Emma Watson unleashes some crotch wizardry

April 23rd, 2008 // 293 Comments

These are a few days old and I tried to avoid them, but after a barrage of e-mails, I realized you guys are cuckoo for some Emma “Hi, I just turned 18 this weekend when these pics were taken” Watson vagina action. For those of you who don’t know who Emma is, she plays Hermoine in the family-friendly Harry Potter films. For you male Potter fans out there, I’m sure this is your first look at a vagina. If you’re frightened, don’t feel bad about running back to your broomsticks. There’s just something about those long hard objects that just feels right to you, isn’t there? It’s okay, nobody’s judging you. Which is more than I can say to anybody that actually clicks to the uncensored pics.

NOTE: First three pics are NSFW because of the vagina magic.

Photos: Splash News

  1. The New Ted from LA Must Have an Advanced Degree and Little Dinky

    he uses really big words often times out of context and he either has a little pecker or a big ego with several letters after his name but he probably does not have a job or he would not be able to (here is a word little pecker will enjoy) perseverate about what the real ted from la does classic obsessive compulsive disorder with visons of grandeur and pecker minituritis with a touch of self-obsorbtion

  2. booboo

    Don’t like hairy crotches….but it’s young flesh….so it’s ok.

  3. Ted from LA- All new and improved

    102—-You’re on to me. I have a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois, but I haven’t been able to secure a job. Being a mental parasite is my way of feeling needed and wanted. It also keeps my intellectual skills sharp. I did my dissertation on studying the correlation between erectile dysfunction and being a parasite on the internet. I was a Fulbright Scholar, yet lived in my mom’s basement to save money. If I get a job in academia, you’ll never see me again. If not, I’ll continue to find popular people on this site and try to take over their personalities. My ultimate dream is that this will eventually payoff with a self-made erection.

  4. Lydia

    22 and 70: Right, because women never wear sexy underwear just because they like the way it looks, or because they want their boyfriends to see it. They only wear it because they want every creepy douchebag in the world to see it and jerk off to it.


  5. Jon

    Wow this is pretty fucked up. She’s really cute and is one of the few good ones that DOESN’T want to be a slut (thank God). Please take these down, for her sake.

  6. I loved the harry potter books but this line was hilarious.

    “For you male Potter fans out there, I’m sure this is your first look at a vagina. “

  7. a

    i love hairy women she looks like she may even have some in her ass crack

  8. Rob

    I’d love to get up there and eat her out for an hour or two. Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    She is so sexy and young. Do you really think that she is 18 year-old??? Once I saw her sexy photos on a dating community called M E E T I N G W E A L T H Y dot com. It is said she is dating friends there.

  10. sucreKID

    I believe the correct terminology is “Harry Twatter”

  11. Oh hell to the fucking yeah! Emma Watson is smoking. Beautiful face, features, body, brains, the whole package. She tops my list of smoking hot actresses whose crotch shots have been missing all year. But if she’s gonna flash the crack the should shave it down to a landing strip or something. Too much hair downstairs is sloppy.

    PS: But Da Man would bang her hairy coochie two times!

  12. Hey all you sloppy bitches asking why everyone wants women to shave and ‘look like girls.’ That’s besides the point, the real issue is a smooth cooch is aesthetic for many reasons.

    It’s cleaner, smells better, is more sensitive, and doesn’t force feed men pubes when they go downtown. You lazy bitches who don’t shave have smelly cooches. Go back to the 1980s if you don’t wanna shave.

    PS: No shave no oral game over!

  13. OH DEAR GOD. You’d think she’d at least remember to put on underwear??

  14. Looks like Emma Watson just sold out

  15. Anne

    You went too far – never visiting this site again.

  16. A nice way to contractually get out of doing the last HP movie. She wants to star.

  17. TrulyJulie

    How many levels of WRONG can there be?!?! Geezus…
    You’ve lost an avid reader here, you scumbag writers!

  18. unableunwilling


    Seriously? She’d probably have to start removing limbs to become 30 pounds lighter. The girl looks perfect the way she is.

    And as for the shaving thing, I’m a chick, currently not getting any, and I still have a smooth one. It’s cleaner, and during sex acts, much more pleasurable as there is nothing obstructing the happenings. I don’t think it’s bad to have a little upstairs, but downstairs is better bald.

  19. Unbeliever

    #119 – If it was 18-year old male pubes you’d be all over it.

