Emma Watson’s Boobs Killed Feminism Or Something

Despite being a site that sexually objectifies everything – Mr. Clean working dat ass, anyone? – we try to stay relatively woke. Mostly to mask the glaring hypocrisy that keeps us awake at night on sheets paid for by boob clicks, but also because we never want to turn into angry, sex-starved blobs of pseudo-masculinity who write internet comments like this about Katy Perry.

Yep, this breakup was so bad she needs a lez phase and a couple hard pounds from big dicked black dudes before she settles back in to her puss white dude comfort zone.

That manage to protect insecurities AND be racist as fuck. Holy cow!

Long story short, as much as I joked the other day about Emma Watson, it is pretty impressive that she’s exerting a ton of energy to make sure the live-action Beauty And The Beast doesn’t send a message to young women that, hey, if a guy holds you captive, maybe it’s romantic and you should suck on his lion penis. That speaks to a level of personal integrity that I will never once possess. Which is why it’s shitty that Emma Watson is facing criticism for her Vanity Fair photo shoot that is clearly high-fashion, and not some Instagram-type shit that we publish literally every single day. See for yourself:

Now, whether or not the backlash is coming from dickhead dudes going, “Hey, nice feminism with your tits there,” or actual feminists going, “Hey, nice feminism with your tits there,” I honestly don’t know and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s both in some sort of internet turd-ouroboros. The point is that it’s happening, I told you that it’s happening, and now you get to fight in the comments about it happening so I can churn up boob clicks over it happening. Because I mentioned the turd-ouroboros, right? It’s spinning. Always spinning…

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