Eminem gets Bruno’s nuts in his face

June 1st, 2009 // 118 Comments

During an elaborate intro to present an award and promote Bruno, a winged Sacha Baron Cohen landed directly in Eminem’s lap essentially tea-bagging him. Eminem was visibly pissed and his bodyguards batted Sacha around like a pinata before the entire entourage stormed out of the theater. Nobody knows if Enimem was in on it, but one thing’s for certain: He had a man’s balls on his chin, so you should probably stop respecting him as an artist. Just to be safe.

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  1. balls

    great moment

  2. guest


  3. Arthur Kade's Ballbag

    FRIST. Brit gaylord behaviour rules!!!

  4. BIO

    What a legend!

  5. PooPants

    Eminem was totally in on it. Still hilarious though

  6. mikeock

    Nice legacy, ball sucker.

  7. Nutsack

    Eminem hands it out but can’t take it. What a loser!

  8. Laura

    That was…really…really stupid. I would have been pissed too. Honestly, who wants some guys bare ass in your face? Really stupid.

  9. Krassy McKrass

    Em is nuts literally and figuratively

  10. Reality check

    eminem can suck my hairy balls anytime he wants, i hate his music.

  11. Duuude

    Bruno has always been funnier than Borat.

    That movie will be insane. SBC is a genius.

    Oh yea, fuck Eminem.

  12. BklynM

    I don’t think Eminem was in on this but of course i could be wrong and he’s just a pretty good ‘actor.’ Regardless, joke or not this was in complete poor taste in my opinon.

  13. Reason

    Its funny how everyone says “His bodyguards” looks more like d12 to me but im sure when there not making flop albums there bodyguarding for Eminem.

  14. havoc

    You know what would have been funny? If Eminem had whipped out a knife and castrated him on live t.v.

    Assuming a guy named Sasha has balls…..


  15. I would have loved to see the dress rehearsal for this that stunt.

  16. Getting tea bagged couldn’t have happened to a better loser than Eminem!

  17. mdwire5

    haha SBC is frickin ridiculous. i doubt eminem was in on it though, who’s going to agree to get another dudes ass and chode in their face? definitely not me, or eminem

  18. Finn

    That´s so tasteless!! I would have puked on that disgusting piece of ass! Who wouldn´t be pissed if some idiot came flying down and landed with his ass in your face… nasty!

  19. Rob

    Dark Knight > Twilight


    Glad the media is all about ratings and not about what’s right. MTV is a shining example of it.

  20. Papa Bear

    There are plenty of people out there who would pay SBC to sit on their face with his bare ass. Eminem is probably one of them. I am sure he just disapproved on the public display.

  21. austinjames

    it was faked and who gives a shit

  22. The Listener

    There is NO WAY Eminem was in on that stunt. He was MAD. I saw the performance last night. That was nasty. I’d be angry too if some guy had his nasty bare butt in my face. That’s not funny. That’s just plain offensive.

  23. BEAM

    “Nobody knows if Enimem was in on it”

    Yeah ok.

  24. Ananana

    If Eminem was in on it, he fucking ROCKS. (almost certainly he was, I doubt MTV would risk offending any of the artists there…)

  25. comeon

    Jesus…he was TOTALLY in on it. Eminem had a damn microphone on which is why you HEARD HIM as he walked out of the studio…the cameramen were prepared to follow Eminem out and his “bodyguards” were pushing Bruno back and forth on purpose to further the joke. Come on – use your brain.

  26. Racer X

    That’s nuts!!!

  27. ID09

    Come on! Em has a sense of humor. I’m sure he begged Sasha to be a part of this movie. Free publicity and a few songs out of it. Em’s a smart kid. Viva la funny!

  28. Max Planck

    Flush twice.

  29. Max Planck

    Flush twice.

  30. CJ

    Whether it was a joke or not, who fkn cares?? Eminem is a loser and I am glad that he got SBC’s fruit bowl in his mug! Eminem probably left so fast because he needed to go wack off.

  31. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahahah :)

  32. Deacon Jones

    Eminem is literally the worse musician in the past 30 years.

  33. XX

    You’d think after all these years of talking shit and STILL talking shit about anybody and everybody, that he’d at least be a good sport and be the butt of a joke………….. NOPE! What an idiot.

  34. He was in on it....

    Fish writer is pissed he did not get man nuts in his face during the show, he had to wait until after. *Bummer for fag boy*

  35. Dan the man

    As much as i hate this dude, he was in on this joke, watch the video. He was mic’d which is wht you can hear eminem, how else would you have heard eminem talking???? As much of an asshole Eminem is, he wouldn’t run out of the venue like a little bitch if this was not staged. If however, i do learn it was in fact real, all his fans should take his music to their local dumpster because who would be able to support such a whiny fag who can dish it and not take it. Anyways, he was in on it.

  36. Tony


    He was wearing a microphone, and they had cameras to capture every angle.
    LOL @ Eminem for believing MTV will help him move units.

  37. Amanda

    I heard that he was in on it, (obviously, since he was mic’d), but that he had no knowledge that SBC would be wearing a thong.

    In other words, he knew SBC would be falling on him and stuff, but not that he’d have his ass and nuts in his face.

  38. #32 – Milli Vanilli and Moby might take some issue with that opinion…. as might the Backstreet Boys.

  39. BiggStankDogg

    BRUNO was mic’d, jackasses. What good publicity comes from having nuts in your face then storming off likea baby on television?

  40. Sammy

    To Amanda: That sort of makes sense, that he would be in on it then get all pissy cause a fast one was pulled on him, LMFAO so great.

  41. JoeyJoJo

    Was he in on it?

    Humm… I dunno, why did they zoom in Eminem well before Bruno actually landed on his face?

    Of course it was orchestrated!

    Maybe how he landed was the problem and that Em was pissed he landed with his ass on his face – possibly expecting that he’d land on his lap.

    Plus, how many bodyguards does he need? There were 4 guys there – no one sits with that many people – especially at an awards show! These guys were needed to throw Bruno around to make it look like it was an accident – well done guys!

  42. Richard McBeef

    the little track thing SBC is on stops right above Eminem’s head, the camera cuts to E being showered with feathers, then SBC slowly descends on to Em’s head while he fails to get out of the way….

    Wasn’t in on it… sure.

    Who the fuck still watches MTV anyway? Oh right, tweens and tween wannabe 30 year old women with a twilight obession and the reading skills of 8th grader.

  43. Alli Watermelon

    Dude, it’s Sasha. Not some random guy. You guys need to remove the sticks from your ass. That was hilarious! Get a sense of humor LOL. And it appears to me..that Eminem WAS in on it. Hahahaha even if he wasn’t. I would have laughed if it happened to me!

  44. Karen

    Internally, the show crew called that skit “the male Superficial commenter fantasy sequence.”

  45. suzyQ

    He got a taste of his own medicine: humiliation. Maybe now he’ll stop talking shit about people in his music. Oh wait SBC is probably the last one

  46. Hefe

    Come on, of course he was in on it.

    I can’t believe anyone could watch that & think otherwise.

  47. Banester

    Fucking Hilarious!!!

    Angel costume $800
    G-String $18
    Eminem’s reaction….Priceless

    Mariah Carey has got to be laughing her ass off!

  48. Definitely scripted. Publicity for both Sacha and him.

  49. Horse Mailman

    #47, I can’t believe anyone watches MTV anymore period.

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