Emma Watson in a bikini

November 30th, 2009 // 307 Comments

Because perverts make up 98% of The Superficial’s traffic – And 110% of the editorial staff. (I have a conjoined twin.) – here’s a bikini-clad Emma Watson in Jamaica this morning. For any young Harry Potter fans accidentally stumbling upon this post, you’re probably experiencing strange feelings you’ve never felt before. But don’t worry, those feelings are perfectly natural and are only going to send you to Hell for a fiery eternity spent wishing you only thought about baseball and free market capitalism. No biggie.

NOTE: Did I tell you guys James Dobson is covering the site today? Probably should’ve mentioned that.

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    She really isnt that attractive, or is it that she looks like she is twelve that makes her attractive to everyone else.

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    Can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on with that foot in #3? Is that a pig foot?

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  29. Emma Watson Bikini
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    dont like the look of that foot in the bground..

  30. Emma Watson Bikini
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    that foot looks like a rancid old penis. naughty emma!!!!!!!! lol xoxoxo

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    fluffy ass!!

  32. Audrey

    ewww. ewwwww. just… EWWW. She looks bad enough in the face, extremely plain, average-looking, and boyish (Google “Richard Dawkins”) but she might possibly have a worse body. I have never seen such a scrawny body have a gut like that. she’s boyish in the body as well in the face. keira knightley can sometimes pull that off but not here. this girl is disgustingly overrated, in terms of… well everything.

  33. Meredith.

    I’ve got to agree with Audrey, her stomach’s nowhere near flat.

  34. Emma Watson Bikini
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    what the optical illusion penis fuck

  35. Emma Watson Bikini
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    How come she looks more manly than Justin Bieber.

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    that is one nice dumper. bet it smells like strawberries

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    yeah I see a penis here

  39. Emma Watson Bikini
    Paul Phoenix
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    She IS more manly than Justin Beiber. And that’s a damn good thing.

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    She needs a boobjob

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    Better hit it now before it starts to curdle.

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    emma watson and her 32A boobs

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    Just checked the tag: made in heaven.

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