Emma Watson flashes panties at Harry Potter premiere

July 7th, 2009 // 112 Comments

First, before everyone has a coronary, Emma Watson is 19. Now, that that’s out of the way, she had a little mishap this afternoon at the Harry Potter premiere in London which I’m sure was a brilliant PR move considering the film is basically competing against Michael Jackson’s funeral today. However, that being said, we can all take comfort knowing the King of Pop would’ve loved this film. Wait. It’s still about boy wizards riding long broomsticks, right? Okay, good, he would’ve loved it.

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  1. Jack King

    What are those, granny panties?? Let me know when she wears a thong (or less) and the shots are from the back.

  2. I flash something, people get to see him twice. He was so cutesy when young, now she looks so plain and boring looking. And to top it off and revamped dress shes wearing grandma panties. Yawn.

  3. Juruna

    Grande bosta!!!! não dá pra ver nada!!!

  4. ravel

    you look gorgeous emma,love your choice of dress – completly naked except for your panties and you pull your dress open so innocently so we can see your boobs and and long shapley leg’s right up to your panties, your so cute and sexy and we love you showing your panties – you’d look absolutley stunning if you leave your panties at home next time .. your very sexy and classy emma…

  5. Emma Watson Panty Flash
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    very nice emma – you look very cute and sexy letting the wind blow your dress open so all your fans can see you naked except for your panties – your so natural and classy emmm…

  6. Emma Watson Panty Flash
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    you look stunning emma – love this pic as your just about to grab your dress to reveal your self naked in white panties – very nice emma..

  7. philip

    very sexy emma – you should have worn your stripy see through panties they show of your gorgeous hairy pussy nicely….

  8. Emma Watson Panty Flash
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  9. Emma Watson Panty Flash
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