Emma Stone’s In A Bikini

February 8th, 2012 // 67 Comments
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I debated whether or not to buy these Emma Stone pics because while this would be her first bikini debut, they’re also kind of boring. But then I remembered all that statistical data I have proving you people can’t get enough of chicks like Emma Watson with the bodies of 10-year-old boys and my paycheck is essentially funded by pervert gold. So really it was a mathematical decision more than anything. Math made me look at her butt.

Adding… Am I crazy or are Emma Stone’s breasts way bigger in the new Spider-man trailer? Although, in fairness, I could just be subconsciously replacing them with Kirsten Dunst‘s in my mind. It’s happened before. *looks at Ryan Gosling on the cover of Drive* Ha! Women can’t drive cars…

Photos: AKM Images


  1. Que

    Que 1.

  2. Fish, please, when you post pictures of prepubescent boys the accompanying extra photo bonus photos should always be of Kelly Brook. Emma is cute and funny but not bathing suit worthy.

  3. Emma Stone Bikini
    bumbulus mcdoodle
    Commented on this photo:

    lovely and natural :)

  4. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Faps AWAAAAAY!

  5. direchef

    Completely underwhelming.

  6. Alex

    Highway to the Emma Stone zone.

    • Nikki

      Sorry sweetheart, but it’s not going to heppan.It’s all genetics, really what you have now is what you’ll have forever. There are few things that do make your breasts bigger pregnancy, for one, since you produce milk, the glands swell and increase your size (it varies for everyone).Gaining weight MAY increase your bust size, but it’s not guaranteed. As you can see, getting pregnant or purposely gaining weight for the sole purpose of increasing your bust size, aren’t really good ideas. Honestly, your best bet is to learn to be comfortable with yourself. If you feel sexy, and you exude that, then others are going to think you are. Confidence is key! The link below gives some tips for small chested women, on how to make their bust appear larger. Caution: They do say that exercise can lift your chest, which is true, but you have to be so careful because if you exercise too much, you’ll literally loose your chest altogether and get pecs instead (female bodybuilders routinely look like this).

  7. Jon Hex

    It’s a shame for they, lost their head
    A careless man who could wind up dead
    You wear your sin like it’s some kind of prize
    Too many lies, too many lies
    Oh, oh, these words are true, and I’ll make you believe
    Yeah, ya’ fight for air and struggle just to breathe
    And you wear your cowardice well
    And I will see you ride it straight to Hell!!

  8. catapostrophe

    Are we sure this is her FIRST bikini debut, as opposed to her second or twelfth bikini debut?

    And hey–what does DEBUT mean, anyway?

  9. Emma Stone Bikini
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    I would rather see a picture of Real Women and not the Paparazzi Whores, with no talent.

  10. Guy's name but really I'm a fat chick, probably a Kardashian but don't tell anyone that I come this site.

    Bring on the fat chick rants.

  11. Emma Stone Bikini
    Alec Baldwin
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    Oh my God rub it girl. Rub it clean and good, rub oh God girl rub that booty so right. Oh my God rub your hands all over that tasty ass. I’ma eat that ass girl. Yummy yum yum yum my lips is smackin’ girl you rub that fine ass. Oh my Lord look at this fine woman rubbin’ her ass. I got hard cock for days. Lordy I am walking around with the biggest fattest hard cock for ages. My mother fucking cock is mother fucking hard for that fine woman rubbin’ her ass.

  12. Emma Stone Bikini
    Zach Galifinakis
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    She’s a little flat, but still. Great body.

  13. Hmm…they are rather tame, but I do want to have the sex with her, so I’ll take ‘em.

    And of course her boobs look bigger in movies (not just Spider-Man), they make them that way. Cutlets and bras and such. Hell, in some movies they paint the cleavage on chicks.

  14. Actual Fat-ish Chick

    Emma Stone is a skinny minnie. Good for her. The people saying her bikini pics are “boring” (i.e. she doesn’t have giant tits) are the ones who continuously fail to realize that breasts are mostly comprised of fat. So, if a woman is skinny, she’ll have small boobs. And if she’s bigger, she’ll likely have big boobs. But of course, a bigger woman will be made mocked for being bigger. And a skinnier woman will be mocked for having small boobs. It’s virtually impossible for a woman to be very skinny and naturally have huge tits. If ya want it both ways, ya gotta have implants. Which of course, leads to more insults.