    #120 – where is ‘upstairs’ exactly? We’re talking inbetween the breasts, right?

  20. saveme

    Her dress was way up her thighs, passed her crotch area and she damn well knew it was exposed! Jesus, the only time I’d expose myself like that or not wear any underwear would be for my lover, not the whole fucking world. Another typical young Hollywood skank.

  21. saveme

    Hey #114, how is having hair or no hair have anything to do with sensitivity?!! Pubes don’t grow on clitorises. And I really don’t get how a woman looking like a pre-pubescent little girl is in any way aesthetically pleasing or a turn on unless you’re a child rapist. As for the smell, all we need to do is wash down there.

    Maybe you should start fucking stupid skanks who shower on a regular basis. Fucking moron.

  22. saveme

    Oh, and BTW #114, do you shave? I bet you don’t, do you? I think that if you homos think that women should shave down there, all you fags should, too.

    My favorite sexual activity is 69. My last boyfriend was a great lover, but he was extremely hairy and would start to sweat and begin to smell like a back alley of a dive bar down there where I’d had to immediately stop my favorite sport to come up for air from choking to death from the disgusting stench.

    So, you shave, pencil dick!

  23. Exo

    I´m totally amazed by the fact that noone has made the obvious Wizard sleeve-comment yet.

  24. Sol

    why is the preferance for shaved or non shaved pubic hair such an important and sensitive issue?

    seriously, these comments are so disappointing.

  25. Joe

    # 9 # 12 ARE U KIDDING ME? If she doesn’t want the picture of her private parts taken what’s with the sheer undies??? cotton briefs exist toooooooo
    this little bitch wanted to show her pussy !!!!!
    Guess this britney bitch made the crotch showing this poular.

  26. saveme

    Dear Hairless (Brainless),

    God and Mother Nature gave both men and women pubic hair for a reason, brainiac! First of all, hair doesn’t grow “on” the vagina, you tragically dumb fellow. They grow on the pubis which is a bone near the stomach region, (really no sensitivity there) and they grow around the labia (not that much sensitivity at all).

    The main areas that arouse women when touched, licked and fingered are the clitoris, the vagina and round those immediate areas, and as I mentioned to your fellow retard, #114, hair doesn’t grow in those areas so having a bush doesn’t affect sensitivity AT ALL. And for penetration, unless she’s got foot long pubes, come on!

    If the women you’ve been so freakishly lucky to sleep with have told you otherwise, they’re LYING! Women and girls these days value having a boyfriend so much so than themselves that they’ll say anything to please and keep a man, even a stupid fucking moron like you.

    And what does shaving one’s private area really have anything to do with “taking care of your body”? Taking care of your body is eating right, excercising regularly, not smoking, not drinking excessively and doing drugs .

    OMFG, you’re so fucking stupid, that you don’t even know. God, take me, now.

  27. FACE

    Now that is some young white snatch

  28. The Original Unoriginal Ted from LA (not the imposters)

    Sirs, you are only half right. I do not have an advanced COLLEGE degree although I have a relatively advanced degree of jock itch if that counts (it has spread down to my knees into my anus).
    And thanks for the new big word I can add to my fancy vocabulary …
    …P E S E V E V E R A T E …awsome!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Let’s see my penis other than being undersized works just fine thank you very much – occasionally and when the right or very very wrong stimulus is afforded it and I will not divulge what that would be unless you really need to know what that might be.

    And yes, I derive satisfaction from annoying popular people – I just haven’t found one on this site yet.

    (Yanking with some difficulty his mangled sticky twisted fingers from the keyboard – one long fingernail caught in the F key – the bent and hobbling dwarf shuffles to his breadbox and fixes a torn piece of green bread and spam jelly and greedily stuffs it into his toothless mouth. He farts long and liquid laughing with snot dangling into his sandwich, knowing that this will be another productive day. Peering through the sheets he has covering his one broken window, he waits for the waitress to come home next door. He breathes heavily through mucated lungs excitedly…she is late…he shudders…)

  29. Lola

    I just turned 18 too!

  30. Bubba

    I like the whole ‘cunt behind bars’ thing.

    I’m not sure what it means but it’s good.

  31. G

    another hairy pussy …

  32. charle

    She is hot. Just saw her sexy photos on a dating site called Wealthy Kiss.c o m where people are wealthy and they’re looking for companionship romance or love. Don’t know if it is her.

