And Emma Watson Is Fighting The Beyhive Now, Jesus

Yep, I picked an Emma Watson butt photo and naked, pregnant Beyonce pics for this feminism post. I do not understand things.

If you hang around the internet for long enough, you will realize that there are certain crews of keyboard warriors who, from time to time, will congeal themselves into a pointed attack on a public figure. One of these groups is known as “The Beyhive,” which is made up of Team Breezy-level Beyonce sycophants who were once ready to stab an innocent woman because they can’t spell. So, it took them a minute, but they eventually dug up an out-of-context quote they interpreted as Emma Watson slamming Beyonce for claiming to be a feminist while also portraying herself from the perspective of the male gaze. And if all of this is already so boring and meaningless to you as it completely should be, I’ll rephrase: This is about Emma Watson’s tits again. Via Billboard:

Several Beyoncé fans took the quote to mean that Watson believed Beyoncé’s sexuality disqualified her from being a true feminist. Soon after Watson’s Vanity Fair fiasco, they began tweeting at the 26-year-old and leaving comments on her Instagram posts calling her a hypocrite.

Emma responded by posting the full transcript of her interview:

You can clearly see that through thoughtful analysis, Emma actually supports what Beyonce is trying to do. She even praises the inclusion of a speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which I genuinely would have guessed was a delicious appetizer at an Indian restaurant. I usually don’t even like chickpeas! So why is anyone even pretending to be in Emma’s lane on this shit? No way, you and your bridesmaids did a choreographed dance to “Single Ladies” at your wedding? Oh word. Well, you’re totally qualified to debate a Brown graduate on the portrayal of feminism in the media. My bad.

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