    • Trek Girl

      I know a lot of skinny girls and women that have big, natural boobs, and I am one of those women. It happens more than one would think, especially when you take into account the body types that occur in different ethnicites.

      I agree with you about Emma, though. I think she looks fine.

    • YagiSka

      Sounds the rationalizations of an ugly chick.

    • Deacon Jones

      Actual Fatish Chick needs an actual dick in her mouth to stop the nonsense coming out of it.

      • Fap Tastic

        I really don’t know how I feel about replying to fat broad’s comment while I’m rubbing one out to pictures of Emma Stone. That’s all, I just really don’t know. Thanks internet.

  15. LegMan

    I thought vamps exploded when they hit the sun light?

  16. Spideyman

    Spidey like’em big ol’ titties

  17. GeorgeWBush

    Well, you made Jim Carrey’s day

  18. JC

    If 10-year-old boys looked like this, I’d have a lot of legal troubles.

  19. EricLr

    Everything in movies is just makeup and CGI. For example, in real life Cameron Diaz is actually a 52-year-old Jamaican man.

  20. I can see why Jim Carey wanted to stick his old prick into this.

  21. Boner fail.

  22. Emma Stone Bikini
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    This is like the one of the presents you were super excited to finally open on Christmas, and the second you do, you know immediately that you want to return it.

  23. guest

    Her tits were bigger in the Spiderman promo because 1) strapless bras hold up tits like shit and b) there are these things called padded, push-up bras. You’d be amazed what kind of cleave it can add!

  24. Deacon Jones

    Is this the alternative dimension shot of Linday Lohan if she never drank alcohol

  25. dontkillthemessenger

    It must be the hair. She has no rack and no ass, yet I still want to bang her almost as badly as Jim Carrey does.

  26. vgirl

    Pale chicks just shouldn’t wear black bikini’s, different colors look more appealing. I have a black bikini but I don’t crack it out until later in the beach season and I’m asian.

  27. Juaquin ingles

    Taylor swift, this, kesha. Damn we got gyped.

  28. Dan

    I dunno… She is so funny that even here she seems attractive to me.

  29. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, flat ass, no waist, no tits… great body.

  30. marie

    It’s not about boob size. There are sexy and attractive women who are larger breasted and there are sexy and attractive smaller breasted women. There is nothing sexy or attractive about Emma Stone. She is a pasty white, doughy and untoned looking young girl…just an average everyday girl. She may be a very nice person, a smart person, but beautiful she is not.

  31. I dunno, I think she looks cute. Also, the fact that she’s not a complete and utter whore has a certain appeal all its own. It’s somewhat refreshing.

  32. Clown Shoes

    She’s the “girl next door to the girl next door’.

  33. Been There Done That

    Just another drug addict Hollywood type.

  34. Emma Stone Bikini
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    …and this Little Toe goes Peeeeeeeeeeee all the way home!

  35. germinmal

    youre right
    soma tiny titted chick like emma watson

  36. Emma Stone Bikini
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    She looks natural and healthy… like Lindsay Lohan did a few years ago.

  37. Nik

    That’s kinda mean to say someone has the body of a young boy just because they’re flat chested.

  38. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Jodie, I do not know how you find this stuff!!! A glass bikini, what will they think of next? It snouds very uncomfortable though! Keep the content coming, I am really enjoying your posts!

  39. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Speaking of Stone….I am stone hard looking at her…Thank you Emma.

  40. My 2 cents

    Seriously.. i understand that some women do have small breasts and have no problem with that at all (people come in all shape and sizes).. but wtf was she thinking wearing a “tube top” style bikini… make it worse why don’t you!!??
    Holy crap..she really didn’t pay any attention to what helps or is she looking to have the 8 year old boy/girl look??
    I am 6′ tall and weight 145lbs..do you think i wear tight fitting clothes??? I am comfortable with my physique but i don’t “display” my “thinness” to everyone!
    Yes some will say: “she is comfortable with her looks, so whats the problem?”… so then why did she “inflate” her breast size for Spiderman movie?

  41. My 2 cents

    Sadly… Emma Stone = 0.1 out of 10…. AND wouldn’t f*** her with my worse ennemi’s dick!!!

  42. Emma Stone Bikini
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  43. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Are You sure that isn’t Debra Messing

  44. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you sure that isn’t a red mop turned upside down?

  45. Emma Stone Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Skinny and flabby at the same time? Amazing.

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