  33. Mohammed

    Typical infidel witch whore flashing her vagine at the entire world.

    This is why we keep our women in burkas ,so that they will not flash their axe-wounds at the rest of the world.

  34. JohnnE

    @75 fuck you, why should men not get hair in their teeth but women should? Hair is natural for People past puberty you sicko paedophile, maybe you like molesting children, but any decent bloke does not.
    As for your my country crap? Haha Australia is a great country, we aren’t all big fat lazy slobs all here like you ugly fat hairless American fucks. There is nothing more unattractive than an American woman – simpering and insipid and fake and the nauseating accent you lot have is really vomit inducing.
    Here’s hoping some country does develop WMD and drops them on you fake paedophiles and children wannabees.

  35. correction

    Hot damn! Not only did I get to see some really great panties (where can I get the “snatch behind bars look”??), but I got to see a flash of a perfectly sweet girl blooming into a celebriskank in her own right. On top of that, I got me sum gooood edumacation on the ins and outs of pussy shaving…er I mean pubic bone area shaving (kudos to saveme for taking the time out to educate the masses). And on top of *that* I get to hear how some Australian would like to bomb America because our women shave their snatches. Whoo hoo! Does Thursday morning get any fucking better? Freaking hilarious.

    One correction to Crocodile Dundee over here: Women do not get hair in their teeth unless they have a small dicked man.

  36. Rugged Ryan

    :: looks down at pants :: WTF!?!? Someone must’ve put the Wingardium Leviosa charm on me! At any rate, since I’m up :: points magic wand to pants :: ENGORGIO!

  37. Albus Dumbledore

    I bet you’d like to stick your patronus charm in her forbidden forrest.

  38. Randal

    I thought only American women were complete pieces of pork, but I guess I’m wrong. I never knew Hogwarts had a Lane Bryant store to help clothe these fat cows.

    Why do you insist on posting pictures of these morbidly obese celebrities? Her huge, bloated “sad bags” on her chest are going to ruin her posture and her over all fat ratio means she’ll be losing those tree trunk legs from complications due to Diabetes. FAT, FAT, FAT and disgusting. Someone smack the fish and chips from her hand and get her a rice cake.

  39. HAGRID

    Alright, Hermione? I’d like to stick my Buckbeak in your Norbert!


  40. Professor McGonagle

    Oh dear look at the bush on that. Thank goodness you’ve taken my transfiguration class Hermione.

    Professor McGonagle

  41. Johnny C

    Um, I think I smell a lawsuit….

  42. bleedingballs

    I suspect the people arguing for a hairless area has never dated anyone or is dating cousin IT. I have never dated a girl that shaves down there. They might trim it every now and then but nobody has hairless your a porn star. Plus if you are complaining about going downtown bc there is hair there then I suspect you suck at it anyway and she doesn’t care regardless. Either way shave your balls before she gives you a BJ and see how scary it is to have blades on your nuts. Its no picnic believe me.

  43. Makoq Ishuge

    brasilian FTW!

  44. LL

    Omg….Harry Potter will never be the same again……

  45. Chauncey Gardner

    Release the hounds.

  46. Hairy Hole Biker Momma

    *Queef*, *titty flop noises as mambo boobs rustle in sweat caked dirty bra*, of course *silent stankin lengthy fart* “Hey muther fukkker! I aint never shaved my cunt and I got a young man from up in the Kentucky hills that thinks my cooter tastes like chedder cheese! Fuck shavin, that’s for barbers.

  47. Z

    is that where we put our penis in?


    Pretty panties…………………………

    On a related note:

    Men who frequently masturbate appear to have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, Australian researchers reported.

    Researchers from the Cancer Council of Victoria found that men who masturbated more than five times each week were one-third less likely to develop the cancer.

    The study surveyed 1,000 men who developed prostate cancer and 1,250 who did not, and all were between the ages of 20 and 50, according to a report on Monday on the gay and lesbian news site PlanetOut.

    Click here to comment on this story.

    Researchers told the BBC last week that the prostate produces one of the fluids involved in ejaculation and that frequent masturbation appears to flush out carcinogens.

    Sexual intercourse may not have the same effect because it increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could raise the risk of cancer, the Web site reported.

    See Mom, I told you it was ok.!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ugly Lonely Little Fella

    Yes! Thanks Tex T! Man what a relief!

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