Emma Watson in a bikini

November 30th, 2009 // 307 Comments

Because perverts make up 98% of The Superficial’s traffic – And 110% of the editorial staff. (I have a conjoined twin.) – here’s a bikini-clad Emma Watson in Jamaica this morning. For any young Harry Potter fans accidentally stumbling upon this post, you’re probably experiencing strange feelings you’ve never felt before. But don’t worry, those feelings are perfectly natural and are only going to send you to Hell for a fiery eternity spent wishing you only thought about baseball and free market capitalism. No biggie.

NOTE: Did I tell you guys James Dobson is covering the site today? Probably should’ve mentioned that.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Looks good to me.

  2. Hank

    Sorry, but her butt is NOT round. It’s waaaaay too droopy for someone so young. Notice how there isn’t much curve to it when she is standing straight? disappointing! Just 30 minutes a day on an exercise ball would help her out there though…
    PS what the hell is with so many of you guys and anal? I”m straight and I find the prospect disgusting. What gives?

  3. Mark

    She has a flat ass!

  4. Bigo

    #47 That’s a foot of a woman who has worn high heels all her life. That’s the price those women pay, they end up with pretty ugly and nasty feet with painful bunions! ouch!!

  5. cc

    Aren’t you supposed to wait until you are 50ish to turn pear-shaped? Oh wait, she’s English, I forgot.

  6. BooChacka

    egotastic has a pic in this series with a nipslip, Fish you lose that one?

  7. ano

    Her legs are relatively short.

  8. twzzlrgirl

    #4…LOL. OMG, too funny. You’re right…squint at pic 3 and she looks like she’s got an erect penis!!!

  9. Evil

    She looks like someone’s granny wearing the pale white skin of a young albino.

  10. big teeth


  11. Mya

    @55: actually women become more apple-shaped as they age. Pear-shaped women are healthier; it’s a sign of youth and fertility.

  12. SB

    She’s not fat. Being naturally thin, she probably just doesn’t work out. No tone. Can’t blame her, really. I never want to work out either.

  13. asdf

    eh……… not so hot without the hair and dress.

    i’d still stick it in her ass though

  14. Anal Alan

    @52 what’s wrong Hank are afraid to get a little shit on your dick?

  15. ilmrc

    I’d do things – dirty things.

    But every photo I see of her she always looks so pissed off. Don’t care what kinda body it is – an attitude is a hard thing to overcome. But still #25 and #18 have it :)

  16. The 3rd thumbnail is really funny. And #17 makes sense.

  17. mee

    That foot looks like a penis :D

  18. Jay Popeski

    Thar she blows!

  19. without bikini please..

  20. She needs tits

  21. Richport's Ghost

    What the fuck? Pale skin, droopy ass, mommy tummy (1st pic), flat chest….

    Sounds like the scene at an Iowa family pool party or something.

    She’s not fat at all, just un-toned like hell.

    Then again, the British aren’t known for their affinity for working out… just ask Robert Pattison about that…

  22. The Pope

    19 going on 50.

  23. undahpresha

    I wonder if she’s heard of the game “Hide The Magic Wand “.

  24. Joe

    You left out the picture from this site that contains a clear nipple slip! they have it on egotastic!

  25. Joe

    You left out the picture from this set that contains a clear nipple slip! they have it on egotastic!

  26. Joe

    you left out the pic from this set that includes a clear nipple slip! They have it on Http://egotastic.com

  27. james

    She is barely legal. I guess that makes me almost a pedophile….

    oh well….





  28. Rough'in' ain't easy

    One hundred percent sweet and non-tainted–yet…

  29. saywha

    Looks good to me. She just looks annoyed to be swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

  30. Mal Carne

    There is a God.

  31. Jane Goodall

    Orangutan tits.

  32. SkankyPanda

    I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. She looks like a bloody inbred.

  33. JustJess

    Bad posture.

  34. Peepee tickles

    pic #2 looks like she has an uncircumcised penis coming out of her bikini bottoms

  35. Zelda Pinwheel

    What grotesque posture!

  36. cherry1

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  37. puhleez

    Someone needs to cram her right now.

  38. look at that tummy :))

  39. jimy

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  40. Chris

    Please post some more Emma bikini pix asap!!!

  41. who dat

    Difficult to believe this pasty untoned bitch garners 90 comments. You fuckin morons should ask santa for free eye exam coupons for Christmas.

  42. Jake

    she looks sorta like a prude but i would glady fuck the prudeness right out of her

  43. Leonidas Smith

    Just lovely. Brings out the Roman Polanski in me.

  44. RomanP

    I would have a field day with her. He would grease her buttocks up real nice

  45. RomanP

    I would have a field day with her. I would grease her buttocks up real nice

  46. Leonidas Smith

    I would have a field day with her. They would grease her buttocks up real nice.

  47. ME

    Seriously, Stop hatin’ on Emma. She’s 19 years old and she hasn’t got a FAKE tan, FAKE boobs, or FAKE anything. Thank God! She’s a real woman and who cares about her posture? What teenager doesn’t slouch. And she doesn’t look pregnant! Her tummy is clearly flat as a board. Again, stop hatin!

    • Fred

      that may be but I know plenty of girls that are natural and look a million times better than that. shes just not blessed thats all. beautful face but that body is awful and i dont even think workin out will do her any good….
      over all shes about a 3

  48. Rockin'

    She is pretty,

    She does nothing for me, but she is cool because she’s so natural.

    Great looking young woman.

  49. sound advice

    this whore needs some titties and just a complete fucking make-over

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