Eminem beats people up in strip club bathrooms


Eminem has been accused of beating up a man in a strip club bathroom and police are “very interested” in speaking with him. The fight allegedly broke out yesterday morning at Cheetah strip club when Eminem supposedly punched a man four or five times in the face after another fan tried talking to him while he was peeing.

The victim told WXYZ that he was using a urinal next to Eminem when another man entered the bathroom and struck up a conversation with the rapper. At that point, Miad J. said that one of Em’s bodyguards warned the man to keep quiet. Miad J. said he told the bodyguard to relax, and when “Eminem got done … he started swinging,” he told WXYZ. “I wasn’t even expecting it. I was just minding my own business.”

To be fair to Eminem, I punch people all the time when they try talking to me while I pee. Heck, I punch them just for making eye contact if I’m walking through a room. I figure being able to bench press a car has earned me that right.