Emma Watson unleashes some crotch wizardry

April 23rd, 2008 // 293 Comments

These are a few days old and I tried to avoid them, but after a barrage of e-mails, I realized you guys are cuckoo for some Emma “Hi, I just turned 18 this weekend when these pics were taken” Watson vagina action. For those of you who don’t know who Emma is, she plays Hermoine in the family-friendly Harry Potter films. For you male Potter fans out there, I’m sure this is your first look at a vagina. If you’re frightened, don’t feel bad about running back to your broomsticks. There’s just something about those long hard objects that just feels right to you, isn’t there? It’s okay, nobody’s judging you. Which is more than I can say to anybody that actually clicks to the uncensored pics.

NOTE: First three pics are NSFW because of the vagina magic.

Photos: Splash News

  1. All of you screaming about the papsmears are fucking hypocrites. It’s those desperate photogs that keep you assholes coming back here. If she wants to avoid panty shots she shouldn’t wear any. See? Easy.

  2. Uncle Grumpus

    Didn’t Harry Potter appear fully nude on stage already?

    I don’t know, I didn’t grow up with these shitty movies or books and don’t associate them with childhood innocence or anything, so I don’t really care. All I can say is that these kids are awful, one-note performers judging from the bits and pieces of HP I’ve seen on cable, and not really attractive.

  3. Slick

    What a great day for HP Pervs everywhere.

    Also I’m sooooooooo glad she doesn’t shave like all the other women out there. I’m so sick of it.

    Pederast looking =/= hot.

    Emma is hot and so is her bush :P

  4. The Listener

    I think Emma looks cute in the photos. It’s kinda hard to tell whether the flash was accidental or intentional. She looks oblivious to the flash in the photos.

    But aren’t panties supposed to cover your vagina? So what’s the point in wearing see thru ones, especially in public?

    I ‘m not a fan of the completely bald vagina look. I like to see some pubic hair. Emma’s got just the right amount, not a barren desert or a rainforest.

  5. The Listener

    I think Emma looks cute in the photos. It’s kinda hard to tell whether the flash was accidental or intentional. She looks oblivious to the flash in the photos.

    But aren’t panties supposed to cover your vagina? So what’s the point in wearing see thru ones, especially in public?

    I ‘m not a fan of the completely bald vagina look. I like to see some pubic hair. Emma’s got just the right amount, not a barren desert or a rainforest.

  6. Crookshanks

    First Harry shows his bits in Equine and now Hermione shows hers in a car seat. What’s next, Ron Weasley streaking through Wembley Stadium?

  7. briar

    You men are fucking hypocrites. You expect women to be bald and prepubescent looking but you show up with a bush bigger than what any normal woman would have? And you want me to go down on that?! Not that the alternative is better… shaved public regions on men is disgusting and unnatural. You should be happy you are getting laid at all! And if a woman properly grooms/trims down there and isn’t an unhygienic whore, there is no problem with a smell, and just because you shave doesn’t mean all odors miraculously disappear. You are all to ignorant douches. I’m surprised you get laid at all.

  8. BA_Baracus

    Will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way?

  9. #159 – I’m assuming “briar” refers to the briar patch on your nethers. What’s your stance on armpit hair? Looks like you got Coolio in a headlock I’m sure. But I’m with you; never discount the magnetic qualities of pheromones and the undeniably attraction human stench can engender. Skip a few showers while you’re at it, Yeti.

  10. Crystal

    i agree with number 13.

    wrong on soo many levels. I love and am a frequent of your site.. but come on.. she could be like me little sister.. …

  11. Disease ridden whore

    Hi! I think she is really cute and I heard she has a spot on my favorite internet dating site___________OversizedPusDrippingMangledTwat.c o m.
    It is a great place for HIV+ types and all cute persons suffering from any kind of VD you name it! Get together and hook up for some Darwinian microorganismic rampant mutagenic small cell/viral evolvin’-and pass-it-on-to-the-next-sucker kind of kinks and fun!!!!

    I hear she is quite popular there! (Ted from LA is a personal fave of mine)

  12. Joe C

    First of all, this must be the last celeb blog on the planet to post these. I guess you were too busy wacking to get them up.

