Emma Watson unleashes some crotch wizardry

April 23rd, 2008 // 293 Comments

These are a few days old and I tried to avoid them, but after a barrage of e-mails, I realized you guys are cuckoo for some Emma “Hi, I just turned 18 this weekend when these pics were taken” Watson vagina action. For those of you who don’t know who Emma is, she plays Hermoine in the family-friendly Harry Potter films. For you male Potter fans out there, I’m sure this is your first look at a vagina. If you’re frightened, don’t feel bad about running back to your broomsticks. There’s just something about those long hard objects that just feels right to you, isn’t there? It’s okay, nobody’s judging you. Which is more than I can say to anybody that actually clicks to the uncensored pics.

NOTE: First three pics are NSFW because of the vagina magic.

Photos: Splash News

  1. The Poster Formally Known as Ted from LA

    I’m as big of a pervert as they come, but not even I can click on the star remover.

  2. dew

    Oh the outrage that some paps might actually be degenerate pervs that will stoop to anything to get outrageous shots that will make them $. Complaining about it won’t ever stop it, some men will always be pervs no matter who it is, his or her age, and whether or not the ‘victim’ is a celeb

    I totally agree with #32; teach girls at a fairly young age, maybe 12ish, how to get out of vehicles properly while wearing a dress. My junior high school gym teacher taught us all, and apparently some Joan Collins how too. I suspect many of these young celeb women are doing this on purpose to generate publicity. I’m undecided on Emma, but considering her dress isn’t the shortest skirt girls her age wear, I wouldn’t be too shocked to find out she staged it.

    And the “ooh she needs to shave” weirdos: What is it with you that makes you want an adult woman to look like a child?

    #41 – Your raunchy humor had me LOL’ing.

  3. Mr.S.

    I’ve seen Hermione’s hermione!


    Jesus Christ. Superficial fans are like a pack of rabies ridden hungry wolves just waiting in the distance for something to get close.

    Poor girl.

    *don’t’ get me wrong i will still be masturbating to this tonight.*

  5. Harry

    The age of consent in the UK is 16, which is why a 16 year old Keira Knightley could flash her boobs in “The Hole”. As for Emma…I would like to call FIRST, if you know what I mean.

  6. omg



  7. yuristache

    She is 18 years old, but has been in the public spotlight since she was an adolescent. She knows about the paparazzi; she knows that they try for these photos — there is no way she did not know about Britney Spears’ episode of a year or two ago. She decided to wear panties that don’t cover her entire genital area while wearing a short dress. You live and learn. Buy a pair of comfy granny panties in black to match the dress, and if they show through in a situation like that, it may be a fashion faux pas, but at least you exit with your dignity and innocence in tact. At least she is graceful enough to come out of this without destroying her reputation.

  8. Britney S.

    What the hell is that covering her vag?

  9. marc

    Why is it that all women are photographed as sex symbols? On top of that, she’s so young! And who cares if she has pubes? In case you weren’t aware, all women have pubic hair, and underarm hair, and leg hair. Unfortunately, society says “shave it or be embarrassed”.

  10. Cannot avoid annoying spammers

    Jesus Christ! No matter where I go I have to see some asshole spamming his site. That rich dating site is ALWAYS spamming here. Like I am suppose to believe she is dating a billionaire right now. Get the fuck out of here.

  11. Someone

    great another fatty showing her bush. thats the only way these girls are noticed seriously cant they gert a clue an stop parading around like whores and start looking like noremal people. if she lost about 30 ppounds she might look ok but we shouldnt be encouraging everyone to look liek these people seriously. theres an obestiy probleme for a reaons people

  12. marc

    awesome. wow! B-)

  13. FIRST


  14. Quinn

    Good job Emma! Happy 18th!!
    Now keep pretending to ‘accidently’ show us your crotch, you big girl you.

  15. James

    Nice panties.

  16. What the

    She is a baby ( to young )

  17. madashell

    you slime balls…………..gawd, and we wonder why this freakin’ world is in such bad shape…………you pieces of trash scumbags for doing that to this CHILD

  18. Ted from LA - All New and Improved - Lots of Pubic Hair too

    You can see now why I a lowly mental parasite have replaced the original Ted from LA. I not only clicked on the star to see her “breedin’ ditch”, but actually slimed all over the keyboard!
    I agree though that the Paps need to be eliminated and I suggest some old school vigilantism to deal with these parasites. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with being a parasite though…

  19. Joe

    She’s 18 so that means she’s legal and she wouldn’t be walking around wearing see through underwear if she didn’t want someone to look at her beaver. That’s a naughty little girl that craves teh penis. I’ll be happy to oblige.

  20. JohnnE

    Its sick Americans who think every woman doesn’t have pubic hair, what does it tell us about American men and women? the men like childrens pussies or the women want their pussies to look like childrens? This shave your pubic hair is not so common elsewhere, but thick,fat,ugly, obese Americans think the world stops at california and the East Coast and that the whole Western world is like them in their sad fuck paedo practices.

  21. JohnnE

    Its sick Americans who think every woman doesn’t have pubic hair, what does it tell us about American men and women? the men like childrens pussies or the women want their pussies to look like childrens? This shave your pubic hair is not so common elsewhere, but thick,fat,ugly, obese Americans think the world stops at california and the East Coast and that the whole Western world is like them in their sad fuck paedo practices.

