Emma Watson Mentioned Feminism, Cue The Pussy Children Tantrum

“Dude, she’s three feet tall.”
“But she said feminism! Run away! RUN AWAY!”

Alan Rickman died yesterday, and by almost all accounts, he was a fucking delightful friend and colleague as well as an insanely supportive mentor to his young Harry Potter co-stars. He went to all of Daniel Radcliffe’s plays in London, fondly held on to Rupert Grint’s drawings, and proudly supported Emma Watson in her feminist endeavors. So by every measure, she had the absolute right to tweet these words yesterday along with several other quotes from her late friend:

And just to emphasize how spectacularly unremarkable this was, here’s Emma Thompson voicing an almost identical sentiment in her reaction to his death:

Of course, this means next to nothing to the Wiener-Pussies of the Internet™ whose fedoras immediately started spinning at the mere mention of feminism causing them to launch a shit-flinging crusade at Emma Watson. Via Mic:

People often ask me why I’m such an “SJW fag,” and it’s because of this. Reading shit exactly like this year after year after year. And then they say that’s odd because I run a “titty blog,” which, yes, is true. I do post great, big awesome breasts that I find sexually attractive on the Internet, but while doing that, I don’t exert a physical claim to those breasts just because they’re visible or I have superiority over them because I can take a leak standing up with, somewhat, more precise aim. And maybe it’s because I’ve consistently, and inexplicably, gotten laid for over half of my life despite all the jokes I make to the contrary, but I don’t get my dick in a bunch whenever a woman justifiably points out that dudes are the fucking worst (See: how is it even here, this blog) and because of that, women still get the short end of the stick even though it’s goddamn 2016. Sure, some of them make out pretty well in a divorce, which seems to be an everlasting and eternal source of butthurt. But often, after incessantly listening to the butthurt repeatedly mention their butthurt, it’s pretty hard to argue against having your ass taken to the cleaners and butthurt to a crisp. Or maybe it isn’t. I honestly don’t care. My point is anyone who got worked up over this is a bullshit little baby who should be sterilized before he makes more bullshit little versions of himself. Or come to terms with the reality that no woman will ever fuck them before or after the “Beta Uprising,” or whatever stupid rapey, possibly murderous shit they’re planning, so maybe take a bunch of pills before bed tonight. I’m cool either way.

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