    Second, WTF is it with these retards complaining about pubes. They are natural after all. If a woman’s beaver stinks with hair, it will stink without it. You have just been smelling the wrong pussy. A good, hygienic woman should have a nice smell down there and hair will only make this stronger. If you don’t like the pleasant smell of a clean pussy, maybe you should go back to your blow up doll.

  13. The golden snatch! I’d bludger it.

  14. Linda


    Great point!

    If a guy has a little or a lot of pubic hair, then he better wash his sweaty pubic hair befor I give him a BJ or shave his hair so I don’t have to smell pubic sweat order. I shave my lips and trim my pubic hair and I shower before oral sex.

    Emma needs to practice getting out of a car like a lady. Cross your legs as you turn towards the door!

  15. AfroBeaver

    Baby if a man wants a some a my what I gots he take it like it is as it is.

  16. vandelayindustries

    Nice beaver…….

    Thanks, just had it stuffed……

  17. lipper

    Like a guy doesn’t smell down there? So, you guys need to shave your shit to or forget about me visiting smallville. Goes both ways. I do it, so if you don’t, no sucky sucky for you. Simple as that. No GIRL wants to choke on a pube either.

  18. Mal Gusto

    So much to say…
    I have been waiting 6 years for these pictures.

    …#13. Sarah-
    Come on! Ugh – ……It’s like crotch shots of my neice. ugh.
    Sarah we will be the judge of that. Post pics of your nieces privates and we will rate them.
    #88 SBESS…Patriarchy?!? Now get off the internet and get back in the kitchen.

  19. Sam_On_Ella

    I wanna take the skin boat to tuna town and dock in her fleshy little harbor.

  20. Wood Wand

    Daddy wants to fuck her all night long, I like her alot when she was like 13, that cute bald beaver.

    That is how you sick fucks sound when you are talking about having sex with this little girl. If you are all pedo’s, then you deserve to die.

  21. acidbrat


  22. aeuwave

    Is her vagina in jail? Or are those her underwear? However, it is creepy since she looks exactly how she did in the first Harry Potter in the face… but I did click on the pictures. ;P

    Nothing wrong with “fur” on the beaver.

  23. bobby bo bo

    @3 :D LOL!

  24. jdfksv

    ummm you didn’t need to post them??! Cute girl and you just ruined her day or maybe even her life.

  25. NY Ted

    Oh Oh…my magic wand is beginning to trembling with delight and wants to investigate this sweet little furry pussy of a most wizardly sight…open up wide some more Emma we have to do some internal probing with my now growing stiff magic wand…!!! And it even shoots out some sweet magic juice of its own!

  26. el ces

    @173 *LOL*

    Oculus Reparo!!

    To be honest, I don’t think any less of her.
    Her dress being hiked up that much is kind of suspicious though.

  27. FRT

    I cannot believe some of the comments regarding leaving poor Emma alone!
    First off…she is now 18 years old…a qualified adult woman in the western world. Second…if anyone thinks that her “bushy-wizard” has not had man-meat inserted then you are living in Potterville. Third…these are not her pretty 12 year old cotton panties she has on with the little elephants…she wants to wear see through panties with paparazzi all around…she gets what she deserves!

    Now, let me get back to inspecting these pics…!!!

  28. poopinmornin

    what a shame !! seriously seem nice girl
    fukin paparazis
    atleast its only brush :S

    whos next the ginger pubis someone ?

    wrong really wrong

  29. why should we be interested in whats down there?
    isnt that her business?
    but i guess we all have those moments when we just have to look, because i clicked the link to this page to check it out.
    but seriously, there shouldnt even be a link to something such as this.
    the paparazzi ruin everytthing as far as im concerned

  30. andie

    All girls should be taught the fine art of exiting a vehicle without putting on a show. And you know what I think? I think Miss Emma has been taught. I think maybe she got distracted or forgot, or maybe she wanted these photos to hit the net full force. Who knows. But one thing I will say after reading through some of the comments is that grown women have hair. They’re supposed to have hair. I don’t understand why some people think grown women should look like little girls in that respect. Groom yourself, yes. Shave if you want to. But a grown woman having hair on her nether regions is totally normal, and there is no reason to shave if you don’t want to.


