Emma Watson flashes panties at Harry Potter premiere

July 7th, 2009 // 112 Comments

First, before everyone has a coronary, Emma Watson is 19. Now, that that’s out of the way, she had a little mishap this afternoon at the Harry Potter premiere in London which I’m sure was a brilliant PR move considering the film is basically competing against Michael Jackson’s funeral today. However, that being said, we can all take comfort knowing the King of Pop would’ve loved this film. Wait. It’s still about boy wizards riding long broomsticks, right? Okay, good, he would’ve loved it.

Photos: WireImage, Getty

    • wow

      if word comes out about her being nude on 2 diffenert websites showing her whole body, shed be screwed on the spot

  1. cl321

    milk has done her body good!

  2. Viv

    a coronary lol lol

  3. OJ's Mom

    At least she was wearing them.

  4. Amber

    It doesn’t seem to really bother her, she’s not doing much to fix it, lol. She looks really good. That Michael Jackson comment was low…

  5. Erica

    I don’t hate her dress.

  6. Walter

    Granny panties.

  7. Must you relate every single post to MJ? My goodness, shit is getting lame.

  8. chango666

    Oh hell yes, give me some of that . . . I’ll eat that wit a spoon and ask for seconds.

  9. Parker

    Speaking of magic, I bet I can make my weiner disappear in her hot little ass. I’ve wanted to buttfuck her since the day she turned 18.

  10. Moto Rola

    Those boobs are coming in nicely.

  11. JMART5

    very clasy look…second row of pics shows a likeness to Hepburn, don’t you think

  12. Bill

    @4 would be better if she wasnt wearing them.

    @10 Yeah ive done that since before

    @11 Damn right they are.

  13. Deacon Jones

    19? Fuck it. Too old for me. (walks out of room)

  14. This is not the first time shes done this! I foresee a few panty-less exit in her future…

  15. Parker

    Indeed a very classy look. The only thing I’d change would be to remove the back of her skirt to better display her bottom. She does prefer to take her meat and two veg by way of the tradesmans entrance, you know.

  16. Somebody get this girl some Funderoos!

  17. n

    still very classy. this girl is beautiful and seems to have the brains to boot. good luck to you emma.

  18. Venom

    To the d bag author of this D List blog, you are a loser.
    When you die, if your own parents come to your funeral you would be lucky.
    You know how many people would blog about your death?
    I will give you a hint, it is the number of people that you have probably had sex with.

  19. Rick

    #19 masturbated today, but tearfully, and using a spangled glove. Oh, and a picture of a 9-year-old.

  20. JMART5

    oh shit the blog police are gonna shut it down…#19 already called them

  21. herbiefrog

    [[shhhhh...] …

    careful what y’all say guys

    we’ve known her since she wos … ? little?

    exactley… so show some respect people

    lol it’s so easy : )))

  22. JMART5

    #19 may I invite you to this url: http://thesuperficial.com/2009/07/michael_jackson.php#comment
    It’ll really make you spout Venom LMFAO

  23. gee

    She looks classy and beautiful. I don’t think she expected the wind to be able to blow up a dress that long and heavy.

  24. you dumb fags

    oh lawdy

  25. bone

    every time I see her I get that old-fashioned love feeling…where I’d do anything to bone her.

    @19 Perez?

  26. Champ

    Seems like a sweet girl.
    Typical shitty London weather. I forgot what rain even looks like.

  27. Greg

    I always loved her legs. At least she matched the dress…lol.

  28. Venom

    TMZ 6.6 million unique visitors a month.

    Perez Hilton 2.5 million unique visitors a month.

    D List The Superficial 650,000 unique visitors a month.

    Nuff said….

  29. Ugh

    Wow, superfish. That Michael Jackson comment was predictable and LAME. Can we get our original Superficial writer back?

  30. Ugh

    Wow, superfish. That Michael Jackson comment was predictable and LAME. Can we get our original Superficial writer back?

  31. Commenter

    So fucking hot. Beautiful and classy fucking hot.

  32. mizzty

    Love her, all class and sass

  33. Karen

    #30 – you’re late for your NAMBLA meeting. I’m sure they’ll be sharing your opinion of how great Michael Jackson was and how he’s a role model for you, especially in terms of escaping the law.

  34. mike

    Hey “Venom” that’s for the stats. I applied your way of evaluating web sites to restaurants, and I’m proud to say I’m having supper at the #1 restaurant (McDonald’s).

  35. chipot


    So what? I’d rather attend a Michael Jackson fanclub meeting than go to either of those sites. At least Fish doesn’t take celebrity news that seriously unlike Perez and that douche TMZ guy.

  36. Taz

    she looks hot!

  37. TMZ=the 80s in time square

    Perez=the 80s in the village

    Superfish=time square today with lounge chairs…

    Hey Vernom? even Al Sharpton makes ananymous post on the Fish….

  38. Jay

    A proper British lady. ‘Sexed-up’ isn’t in her vocabulary. And, they’re cotton.

  39. taylor



  40. themechanicwhodrinks

    i’d hit it! but who wouldn’t? 2104305988

  41. Disturbed

    wow we have gone from ages of heroes to this time of perverts. Young women can no longer feel safe from the meat noses spying on them with cameras now at any moments notice. Something to be very proud of – how far we have fallen as a culture.
    Today we taxed the citizens with a parade to honor a child molesting freak. I am not sure if our heroes of old were of the same cloth.
    Sodomy is disgusting by the way.

    • agreed

      totally agree with you sir/lady. Stuff is unbelievable. Emma is so awesome, pretty young woman, she will rock in the nearest future. I suggest her a good, trusted and courageous boyfriend to support her, plus, I wish her some power and strength in what concerning modern society, dirty world of fashion and business, so that she will be able to respond to any kind of “aggression” speaking generally. It is not easy at all, if believed at first, to be an actress/actor/model or anyone else, known publicly.

  42. Mark

    She is uber hot.

  43. Thats some bullshit

    I actually like that she’s wearing boy shorts and not thongs or a g-string like some slutty actresses. She really is classy and beautiful.

  44. i <3 Emma

    she’s gorgeous and classy and i’m sure she didnt realize it would blow up like that. she should get kudos for standing out in a storm for her fans. and the underwear are just plain adorable.

  45. WTF @ the toe in pic 1!!!

  46. NassT

    Dude, MJ comment…
    everyone knows you hold off the insults until people are past the mourning stage.
    You’re kind of a dick.

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