Emma Roberts in a bikini top

August 26th, 2009 // 136 Comments

Here’s actress Emma Roberts walking around Venice Beach in a bikini top yesterday. You might remember her from the Nancy Drew movie – if you’re a 12 year old girl. If that’s the case, the Twilight fan club is the next site over and my apologies for any psychologically scarring you just suffered. Boys are yucky.

Oh, and don’t get your picture taken with Chris Brown. Write that down.

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  1. Paladuck


    delicious flatchest

  2. f

    Why bother with the top when you have mosquito bites for boobs.

  3. Dr. Ganja

    The Dr. is in . I love her pussylips

  4. Hardy boys

    “Mystery of the missing titties”.

  5. CMan

    Someone needs a boob job.

  6. anon

    That is the stupidest outfit-thing I’ve ever seen. Why is she wearing high tops to the beach…?

  7. farty mcshitface

    i don’t know who she is. very underwhelming. scrawny and devoid of any muscle tone to speak of yet almost kind of flabby like mischa barton.
    she is not even average or a little below average.

  8. your mom

    She’s shaped like a twelve year old boy! Ew!

  9. Deacon Jones

    I just blew a load so hard it felt like my dick took an explosive shit

  10. Mattk

    Pedobear just had an anneurism.

  11. come on

    OK, she’s barely 18! Don’t give her too hard a time. This is Eric Roberts daughter and Julia Roberts niece.

  12. Duuude

    Where’s the beef?

  13. Yeah

    ##1, 4: LOL.

  14. telly

    of course she’s shaped like a 12 year old boy you pedo-fucks. she just turned 18.

  15. telly

    she just turned 18, of course she’s shaped like a 12 year old boy you pedo-fucks.

  16. John

    May as well be topless. Nothing there….

  17. ROUGH daddy

    Her aunt is a bad influence she got a belly already…

  18. Duke Nukem

    I would punish that SO hard. Bend her over and just lay into that tight little ass and you never have to see the lack of titties.

  19. gotmilk?

    um that top is not flattering. it looks like two deflated balloons hanging over her shoulders.

  20. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I’m sure she is nipplicious.

  21. Fits perfectly right on my finger tips.
    And I love those BJ lips of hers.

  22. stupidass

    she’s pretty and has a great body. i like a nice big rack on some girls as much as the next guy, but i don’t get people saying she needs a boob job. why? so she can get giant, round, hard, shiny, fake looking plastic cones? fake boobs are gross. she’s way hotter without them.

  23. Clamhammer

    my penis just yawned

  24. ____________________________

    get some tits! she’s awful!

  25. kg

    what a fatass

  26. bunch a morons

    There are far too many morons here….she is absolutely incredible. Yes she needs to mature. She will. I don’t even think she’s old enough to have tits yet.

    You guys stick with Lindsay Lohan, I’ll take Emma

    • Person

      how is an 18 year old not old enough to have breasts? But i agree that people need to chill on insulting her.

  27. Clare

    Is that even her? This girl looks too skinny and her nose seems too big to be Emma Roberts

  28. dyn

    Emma claims on her Twitter that this isn’t even her.

  29. Nikky Raney

    She looked better blonde.

  30. She needs to get a bikini top that fits. Wearing a saggy bikini top just emphasizes the lack of boobage…

  31. lol Its that never ending discussion, I love them small! same great taste less filling…

  32. aquarian

    Most you guys on here are idiots. She’s a young woman and her chest is just fine. I’m sure she looks way better naked than most of the plastic tarts in hollywood. Plus, her small chest won’t get all saggy and she’ll STILL look good naked when she’s in her forties.
    I’ll take a natural, small chested chick with great nips over a saggy, stretched nip girl any day. Not only that, but most women with naturally big knockers have a tendency to get fat. No thanks.

  33. Steph

    @dyn: Yep. Saw that earlier. That’s not her, guys.

  34. H_Chick

    Sorry Guys – mostly, in nature, thats the way it is. Skinny pubescent body = minimal boobs. Never mind – you will learn to live again! Shes very pretty anyway.

  35. Tom K

    Fucking gross!!!!!!

    Now this is someone who needs breast implants and a burger.

  36. dude

    ass shots dammit!!!!! bet she’s tyte! :)

  37. Large Black Bastard

    Bich ho beez needin sum o muh dik

  38. KAL

    Last time I checked hitting puberty at 18 is a little uncommon, if she hasn’t gotten boobs now she never will, well without a little surgery.

  39. Danklin24

    I dont know what fucked up world Telly is living in but most girls have curves before they’re 18 dude. I’ve seen 16 year old girls with more curves and bigger tits than this.

    • Anne

      When I was 12 I was much curvier tan her lol with bigger boobs! Idk world Telly’s living in ether, last time I heard 18 year old were adults, it’s now or never if she wants tits…. Whoops too late

  40. KIMO

    Please people stop with the BS of “she’s barely 18″ whaa whaa I know 15yr olds with bigger tits than her. With that said I love her breasts except for the fact that when she lays down they go away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  41. Allupinit

    I’d hit it. Twice.

  42. farthammer

    I just came all over my keyboard

  43. farthammer

    I’d also like to add that I’d like to jam my tongue as far up her rectum as humanly possible.

  44. Why does it look like she’s got a scar across her lower abdomen? A few inches below her belly button. What’s that? Surgery or what?

  45. isa

    i think shes hot. and im a girl. theres something about some skinny girls that i find very atractive. not anorexic ones, though.

  46. Valerie

    43: Are you my ex boyfriend? : P

    I dunno who this chick is, but she looks good for her body type, us girls are all different, that’s what’s up, and no she shouldn’t get shiny, ugly implants. She should make those non-existent tits her “thing.” There’s something for everybody when it comes to fetishes–the ass fetishists on this site are living proof! And nothing wrong with that, either. With an ass fetishist, you are guaranteed at least ONE part of you will be worshiped, heh.

  47. isa

    46 Valerie, exactly! thats what i think. these people need to watch some porn to get it. i love skinny dirty girls like sasha grey.

  48. Nameless

    Forget her missing boobs. She’s not that pretty to begin with anyway.

    But what the hell is she doing in those pics? Some stupid looking “I got not boobs” cheer….

  49. intown


    he’s not.. i might be?

  50. G&T

    The only way I’d hit that is by chucking roasted turkeys and potatoes at her.

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