  31. ginger_t

    Um, the paps are just shooting what’s open in the field, people. Any girl will tell you it’s not difficult to navigate life without showing your crotch. There are simple, obvious, and automatic ways gals move around in a mini … and what going on here is a thinly veiled attempt at looking like this was accidental. The dress is not even that short. And when you do sit down in one, the first thing you automatically do is adjust it … she left it up, she knew it was up … please, this is her hack PR agent telling her, “this is how you break through as an adult … ” so pathetic that someone’s coaching her on this, so pathetic she listened …

  32. nublar

    look, she’s wearing translucent underwear, has her dress bunched up around her hips, and she’s got what looks like semen on her leg

    she’s been in pictures drinking the shitload out of some beer and partying with other dumb white girls, so why is it so hard for you to believe that she did this on purpose

    no woman ever shows anything they don’t mean to, especially celebrities

  33. jimmy

    wow, that didn’t take too long, at least for this “photo shoot” she was wearing some panties, sorta! :-|

  34. Michael

    young, unshaven pussy is a big turn off….

  35. dement

    It’s really funny how all these freaks think that a woman having hair below the nape of the neck is somehow disgusting and unnatural, but a man can be Bigfoot and still be attractive (and non-smelly). Wax that sh*t, boys.

    As for Emma, between this and her douche boyfriend, I suspect she’ll be in Blohan territory in just a couple years, once she’s finished with the Potter series. Drugs, partying, cooch flashes, and big lines of megadouchery.

  36. Sigmund Frodo

    A couple or 3 decades ago, the only women with shaved pussies were the whores that shaved them because of the crablice… and the whores that shaved them for their pedophile customers. Then the porn stars started doing it so we got a better look at the goods. Or… maybe for the same reasons as the whores!

    Personally, I find shaved poontang to be scratchy and picky. Probably like my face is between her thighs, which is I why I try to have a freshly shaved face before commencing. I prefer a real woman with a trimmed bush, if needed for aesthetic reasons.

    As far as stinking down there during oral sex… for both sexes… why aren’t you people bathing before having someone stick their face down there? Yuck!

  37. Sergio

    Completely unnecessary. We know foxys that like show her crotch, and this it is not the case. is necessary? … unnecessary, invasive, gratuitous… pherhaps, the people by this place, can´t distinguish the limits

  38. muchass44

    186. Michael – April 24, 2008 2:13 PM

    young, unshaven pussy is a big turn off….


  39. SoCalSteve


    I’m 21, she’s 18.

    I sound like a pedophile?

    You are one ignorant dumbfuck.

  40. Rugged Ryan

    I wish I was a Dementor so I could suck the soul of out of her and have her Patronus in my face.

  41. deacon jones

    This chick’s too old, NEXT!

  42. perplexed25

    Remember everyone. She is 18 now, and therefore legal (but just barely) so don’t feel like a pedo-perv if you look at this picture.

    just feel like a regular perv for whacking off to 18 year olds. I know I do…and I did. :)

    and trust me. usually when a girl shaves down there, they are usually a little slutty. it is just that she chose the wrong day to wear translucent underwear…if that is underwear.
    this could be just an accident or a paparazzi who just got lucky

  43. meborg

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Herhenie is HOT!!!!!!

    Worth The Wait!!!!!!

  44. Prof

    A “pedophile” is someone that is sexually attracted to PRE-adolescent children (not 18 year old women that look really young), peds are at least 16 themselves, and finally is at least 5 years older then the victim. Personally, I think this Emma chick is kind of plain and not all that (not a Harry Potter fan sorry), but I wouldn’t call people that want to jerk it to her peds. Some people complain even when folks over 25 want to fuck people 18 to 20 year olds, hell its ok for them to risk their life in war, but fucking then is wrong-whatever!

  45. Skip Smith

    Shut up and shave, bitches.

  46. Hagrid

    I better go out to the woods and tame my dragon!

  47. big teeth

    That’s the good stuff right there… she must have been wearing those for someone.. just wish it was me.

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