Eminem is addicted to drugs

eminem_drugs.jpgEminem’s publicist, Lauren Burns, announced yesterday that Eminem is “in the hospital under doctors’ care. He is being treated for dependency on sleep medication.” This is all following Eminem’s announcement on Tuesday that he was canceling his European tour due to “exhaustion, complicated by other medical issues.”

Unfortunately, sleeping pill addiction is the kind of drug addiction that old white politicians get, not hardcore gangster rappers. You don’t see Snoop Dogg checking himself into a hospital because he likes tranquilizers, you see him smoking eight joints at once and then walking around stoned out of his mind, having sex with however many hos he can get his hands on. As if Eminem wasn’t already the whitest rapper in the world, he has to be addicted to the whitest drug in the world, too? You’d think as a rapper he’d try to earn some street cred by doing marijuana or cocaine, not taking sleeping pills. I’ve lost all respect for his misogyny and gay bashing now. Never again can I look at a woman or a homosexual and think “I hate you because Eminem told me to.”

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