Eminem, Ex-Wife getting hitched soon

*eminem_thumb1.jpgAccording to the Macomb County clerk’s office, Kim Mathers has applied for a license to marry Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem. The license was to be ready on Thursday.

They have 33 days from the application date to remarry in Michigan, but information on the wedding has been scant. The couple reconciled in late 2004, after a divorce in 2001 that included an ugly custody battle over his young daughter.

Most of what I know about relationships I learned from a gaggle of wise but strangely flexible chinese prostitutes, but even I have my doubts about this working out. In debating whether to marry Eminem, I’d have to think “husband-to-be wrote songs about killing me” would weigh pretty heavily on the ‘con’ side. If I was Kim, I’d definitely be sleeping with a baseball bat. I’d also definitely be playing with my boobs.

Eminem, Ex-Wife Apply for Marriage License [NY Daily News]