  22. Jonathan

    Hairy Pooter!

    Nah, it’s all good though. That’s fine. Hmm, why do they feel the need to take photos of this?

  23. Clean Decent Americans need to invade Mexico

    No chico, we just like ours clean and lean. Unlike the thick bushy fat nasty stankin’ cunts of your whores. We like to eat pussy here and when it is shaved it doesn’t get in your mouth you little brown faggot. Not that a mongrel injun conquered puto like you have ever had any decent snatch in your life.
    Now get out there and mow the lawn, there is a van with your enire family of like 20 ugly fat criminal types waiting to take you back to the trailer park.

  24. First off to the people talking about why its better to be shaved, its because noone wants to go down on a bitch and get hair in their teeth. 1 Perfect example why all women should shave. Now as far as men goes who cares, the lady can deal with it. And for 72, Just please shut the fuck up and stop hating on america because your country is a piece of shit, thanks.

  25. blizzy

    Uh…note to whoever writes this shit. Most people would say a “vagina” is characterised by a little more than seeing public hair. OMG we saw pubic hair which confirms she has some “gasp”.

    Anyways, I think she’s hotness, especially for a brit, they’re usually kinda rough looking.

  26. Ted Mosby

    This is just wrong.

    On the positive side, I think her poon will stay relatively healthy for years to come. Unlike the beat up ones that Britney, Paris and Lindsay carry around.

  27. blizzy

    I just read what #61 wrote and i’m trying to figure it out. If she’s fat then you clearly need to stop purging retard.

    *goddamn chinese lead painted toys are rotting people’s minds*

  28. SBESS

    umm what’s with all this “oooh the carpet doesn’t match the drapes” talk??? blondes do have brown “carpets” ya know.

  29. SBESS

    also whats with all the hate speech???? its kinda scary.

  30. Hate

    If you have a problem with our customs I suggest you carry your ass back to the cesspool from which you came. Our government hates us and it amazes me how much shit the American people are now spoon fed. And they swallow with a smile.
    So yeah, there are some like me filled with malice and disgust. I would love to take to the streets and settle these problems such as racial hatred towards the white race. Bring it on until we take it upon ourselves to deal with you. And rest assured that day is coming. Our economy is rotting away and we care about sports and American Idol.
    Fiddle on Pied Piper!

  31. Jake

    I’d love to lose myself in that brown hairy muff

  32. sal

    Wait til your 80 years old and still attracted to teenage muff.

  33. Theodore from East LA

    The one and only Ted from LA is playing you like a fiddle. Man vs Boy.
    Game Over.

  34. dongdadongdongdong..i miss that song

    #79 actually these people don’t know. All their knowledge of the vagina comes from the internet. I am sure these people believe there are actual men out there with 12 inch dongs.

  35. Farthammer

    I just jizzed in my underwear 5 times

  36. Farthammer

    I just shot 2 more loads. God bless the Internet, thesuperficial, and stupid white girls all over the world.

  37. Hairless

    To all the dumb asses that say “why do you want a womens vagina to look like a little girls?”

    It has nothing to do with little girls you paranoid dumbfuck. It has to do with a clean look, feel, and comfort for BOTH parties when intimate. It is 10 times more pleasurable for a women to have a bald vag when touched, and much better for penetration.

    So theres your daily sex ed for all you idiots that dont get why its better. Its called grooming, and taking care of your body.

  38. SBESS

    #85, ahhhh thanks for clearing that up, i was wondering what everyone was talking about aaaaand
    #88 its actually called patriarchy, not grooming.

  39. me

    obviously the french are taking over…

  40. those are some weird undies — and this is coming from a guy who has his own line of weird undies

  41. Spazz

    Johne E = fag.
    Go back to websites on your side of the pond.

  42. Mel

    I love this site and never have any issues with anything on it, but I wish you hadn’t posted these. She’s a sweet girl and I feel like this is exploitative. When it’s Vanessa Hudgens it’s funny… but when it’s Hermione it just feels wrong.

  43. AT least she doesn’t shave…

  44. AT least she doesn’t shave…

  45. nano

    I’d like to thank the commentors in this post for making my day.

    Seriously though, what the fuck is that.

  46. dfghdfghdfh

    SHAVE, you French bitch!

  47. Anal Fistula

    she’s going to be crazy hot at 23 or so…

  48. Cap'm Pickles

    Hey. All fair. Too bad the bitch spoiled the whole underage “hairless” fantasy. Seems she took the whole “hairy” potter thing too seriously. Setting herself up for a serious case of “hogwarts”. I would still like it ’til it’s creamy.

  49. medau

    It looks like Hagrid left his beard behind

  50. Weasel

    Speaking of sex-ed–what you call a “vagina” is actually the vulva. Vaginas are inside. The passage from the uterus to the vulva, or “hole”, so to speak. You can’t really see it unless you’re an OB/GYN.

    Hundreds of years of fighting for equal rights and recognition, and women are still referred to as bitches, cunts, whores, and sluts. Congratulations, modern society. Congratulations on being just as ignorant, prejudiced, and backwards as the people to whom you claim to be so superior.

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