this to your sister. you suck.

  5. You

    Isn’t this child porn?

  6. Rob

    #16…Thats the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a blog comment!

    Fap Fap Fap…LOL!

  7. Rob

    I prefer a Hairy Potter…

    Bring back the Bush!

  8. Danklin24

    I love how some of the sick bastards here are saying she’s a little too young for them to enjoy this but yet she needs to shave her pubic hair so she’ll look even younger. Sick pedophiles. Pubic hair is natural and albeit, pretty sexy as long as its kept trimmed like Emma’s. Its certainly not a bush and you’re retarded if you think it is.

  9. people that are attracted to girls that have exactly the same parts and ability to procreate as 25 year old women but are under 18 are called ephebophiles, not pedos. chicks start popping out retards at 30, is that natures 12 year window? no, women are made to start fuckin at 13. Emma here has surely had her share of the cock by now.

    You know why I’m really glad these pictures are up though? Because it is the rare post that isn’t that fat talentless whore Kardashian or the skinny talentless whore Montag. Seriously, some fucking variety once in a while.

  10. Anon

    Hey, I shave my business. It’s kind of a respect thing. I don’t expect her to gargle hair, so why should I? Also, she’s not THAT hairy. She trims, which is acceptable. Or maybe she does shave and it’s been a couple days. That should give any of her fappers a reason to live: She’s not getting any. That’s a rumour. Spread it like wildfire.

  11. I am embarassed for anyone who wrote something other than—what the fuck is wrong with these photographers? why do they get so close that they even get crotch shots?

  12. just me

    COME ON emma…don’t you know how to sit? why do you have your legs all up like that? don’t you feel your skirt riding up? your momma needs to teach you how to exit a car, ESPECIALLY when wearing a short dress.

    # 213 – i don’t think the paps are trying to get crotch shots – they’re just taking pics & after the fact, they see what they captured – but who know, ppl. are sick.

  13. Jorge

    @#144,209, 210
    I totally agree. Shaved has so pasted its time. Trimmed is Very Sexy! Give character. And remember…..grass doesn’t grow on a playground……if u know what i mean!

    We have all watched her grow up watchin the Harry Potter movies and it the movies she is supposed to be 16 (by school years from Order of the Phoenix IIRC). So yeah, I can see how peeps would think she is young. But all the actors are older than what they portray in Harry Potter……Geez.

  14. Danklin24

    #214 if that were true that they were just taking pictures and just happened to get a crotch shot in there accidentally, there wouldnt be a zoomed in picture of her crotch on this website. You could say it was done by someone via a computer with croppi9ng but it would be a hell of a lot more blurry if they did it that way. This was all done in camera.

  15. saveme

    Dear Skip Smith (#198),

    You STFU, bitch.

  16. lio

    she is soo fat I mean she doesn’t look like this :


    what is wrong with his fatty?

  17. happygolucky

    On this website they will give you a car if you can prove you slept with Emma!


  18. Judy

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  19. John

    Oh this is so not right!!!!, She’s Hermione for christ sake!!, its like seeing your sister arrrghhhh, she’s just too young!!, we’ve like known her since she was 11 or 12 and Harry Potter ain’t finished yet!!!, she still gonna be playing a 15 year old in the next 2 movies. The Paps are a sick set of dudes!!!

  20. Pubic Hair Debate

    I dont really know what to think about the pubic hair issue. I mean coming from a woman, I do believe it makes sex more enjoyable.

    At the same time I have to agree with some others, that by removing the hair it does at least create an illusion of a prepubescent vag (whether that is the intent or not, it is the end result). Well what about breasts? It also seems favorable to have perky adolescent breasts. Not like what the average 20 somethings breasts would look like had they never worn a bra. Or the toehead white hair you see some many girls bleaching thier hair to have (Playboy) that is generally only seen on very small children. Or just removing any of the hair that you get at the time of puberty? On the armpits or legs? What if anything does that say?

  21. Trousers

    A ghost just came through my room and left ectoplasm everywhere!

  22. Kim Moore

    Emma’s vagina wasn’t showing because a woman’s vagina is internal. What appeared in the photo was her vulva. There is more than one word for a woman’s equipment.

    Look up VULVA. Look up VAGINA.

  23. Skip Smith

    Dear saveme (#217).

    Get your sasquachian pussy the fuck outta here, bitch!

  24. Emma

    Basically all you americans have issues with natural things, like pubes, like foreskins – you are so uncomfortable in your own skin that you think these things should be whipped off in an instant.

  25. Lugh

    Now that’s what I call a Hairy Twatter.

  26. Self-Righteous Euro Trash

    Basically all you americans have issues with natural things, like tooth decay, like rancid body odor – you are so uncomfortable in your own skin that you think that “hygene” is important.

  27. dew

    To the people that think a natural bush smells, ummm it’s SUPPOSED to have odor, DUH! If you’re that afraid of human sexual odors, get a blow up doll!

  28. Skip Smith

    Yeah, but I’m pretty sure that odor isn’t supposed to be “tuna salad in a used gym sock.” Douche that nasty shit, bitch.

  29. bambi


  30. chewbacca

    all hail emma twatson

  31. Uh, on one of the close ups there’s like…JIZZ on her thigh.


  32. Kai

    Pussy’s a pussy man. Doesn’t matter if its hairy or not

  33. NoelaniElla

    The stuff on her leg is the dried up remains of her career when she finishes Harry Potter. Is there anyone more annoying that this girl? She better start smoking crack to fit in with all the other trash

  34. herbiefrog

    glad to see that we hadnt posted on this one…

    boy… is she hot ?





    is she hot?

    isnt she still at school ?

  35. baddalailama


  36. jim

    Shes so manky wouldnt wanna touch that in a million years…

  37. John

    Go kill yourself now, dfghdfghdfh.

  38. e.c.

    OMG…the comments abt the poor girl made me puke….and yet she’s such a dear friend..i felt i had to type something here….EMMA is NOT a SLUT nor is she cHEAP.SHE was tired,drunk and she was filming all day and it’s like now 4.30 plus am…so GIVE HER a DAMN BREAK!!!!

  39. The Cool One

    Larry, your a homo

  40. HB

    Those who bashed the paps are a bunch of retardeds! She flashed on PURPOSE!! Grow some bains.

    213: Shaved >>> trimmed

    220: Small breasts are for pedophiles >.<

  41. leave her alone.

    Omg. She has underwear on, its not her fault the media are sick pervs. It looks like she was trying to prevent this from happening.
    Leave her alone..

  42. baddalailama

    pubes fuckin rock

  43. bob

    i jst spooged all over, but people are sick saying tht we like kiddie pussy¡!

  44. bob

    122 needs to be shot and fucking killed, she sounds like a huge bitch¡

  45. Meowth


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  49. brazen

    this girl is an absolute cutie, and over 18. who would not want to pound her flesh??

  50. Joe

    NoelaniElla Is worthless trash who deserves her head bashed in with a bat.

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